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Transcript of #editorchat 2/25

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[20:00:37] LydiaBreakfast No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.) #editorchat
[20:01:33] LydiaBreakfast And we are live tweeps – let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves, I’m Lydia Dishman freelance features writer for mags, web, #editorchat
[20:01:36] milehighfool Tweeps, if you don’t want to see tonight’s #editorchat, use TweetDeck to either (a) ignore me till 9: 30 pm EST or (b) filter #editorchat
[20:02:26] milehighfool Tim Beyers, Motley Fool contributor and analyst for Motley Fool Rule Breakers #editorchat
[20:02:45] mariaschneider @LydiaBreakfast Hey how does #editorchat work? Is it all on Twitter?
[20:03:27] LydiaBreakfast @mariaschneider go to tweetchat.com and put in your name and pword and room is editorchat #editorchat
[20:03:39] a2editor Hello #editorchat. How are you all this week? #editorchat
[20:04:04] DawnPapandrea Hey all… Dawn Papandrea, freelance mag writer, blogger — parenting/women’s topics. I’m an editor in my day job, too. #editorchat
[20:04:07] LydiaBreakfast @a2editor Hello, how are you? #editorchat
[20:04:33] LydiaBreakfast @DawnPapandrea Hi Dawn thanks for joining πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:04:44] prattleon Hello everyone. My first time on #editorchat. I’m a Lydia breakfast groupie and freelance writer. πŸ™‚
[20:04:52] sooutdoors I’m Lloyd Fridenburg, freelance outdoors writer, blogger and Past President of Outdoor Writers of Canada. #editorchat
[20:05:04] writepudding Hello everyone – full-time content editor by day, journalist by night in Los Angeles #editorchat
[20:05:05] a2editor @LydiaBreakfast. Hello again. I’m great, how are you? #editorchat
[20:05:07] LydiaBreakfast @sooutdoors Welcome Lloyd πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:05:18] DawnPapandrea @LydiaBreakfast Glad to be here! #editorchat
[20:05:25] DCgov Hello, Patrick Thibodeau, reporter, Computerworld; and operator of dcblogs.com #editorchat
[20:05:43] LydiaBreakfast @writepudding Hello Ms Pudding #editorchat
[20:06:02] LydiaBreakfast @DCgov Welcome sir, glad you could make it πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:06:45] milehighfool @DCgov Glad to you could make it Patrick. Been following your stuff for years. #editorchat
[20:06:49] JDEbberly I write articles on blogging, new media, and Twitter #editorchat
[20:06:51] LydiaBreakfast So @milehighfool and I were talking: In order to work more efficiently together, editors and writers need to be on the same page #editorchat
[20:07:04] littlebrownpen Nichole Robertson, Copy Director, Amala Skin Care and freelance writer #editorchat
[20:07:09] LydiaBreakfast @JDEbberly Hi JD πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:07:15] jennipps Is #editorchat at 8:00 or 8:30?
[20:07:33] LydiaBreakfast @littlebrownpen Nichole thanks for joining it is late for you! #editorchat
[20:07:41] LydiaBreakfast @jennipps right now Jen #editorchat
[20:07:42] milehighfool @littlebrownpen Hey Nichole. Meant to get back to you diretly but enjoyed your post about Notre Dame. #editorchat
[20:08:00] milehighfool @jennipps Hi Jenn. Starts now. Ends at 9:30 pm. #editorchat
[20:08:05] littlebrownpen @LydiaBreakfast I wouldn’t miss it. πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[20:08:29] littlebrownpen @milehighfool thank you. It’s such an inspiring place. #editorchat
[20:08:43] DCgov @milehighfool #editorchat Thank you; i hope to no ill effect.
[20:09:13] abigailrieley I blog and freelance mainly crime stories here in Ireland. Just published my first book due for uk release in May. #editorchat
[20:09:23] jennipps @milehighfool @lydiabreakfast, Thanks! After I missed it last week, I didn’t want to miss this week. #editorchat
[20:09:33] augustjordan #editorchat Hi! August here; I’m a freelance art historian and reviewer. #editorchat
[20:09:35] LydiaBreakfast Topic @milehighfool and I were talking,to work more efficiently together, editors and writers need to be on the same page #editorchat
[20:09:51] LydiaBreakfast @abigailrieley Yay abigail – thanks for staying up late #editorchat
[20:10:15] JDEbberly @LydiaBreakfast This is such an informative and inspiring group! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:10:22] milehighfool @DCgov Not at all. I’ve been getting CW at home for a while. #editorchat
[20:10:27] jennipps Jen Nipps, freelance writer, contributor at TutorialBlog.org #editorchat
[20:10:56] LydiaBreakfast @augustjordan glad you are here πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:11:05] milehighfool @abigailrieley Outstanding. Great news. #editorchat
[20:11:27] LydiaBreakfast Ready for the first question all? Relates to being on the same page.. #editorchat
[20:11:27] augustjordan @LydiaBreakfast thanks πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:11:42] mariaschneider I’m Maria Schneider, freelancer, former writing magazine editor and blogger at http://editorunleashed.com. #editorchat #editorchat
[20:11:47] milehighfool Now, as @LydiaBreakfast says, how do you make sure you’re on the same page as your editor, and vice versa? #editorchat
[20:11:57] AngEngland @JDEbberly I write about Pregnancy, preschoolers, journals (personal writing), gardening, and freelance writing. #editorchat
[20:12:08] LydiaBreakfast @mariaschneider she found it yay! #editorchat
[20:12:20] LydiaBreakfast @AngEngland Hello Ang #editorchat
[20:13:28] jennipps @milehighfool Communication! I had a goof at the beginning of my stint w/TB. If we weren’t communicating, it wouldn’t have workd #editorchat
[20:13:39] DawnPapandrea @milehighfool Having been on both sides, writers must keep editors looped in as things change/evolve. No one likes surprises. #editorchat
[20:13:43] littlebrownpen I apply what I’ve learned on the marketing side (comprehensive client briefs) to the editorial side (specific questions). #editorchat
[20:13:45] andwhatsnext I’m equal parts writer and editor in my heart, though mostly editor in reality. Mainly for http://www.SheKnows.com . πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:13:54] a2editor @milehighfool and @LydiaBreakfast: ask questions early on, make sure assignments are clearly defined. #editorchat
[20:14:04] Single_Shot Diane Mapes, freelance journalist/humor columnist. Re Q1: I’ll have a series of email chats re assgnmts or a quick phone call #editorchat
[20:14:34] LydiaBreakfast @Single_Shot Greeting to you and @andwhatsnext #editorchat
[20:14:41] milehighfool RT @a2editor: @milehighfool and @LydiaBreakfast: ask questions early on, make sure assignments are clearly defined. #editorchat
[20:15:13] AngEngland @LydiaBreakfast typing one hand – holding babe in other arm πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:15:25] LydiaBreakfast @a2editor @single_shot even with asking questions and getting a clear outline things can go awry #editorchat
[20:15:25] milehighfool @DawnPapandrea How do you do it? I’m a huge fan of specific questions having been burned. But do you use email, IM, reports? #editorchat
[20:15:49] LydiaBreakfast @AngEngland well versed in that – spent first three years of my younger daughter’s life working like that πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:15:57] jamieharrington Why am I seeing the #editorchat hashtag? What are they doing there?
[20:16:05] littlebrownpen It’s important to keep in mind that your editor/magazine/pub is your client. It’s not about your ego. It’s their product. #editorchat
[20:16:22] a2editor @LydiaBreakfast Things can always go awry. πŸ™‚ Key is to keep communication open, as others said. #editorchat
[20:16:35] Single_Shot Yep. I’ll def. check in w/ editors as the story’s progressing (or not). Or if it’s shapeshifting. Or sources disappear, etc #editorchat
[20:16:52] DawnPapandrea @milehighfool I’m all about email. For major revisions, questions, picking up the phone is probably better. #editorchat
[20:16:54] DawnPapandrea #editorchat
[20:16:57] 20orsomething Hi everyone, freelance writer and editor, looking forward to learning from and talking with each of you #editorchat #editorchat
[20:16:59] MariaKorolov Good morning, everyone! I’m in Shanghai covering business — and a former colleague of @DCgov at CW #editorchat
[20:17:01] jennipps I think so far I’ve probably been lucky in that the editors I’ve worked with have all been very communicative. #editorchat
[20:17:07] a2editor @littlebrownpen Good point. Egos are trouble. #editorchat
[20:17:46] milehighfool @MariaKorolov Welcome. Another tech writer. This just keeps getting better πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:17:51] jennipps @a2editor That can work on both sides, though. Ego trouble, that is. #editorchat
[20:17:53] LydiaBreakfast So related question: even with good communication what do you do when a story won’t die?when the writer and ed don’t agree #editorchat
[20:18:14] thebrandbuilder Geat discussions already taking place over at #editorchat tonight. If you’re a journalist, writer, editor, etc., check it out.
[20:18:21] JDEbberly @littlebrownpen Humility can be a beneficial trait. #editorchat
[20:18:22] andwhatsnext RT @littlebrownpen Keep in mind that your editor/magazine/pub is your client. It’s not about your ego. It’s their product. #editorchat
[20:18:29] MariaKorolov @milehighfool not writing about too much tech these days… best client right now, actually, is an agriculture magazine! #editorchat
[20:18:55] abigailrieley Again on the first question. I’ll email my editor on any significant developments…in non fiction anyway. Gauge reaction. #editorchat
[20:19:04] a2editor @jennipps Absolutely. Ego on either side of the equation = big hassle. #editorchat
[20:19:08] MariaKorolov @milehighfool in fact, some of my former editors have been contacting me asking for work with my company … 😦 #editorchat
[20:19:14] sooutdoors It’s important that info is exchanged at the start of an assignment so the writer and editor agree on what is to be delivered. #editorchat
[20:19:16] LydiaBreakfast @dcgov has that happened to you? Have you and your editor ever not been able to agree on a finished product? #editorchat
[20:19:17] jennipps @LydiaBreakfast Probably bad to say, but it might depend on how invested I am w/the piece. Ideally? I’d like to say I’d concede. #editorchat
[20:19:41] Single_Shot @LydiaBreakfast There’s always another story. I’ve had my heart broken on some, but don’t you just move on if u reach an impasse #editorchat
[20:19:45] MariaKorolov @milehighfool (We run editorial news bureaus in the emerging markets for US trade pubs) #editorchat
[20:19:49] milehighfool @DawnPapandrea So you;re on the phone and you’re at an impasse. Do you push back, or is it career suicide to push an editor? #editorchat
[20:19:50] jennipps @LydiaBreakfast Knock on wood, that hasn’t happened to me yet. #editorchat
[20:20:48] DCgov #editorchat I almost never argue with an editor on a finished product; but then, it’s too late. #editorchat
[20:20:50] augustjordan @jennipps makes a good point – surely how passionate you are on your position is a factor? #editorchat
[20:21:23] MariaKorolov @milehighfool why would you want to push an editor? #editorchat
[20:21:24] DawnPapandrea @milehighfool It depends. I wouldn’t argue over commas and I’ll happily rework an angle. But anything shady I’d stand my ground. #editorchat
[20:21:26] mariaschneider I don’t think it’s career suicide to push an editor. But you’re probably not going to work with that particular editor again. #editorchat
[20:21:29] a2editor If content is something personal, it’s important to agree on final product. But normally, editor/pub gets final say, no? #editorchat
[20:21:29] milehighfool @Single_Shot I think that’s the consensus. But is it right? Editors, what say you? #editorchat
[20:21:34] LydiaBreakfast This happened to me this week, ed gave clear guidelines, I delivered on theme as discussed after delivery, ed. changed direction #editorchat
[20:21:56] littlebrownpen I defer to the editors. But usually my relationship is such that I like their suggestions and they like mine. Crossing fingers. #editorchat
[20:22:28] sooutdoors @milehighfool Good editors will keep an open mind but in the end it’s their publication. Both parties always have a choice πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:22:38] milehighfool @DCgov Fair point. Is there ever a right moment for the argument? #editorchat
[20:22:39] a2editor Ah, the old change of direction. I would work with the editor up to a point, make very sure we agree on what s/he wants… #editorchat
[20:22:48] MariaKorolov when I was on staff, I used to argue with editors. now that they’re clients — well, the customer is always right #editorchat
[20:22:57] jennipps @littlebrownpen That’s actually how I see things going for me in the future as well. But sadly, you don’t know for absolute sure #editorchat
[20:23:04] mariaschneider Depends: if the piece is personal, like an essay, I think you should stay true to yourself. For a feature, probably not so much. #editorchat
[20:23:04] andwhatsnext @milehighfool I’d say ed gets final say – BUT so much depends on the relationship. Can you debate safely? #editorchat
[20:23:08] DawnPapandrea @littlebrownpen Most times, that’s the way to go. I, too, have been lucky though. Maybe cause I edit, too, so I’m more flexible. #editorchat
[20:23:16] BeckyDMBR Ack. Is it time for #editorchat again already? Time flies!
[20:23:24] bigjonevans RT @thebrandbuilder: Geat discussions already taking place over at #editorchat tonight. If you’re a journalist, writer, editor check it out.
[20:23:47] GASTURBINE Retweeting @DCgov: Hello, Patrick Thibodeau, reporter, Computerworld; and operator of dcblogs.com #editorchat
[20:23:54] LydiaBreakfast Related Q: Shouldn’t an editor be accountable when they change the direction of an assignment after completion? #editorchat
[20:24:02] a2editor …but if the requirements keep changing rep., I’d do my best to work it out, then probably walk away with a polite breakup line #editorchat
[20:24:03] JDEbberly RT @thebrandbuilder: Geat discussions already taking place over at #editorchat tonight. If you’re a journalist, writer, editor check it out.
[20:24:12] Single_Shot @LydiaBreakfast The changing direction thing has happened to me, 2. It’s important to consider the relationship w/edtr. big pic #editorchat
[20:24:12] milehighfool @andwhatsnext I’m not sure there’s ever such a thing as a safe debate with an editor. (1/2) #editorchat
[20:24:48] littlebrownpen @a2editor LOL. “I’m just not that into your edits.” #editorchat
[20:25:15] jennipps @milehighfool I think that could be a definite case in point for the ego comments made earlier. #editorchat
[20:25:18] augustjordan @a2editor and @single_shot both seem to have good line on combo of importance of piece & relationship w/that editor as factors #editorchat
[20:25:22] milehighfool @andwhatsnext That said, I have pushed back from time to time. Rarity may be the key. (2/2) #editorchat
[20:25:25] sooutdoors If its a publication you want a long term relationship with its often wise for a writer to swallow their pride #editorchat
[20:25:34] a2editor @littlebrownpen Lol. I was thinking more along the lines of an “It’s not you…” πŸ˜› #editorchat
[20:25:39] LydiaBreakfast @littlebrownpen @a2editor “It’s not you it’s me.” Or vice versa πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[20:25:45] andwhatsnext @milehighfool LOL – I think there could be, if writer was v respectful & explained the position well. And would defer to me. LOL #editorchat
[20:25:56] MariaKorolov sometimes editors don’t know what they want, or are new, or second-guess themselves… but i haven’t met one like that in years #editorchat
[20:26:02] angie1234p Hi all. Freelance writer/coach here. ‘Listening’ in. #editorchat
[20:26:02] Single_Shot @milehighfool I have some really fabulous editors. And have had debates over big and small issues. Not fired yet! ; ) #editorchat
[20:26:18] RichBecker @andwhatsnext Of course you can you debate safely, provided the issue is valid and well thought out. #editorchat
[20:26:28] jennipps @angie1234p Hi, angie! Great to see you here. #editorchat
[20:26:34] andwhatsnext I think editors (people in general!) are a lot more open to an idea if it’s offered as a suggestion vs a must/demand. #editorchat
[20:26:37] milehighfool @a2editor “There are lots of other writers out there. You’ll meet someone.” πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:26:43] MariaKorolov but the more insecure they are, they less they want to hear that they’re wrong .. especially from a writer #editorchat
[20:26:52] LydiaBreakfast @MariaKorolov many editors at local and regional pubs tend to be younger and have less experience combined with uncertain times #editorchat
[20:26:55] sooutdoors @littlebrownpen absolutely if you have a relationship with the publication a kill fee or other compensation should be discussed #editorchat
[20:26:59] a2editor Keep in mind that some editors have requirements change on them from higherups. In that case, I would ask writer to do me favor. #editorchat
[20:27:10] angie1234p Thanks Jen…the convos sounded good. I couldn’t resist πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:27:21] jennipps @MariaKorolov That’s true for anyone, but I’d imagine especially for someone in authority, like an editor. #editorchat
[20:27:41] littlebrownpen I’ve generally learned from my editors, and the text benefits. And good copyeditors make me weak in the knees. #editorchat
[20:27:43] delwilliams @angie1234p Welcome Angie #editorchat
[20:27:45] Single_Shot @sooutdoors And swallowing pride doesn’t mean selling soul. If u give in on early small stuff, you can win trust/big battles ltr #editorchat
[20:27:59] LydiaBreakfast @palafo where are you when we need you? #editorchat
[20:28:01] andwhatsnext I actually love it when writers take the initiative relate concepts they have discovered doing research or other ideas. #editorchat
[20:28:15] MariaKorolov @LydiaBreakfast then you stroke their egos, and make your suggestions sound like something they thought of #editorchat
[20:28:23] jennipps @Single_Shot And it’s also important to remember, IMO, swallowing pride doesn’t mean selling out either. #editorchat
[20:28:45] angie1234p @delwilliams Thanks πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:28:49] milehighfool @andwhatsnext Sure. That makes your job easier, right? #editorchat
[20:28:51] sooutdoors @a2editor Yes, I think most writers try to be accommodating and work with editors. I know I certainly do. #editorchat
[20:28:52] MariaKorolov @LydiaBreakfast and if they start trusting you, then they can relax and start taking your advice #editorchat
[20:28:52] LydiaBreakfast @andwhatsnext I’ll remember that next time I pitch to you πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[20:28:56] JDEbberly RT @MariaKorolov: @LydiaBreakfast then you stroke their egos, and make your suggestions sound like something they thought of #editorchat
[20:28:59] JenniferNobile Hi everyone, dropping in to see what’s up. #editorchat
[20:29:04] DawnPapandrea The main point is that eds and writers work together to make each other look good. It can’t be viewed as us vs. them. #editorchat
[20:29:33] JDEbberly @JenniferNobile Welcome Jennifer! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:29:34] MariaKorolov @LydiaBreakfast Since I’m far from their newsroom (REALLY far!) sometimes new editors actually call to bitch about other writers #editorchat
[20:29:40] andwhatsnext @LydiaBreakfast Go for it! πŸ™‚ We’re booking further and further ahead, but we’re always open to new voices. #editorchat
[20:29:49] DCgov Editors are self-doubting, too. While I feel there are always things to defend, quality is its best defense. #editorchat
[20:30:02] jennipps @DawnPapandrea The “us vs. them” mentality is big ego at work on both sides, I think. (I”ve seen a few of those.) #editorchat
[20:30:09] Single_Shot @littlebrownpen I get weak in knees over good copyediting, too! #editorchat
[20:30:13] a2editor Now that I’m writing as well as editing, I try to imitate accommodating behavior shown to me by best writers I’ve worked with. #editorchat
[20:30:21] LydiaBreakfast @DawnPapandrea I agree and for ten years I have worked to be a team player (even as freelancer) and good customer service #editorchat
[20:30:24] andwhatsnext @DawnPapandrea Yes – and always remember the ultimate customer: the reader. #editorchat
[20:30:49] LydiaBreakfast @DCgov Agreed #editorchat
[20:31:06] milehighfool @DawnPapandrea And to serve the reader. If the reader isn’t served we all lose. #editorchat
[20:31:30] andwhatsnext @milehighfool LOL GMTA #editorchat
[20:31:34] Single_Shot @jennipps Agreed. Although I’ve considered selling out under a pen name (if the money’s good enough). ; ) #editorchat
[20:31:46] sooutdoors @DawnPapandrea Absolutely. It should never be writers vs editors. Its a team effort…usually:-) #editorchat
[20:32:09] MariaKorolov when I was just starting out I used to get really upset when my editors changed stories to make me sound stupid #editorchat
[20:32:09] jennipps @Single_Shot lol – I think a lot of others would too #editorchat
[20:32:19] DawnPapandrea @andwhatsnext Yes, thus why the editor should have benefit of doubt — she knows her readers better than a hired freelancer. #editorchat
[20:32:23] jennipps RT @sooutdoors @DawnPapandrea Absolutely. It should never be writers vs editors. Its a team effort…usually:-) #editorchat
[20:32:25] milehighfool @andwhatsnext Well then you’ll be hearing from me, too πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:32:33] MariaKorolov now I realize that nobody notices (hmm… wonder why?) … most sources just check to see if I spelled their names right #editorchat
[20:32:47] bizcoachdeb I’m searching for #editorchat live on TweetGrid Search – http://tinyurl.com/dcz377
[20:33:27] Single_Shot @DawnPapandrea Spot on to eds/writers working together! #editorchat
[20:33:28] MariaKorolov and if there’s a part of a story I really really like and slaved over — it’s usually the worst part and *deserves* to be cut #editorchat
[20:33:34] JDEbberly @bizcoachdeb Welcome to Editorchat, Deb! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:33:44] a2editor I once saw hilarious letter written by toaster manual writer who accused his editor of taking the soul out of the piece… #editorchat
[20:33:57] GinaLaGuardia Late to the party, sorry. I’m a former mag EIC; now editorial director for a bunch of sites, I lose count πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:34:05] LydiaBreakfast OK follow up Q: What is the best way to initiate a discussion when an editor and writer don’t see eye-to-eye? #editorchat
[20:34:15] bizcoachdeb @JDEbberly thanks! love the convo here! #editorchat
[20:34:21] JDEbberly @GinaLaGuardia Welcome, Gina! #editorchat
[20:34:26] littlebrownpen A lot of writers take editing personally. I view it as a jumping off point to make something better. Either defend or improve. #editorchat
[20:34:36] MariaKorolov @DawnPapandrea I agree — editors are normally much closer to the readers than anyone else — they see all the stories, feedback #editorchat
[20:34:56] milehighfool @GinaLaGuardia Hi Gina. Glad you could make it. #editorchat
[20:34:57] JDEbberly @bizcoachdeb So do I! You can learn a great deal! #editorchat
[20:35:08] jennipps @littlebrownpen Definitely. Editing is part of the creative process, not something completely opposite as so many see it. #editorchat
[20:35:12] andwhatsnext @littlebrownpen I SO wish writers would really look at my edits (the substantial ones, particularly) and learn from them. #editorchat
[20:35:12] angie1234p @LydiaBreakfast I ask for reasoning behind the changes to find out what their thoughts are. #editorchat
[20:35:14] MSchechter @GinaLaGuardia who does more hashtag convos each week you or @dannybrown? #editorchat
[20:35:15] bizcoachdeb @littlebrownpen agreed and learn something in the process. It’s all a collaboration. #editorchat
[20:35:30] milehighfool @littlebrownpen Also a good way to know what your editor is thinking. Follow the edits to your next story pitch. #editorchat
[20:35:34] LydiaBreakfast Any suggestions for the best way to initiate a discussion when an editor and writer don’t see eye-to-eye? #editorchat
[20:35:52] writepudding @littlebrownpen Very true-I think that’s one way to separate good writers from the bad – they can take criticism constructively #editorchat
[20:35:55] MariaKorolov @LydiaBreakfast my position is: the editor bought the story. they own it. what they do with it is up to them. #editorchat
[20:35:55] GinaLaGuardia @MSchechter I know. I’m an addict. But I learn so much…. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:35:59] KBordessa Jumping in. Freelancer for numerous magazines, specializing in family activities and travel. krisbordessa.com #editorchat
[20:36:01] DawnPapandrea @LydiaBreakfast As long as it’s approached as “how can we make the story better?,” a *good* editor will listen. #editorchat
[20:36:01] angie1234p @LydiaBreakfast Usually they have reasons I either haven’t thought of or didn’t know. #editorchat
[20:36:05] 20orsomething Jumping into the conversation for the next Q: think issues need to be addressed with tact and reasoning for decisions. #editorchat
[20:36:12] JenniferNobile @andwhatsnext do you find that more experienced writers grumble the most? #editorchat
[20:36:20] emorphy Hi, I’m Erika. Sorry I am late. First time here – I am a freelancer writer specializing in real estate and finance. #editorchat
[20:36:24] GinaLaGuardia @milehighfool @ JDEbberly Thanks for the warm welcome. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:36:30] janeco Hi everyone, working while tweeting, freelance writer/editor #editorchat
[20:36:37] MSchechter @GinaLaGuardia I tease, it is all out of envy… looking forward to getting enough jewelers on here to have one of our own πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:36:41] jennipps @LydiaBreakfast Someone said possibly asking about reasoning behind edits could be a good way to start. Could be… #editorchat
[20:36:42] andwhatsnext It’s SUPER rare for a writer to talk to me about changes I’ve made. I’m usu happy to explain especially when it seems artful. #editorchat
[20:36:55] KBordessa @littlebrownpen I’ve had editors really improve my work and some that have hacked it. Mostly, I love my editors! #editorchat
[20:36:56] sooutdoors @LydiaBreakfast If I read your question right You can’t beat a conversation on the phone or in person. Email is too impersonal. #editorchat
[20:37:05] Single_Shot @MariaKorolov If my name’s on it, it’s hard 4 me to take this stance. But I’m definitely open to edits – u have to be. #editorchat
[20:37:14] janeco What is the general concensus on kill fees? #editorchat
[20:37:15] MariaKorolov occasionally an editor will make a factual mistake (because I’m closer to the story) — they’ve never complained hen I fixed it #editorchat
[20:37:23] JDEbberly @emorphy Welcome Erika! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:37:23] andwhatsnext @JenniferNobile I would say more that inexperienced writers just will go with anything – they’re happy to have the assignment. #editorchat
[20:37:29] LydiaBreakfast @sooutdoors good advice, but what do you say? #editorchat
[20:37:43] JenniferNobile @andwhatsnext Do you find new & experienced writers grumbling? #editorchat
[20:37:43] MariaKorolov @Single_Shot nobody notices bylines. and you don’t need to use it as a clip if you don’t want to. #editorchat
[20:37:57] a2editor @sooutdoors You’re right. Phonecalls clear up so many miscommunications, and help you keep the tone positive. Email tone =harsh. #editorchat
[20:37:59] 20orsomething Setting emotions aside b/w editor and writer may be a key to open lines of communication. #editorchat
[20:38:06] abarcelos @MSchechter@GinaLaGuardia @dannybrown Hey posse! What’s #editorchat
[20:38:08] MariaKorolov @Single_Shot and if somebody does notice — blame it on the editor! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:38:23] GinaLaGuardia I’m not one to “hack behind a writer’s back,” as I call it. Good editing should be collaborative. Thank God for MS Word Tracking #editorchat
[20:38:29] littlebrownpen @LydiaBreakfast I say “no problem,” look over the edits and either alter them or follow up with questions. Simple, usually. #editorchat
[20:38:44] DCgov Erika is part of secret DC support group of writers. @emorphy #editorchat
[20:38:49] MariaKorolov when editing writers, I’ve found that the newer the writer, the more attached they get to every single word #editorchat
[20:38:51] andwhatsnext @MariaKorolov I’d want to hear if there’s a factual error – and that the writer caught what we messed up! (Never happens. LOL) #editorchat
[20:39:14] LydiaBreakfast @DCgov You have quite a twosse sir. #editorchat
[20:39:33] Single_Shot @MariaKorolov What? Nobody notices bylines? My god, what a fool I’ve been! ; ) #editorchat
[20:39:37] sooutdoors @janeco It’s one of those things that needs to be discussed up front and depends on the article and amount of research required #editorchat
[20:39:38] GinaLaGuardia @littlebrownpen I heart writers like you πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:39:45] MariaKorolov the NUMBER ONE thing I hate when editing is when I take something out — for good reason — and the writer puts it back in! #editorchat
[20:39:48] andwhatsnext @GinaLaGuardia I am REALLY trying to get out of doing that, but sometimes deadlines are too short to get a rewrite… #editorchat
[20:40:07] ValerieSimon @a2editor always been reluctant to call-know how busy editors are and dont want I tobe seen as perstering #editorchat
[20:40:16] DCgov I dread knowing. A twosse? #editorchat
[20:40:22] andwhatsnext @GinaLaGuardia And it would probably take longer to explain the what and why of my changes. πŸ˜› #editorchat
[20:40:32] BeckyDMBR @a2editor Toaster manual poetry. Sounds like a good blog name. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:40:46] judywriter Editors have taught me how to write & write better since I first started in the biz many years ago Mostly positive. #editorchat
[20:40:48] littlebrownpen I’m spoiled, because when I work with marketing teams, it is a very cool collaboration (usually). Sets the tone for other work. #editorchat
[20:40:48] LydiaBreakfast I am happy to make whatever changes are needed,and in all my years I’ve not had to make many. Just want eds to be accountable to #editorchat
[20:40:49] MariaKorolov @ValerieSimon I’d rather get a call from a writer clarifying a question than to let a story go with a mistake #editorchat
[20:40:57] JDEbberly @DCgov Twosse = Twitter Posse #editorchat
[20:41:00] a2editor @ValerieSimon I was actually thinking of the editor calling the writer. As a writer, I might arrange a time to discuss. #editorchat
[20:41:08] sooutdoors Writing is easy; editing is hard: but writing is editing so writing is hard #editorchat
[20:41:24] ValerieSimon @MariaKorolov Good to hear! #editorchat
[20:41:31] angie1234p @judywriter Great point! After all, who better to learn from. #editorchat
[20:41:35] LydiaBreakfast @DCgov DC support group “posse” on twitter is a “twosse” I digress. #editorchat
[20:41:36] DawnPapandrea From the editor side, I include notes with my edits, so they’re not out of left field. Writers appreciate that! #editorchat
[20:41:38] milehighfool @DCgov twosse= twitter posse. #editorchat
[20:41:39] MariaKorolov @ValerieSimon stories get re-arranged, attributions lost, key facts cuts, typos added during editing. editors know this. #editorchat
[20:41:59] judywriter The highest compliment I can get as an editor is that I made it better…or caught an embarrassing mistake. #editorchat
[20:42:07] MSchechter @abarcelos another snazzy convo that is relevant to folks like @ginalaguardia #editorchat
[20:42:08] jennipps RT @sooutdoors Writing is easy; editing is hard: but writing is editing so writing is hard #editorchat
[20:42:16] a2editor @ValerieSimon …unless it’s a quick question. But as an editor I would appreciate time to look at the Qs before discussing. #editorchat
[20:42:21] jennipps RT @DawnPapandrea From the editor side, I include notes with my edits, so they’re not out of left field. Writers appreciate that #editorchat
[20:42:28] 20orsomething @DawnPapandrea I absolutely agree with notes; I want them to understand what changes I’m making and why. #editorchat
[20:42:29] ValerieSimon @a2editor ahhh.. have only gotten a few calls from editors to discuss articles. Always much appreciated #editorchat
[20:42:35] milehighfool @judywriter Same. Sharp editors have helped to make me a better writer. #editorchat
[20:42:43] JDEbberly RT @jennipps: RT @sooutdoors Writing is easy; editing is hard: but writing is editing so writing is hard #editorchat
[20:42:43] MariaKorolov the more experienced the writer i work for, the more likely they are to tell style edits from factual edits, and ignore style #editorchat
[20:42:44] jennipps @DawnPapandrea I certainly do/would! #editorchat
[20:42:57] sooutdoors @LydiaBreakfast A good writer looses their ego very early in their writing career. #editorchat
[20:43:07] SternalPR Can someone tell me if #editorchat is tonight or tomorrow?
[20:43:13] littlebrownpen Me too. RT: @milehighfool @judywriter Same. Sharp editors have helped to make me a better writer. #editorchat
[20:43:14] MariaKorolov i mean, the more experienced the writer I work WITH … #editorchat
[20:43:21] bizcoachdeb RT @sooutdoors: @LydiaBreakfast A good writer looses their ego very early in their writing career. #editorchat so true
[20:43:25] milehighfool RT @sooutdoors: @LydiaBreakfast A good writer looses their ego very early in their writing career. #editorchat
[20:43:25] judywriter @angie1234p I’ve been lucky to have some really terrific editors. We editors have editors too! #editorchat
[20:43:30] Single_Shot @DawnPapandrea Most of my big edits take place in track changes. Love that as a way for ed & writer to exchange ideas/reasons. #editorchat
[20:43:31] MariaKorolov @sooutdoors i agree. ego is the number one enemy of writers #editorchat
[20:43:34] jennipps RT @sooutdoors @LydiaBreakfast A good writer loses their ego very early in their writing career. #editorchat
[20:43:38] JDEbberly @SternalPR It;s going on right now πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:43:41] bizcoachdeb the point of the piece should be to edify, not sell your ego #editorchat
[20:43:41] a2editor @SternalPR Editorchat is going on right now. Come join! #editorchat
[20:43:50] LydiaBreakfast @sooutdoors checked mine at the door years ago πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[20:43:53] GinaLaGuardia To me, editing is a conversation w/the writer. @DawnPapandrea and I are from the same school of thought. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:44:02] jennipps @judywriter I know editors have editors, but it just sounds/looks odd to see it written out like that. *s* #editorchat
[20:44:10] MariaKorolov @milehighfool but an editor needs to have a huge ego — to be able to change everything at will and think they know best #editorchat
[20:44:19] DawnPapandrea @Single_Shot and @ginalaguardia — Same here. #editorchat
[20:44:20] JDEbberly RT @bizcoachdeb: the point of the piece should be to edify, not sell your ego #editorchat
[20:44:28] SternalPR @JDEbberly Hmmm for some reason I thought it was on Thurs nights. #editorchat
[20:44:43] MariaKorolov if a writer has ego, and editor has ego: recipe for big clash of wills #editorchat
[20:44:47] littlebrownpen @GinaLaGuardia I like that school of thought. πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[20:44:49] DawnPapandrea I actually learned from the best! Shout out to @GinaLaGuardia. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:45:02] jennipps RT @JDEbberly RT @bizcoachdeb: the point of the piece should be to edify, not sell your ego #editorchat
[20:45:10] JDEbberly RETWEET! @milehighfool but an editor needs to have a huge ego, to be able to change everything at will and think they know best #editorchat
[20:45:20] janeco Editors/writers, we all have egos, some hv it more in check than others #editorchat
[20:45:28] LPinMissouri hi, just joining. what about when the “editor” is a biz person, for example: corp publication? #editorchat
[20:45:29] angie1234p @judywriter It sounds funny, but I prefer to send to an editor rather than directly to a client. More work, but I gain more. #editorchat
[20:45:31] milehighfool A thought: if the editor has to work overtime on a piece, isn’t it the writer’s problem? (1/2) #editorchat
[20:45:43] JDEbberly @SternalPR That’s cool, you’ve made it! Enjoy! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:45:59] LydiaBreakfast @LPinMissouri good, you’re in πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:46:07] milehighfool And, if so, he;s not going to be invited back, right? (2/2) #editorchat
[20:46:08] jennipps @milehighfool IMO, definitely! #editorchat
[20:46:17] 20orsomething @DawnPapandrea Clash of egos only serve to interrupt the final product. #editorchat
[20:46:21] abarcelos @MSchechter You cannot mess with the caliber of @ginalaguardia regarding editorial subject matter. I’m not worthy. #editorchat
[20:46:24] milehighfool RT @LPinMissouri: hi, just joining. what about when the “editor” is a biz person, for example: corp publication? #editorchat
[20:46:25] LPinMissouri @LydiaBreakfast thanks. nice to be here #editorchat
[20:46:27] GinaLaGuardia @judywriter Good point! #editorchat
[20:46:46] littlebrownpen @milehighfool Yes. Editing in the best case scenario would be a voice/tone check and a tightening/second pair of eyes. #editorchat
[20:46:51] jennipps @milehighfool THat’s the way I’ve understood things to be. And if that’s really the case, rightly so. #editorchat
[20:47:21] judywriter @angie1234p I can understand that. Clients usually have bigger egos than editors, IMHO. #editorchat
[20:47:24] 20orsomething Sorry, that was for @MariaKorolov #editorchat
[20:47:31] MSchechter @abarcelos that is why @ginalaguardia ‘s inner superhero is Grammar Girl! #editorchat
[20:47:56] janeco @milehighfool If I have to rework a writer’s piece too many times, I won’t be working with that writer again #editorchat
[20:48:00] LydiaBreakfast Egos notwithstanding, better writer/editor relationships occur when all are willing to accept responsibility and be accountable #editorchat
[20:48:06] MariaKorolov @20orsomething the editor is a proxy for the reader. he/she wants stories that are easy to read, informative, etc… #editorchat
[20:48:16] angie1234p @judywriter Yes, and in those cases, it often prevents them from getting the quality product they should. #editorchat
[20:48:20] DawnPapandrea As a writer: My best freelance clip is one I had to rework with the ed 3 times… looking back, version 3 was so much better! #editorchat
[20:48:22] janeco @LydiaBreakfast agree 100% #editorchat
[20:48:24] GinaLaGuardia @MariaKorolov I don’t see making changes as an ego-driven thing. I think it’s more of an experiential-based judgement call. #editorchat
[20:48:31] bizcoachdeb @judywriter and sometimes are the worst offenders of what is useful content (re: clients) #editorchat
[20:48:39] a2editor @MariaKorolov Depends on the type of changes. Editor that doesn’t know best re: style, grammar, pub’s requirements is a bad edtr #editorchat
[20:48:44] MariaKorolov @20orsomething a writer with a big ego is like a rude French waiter — you will eat zis, whezer you like it or not! #editorchat
[20:48:46] ValerieSimon @DawnPapandrea Agreed! #editorchat
[20:48:49] jennipps @LydiaBreakfast Accountability, I think, is the main key. At least, that’s the way I see it. As a writer, if I screw, tell me! #editorchat
[20:49:00] GinaLaGuardia @abarcelos @MSchechter Grammar geek, loud and proud. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:49:21] milehighfool @judywriter Yes. Because only a client would make you rewrite something to reinsert words you’ve previously removed. Not bitter. #editorchat
[20:49:22] karonwarren @LydiaBreakfast Agreed, but many editors also have egos that can get in the way of that process #editorchat
[20:49:24] MariaKorolov @a2editor then you wait for them to get fired. and turnover is REALLY high these days — it won’t take long 😦 or they’ll learn #editorchat
[20:49:27] LPinMissouri @judywriter That has been my experience #editorchat
[20:49:34] jennipps (and it doesn’t have to be a big screw-up to hold me accountable *s*) #editorchat
[20:49:35] MSchechter @GinaLaGuardia one of these days you and my wife are going to have one hell of a grammar conversation! #editorchat
[20:49:59] augustjordan @LydiaBreakfast is right – it’s about maturity and building a good relationship between writer and editor #editorchat
[20:50:11] angie1234p At the same time, you need to handle clients carefully. It is a small world, and words travel faster than ever. #editorchat
[20:50:15] thebrandbuilder RT @LydiaBreakfast: “Better writer/editor relationships occur when all are willing to accept responsibility and be accountable” #editorchat
[20:50:15] 20orsomething @MariaKorolov Great analogy πŸ˜‰ I completely agree; both ends have jobs to do to serve the reader; Writer wants story told… #editorchat
[20:50:25] judywriter Writing for an in-house pub/client is the toughest due to pressure to include/exclude s’thing, etc. Journalism easier. #editorchat
[20:50:30] a2editor @MariaKorolov Yes, or you try to avoid working with them. I can’t imagine wking w/ an editor who made bad calls on basic edits. #editorchat
[20:50:32] jennipps RT @augustjordan @LydiaBreakfast is right – it’s about maturity and building a good relationship between writer and editor #editorchat
[20:50:43] JDEbberly ETWEET! @LydiaBreakfast is right – it’s about maturity and building a good relationship between writer and editor #editorchat
[20:50:48] 20orsomething @MariaKorolov Editor wants it to be *good* #editorchat
[20:50:59] MariaKorolov @a2editor more likely, the editor just has different opinions about grammar — plenty of stuff is arbitrary. just let it go. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:51:20] LydiaBreakfast The right (and professional)thing to do is admit to heavy handed prose (writers) and changes of direction (eds) #editorchat
[20:51:28] LPinMissouri @judywriter agreed! #editorchat
[20:51:30] judywriter @angie1234p Ironic, isn’t it, that clients’ pressure keeps them from getting the quality product they should? Gd pt! #editorchat
[20:51:30] karonwarren @judywriter That is so true! #editorchat
[20:51:58] a2editor @MariaKorolov Often editors are working w/ in-house style guidelines that help them standardize the arbitrary stuff…I hope. #editorchat
[20:53:08] thebrandbuilder @CathyWebSavvyPR It’s going on right now, from what I can see. #editorchat
[20:53:11] milehighfool @a2editor Style guides can be helpful, especially if you’re new and in a specialized industry. Tech and finance, for ex. #editorchat
[20:53:11] littlebrownpen @a2editor Agree. I always refer to the style guides, which makes everyone’s life easier. #editorchat
[20:53:24] karonwarren @a2editor @MariaKorolov You would think so, but that’s not always the case. #editorchat
[20:53:27] MariaKorolov @a2editor so if they violate their own style guide – ask politely if the style guide has changed. usually they go “oops” and fix #editorchat
[20:53:56] MariaKorolov for corporate clients — often the only reader are the execs themselves (who really reads those press releases, anyway??) #editorchat
[20:54:10] DawnPapandrea Writers can’t sweat the small stuff… arguing over semicolons and preferred style is a waste of an ed’s time. #editorchat
[20:54:10] milehighfool Related Q: How about your success stories working through a stalled story? #editorchat
[20:54:14] JenniferNobile @MariaKorolov Are style guidelines something you get once you have a contract / job assignment (can you tell I’m a newbie?) #editorchat
[20:54:18] MariaKorolov so corporate clients want to read good things written about themselves — why not? they’re the main audience. #editorchat
[20:54:48] jennipps @DawnPapandrea I think it’d be a waste of the writer’s time, too. #editorchat
[20:54:51] MariaKorolov @JenniferNobile if you don’t have a style guide, you fake it — search the pub for previous instances whenever you have a Q #editorchat
[20:54:59] LPinMissouri but style guides only address the finer points. what about big picture/direction? #editorchat
[20:55:00] Single_Shot @DawnPapandrea Nobody argues over semicolons, do they? Sheesh – what a nightmare! #editorchat
[20:55:01] GinaLaGuardia RT @DawnPapandrea: Writers can’t sweat the small stuff… arguing over semicolons and preferred style is a waste of an ed’s time #editorchat
[20:55:23] judywriter @JoodyC Definitely agree! Tweeting is great writing exercise! #editorchat
[20:55:26] milehighfool @MariaKorolov Precisely. It’s the simplest way to “work from the same page,” as we said at the outset. #editorchat
[20:55:40] jennipps RT @DawnPapandrea Writers can’t sweat the small stuff… arguing over semicolons and preferred style is a waste of an ed’s time. #editorchat
[20:55:45] GinaLaGuardia @Single_Shot Ha– you’d be surprised! 😦 #editorchat
[20:55:50] JDEbberly RT @judywriter: @JoodyC Definitely agree! Tweeting is great writing exercise! #editorchat
[20:55:50] Single_Shot @milehighfool Define stalled story? #editorchat
[20:56:00] DawnPapandrea @MariaKorolov Right! Corporate or advertorial writing is a whole different ball game. Writers must give in on those pieces. #editorchat
[20:56:00] bizcoachdeb no argue from me on punctuation – if an editor catches, TG. #editorchat
[20:56:00] andwhatsnext @JenniferNobile Usually style guidelines are available before – but if you don’t find them, ask! #editorchat
[20:56:02] littlebrownpen RT: GinaLaGuardia @DawnPapandrea: Writers can’t sweat the small stuff… arguing over semicolons and style is a waste of time #editorchat
[20:56:11] jennipps @milehighfool A stalled story isn’t something I’ve had to deal with yet. #editorchat
[20:56:24] LydiaBreakfast @Single_Shot you deliver a piece and you and the editor reach an impasse #editorchat
[20:56:29] MariaKorolov @DawnPapandrea and you don’t get a byline usually — so WHO CARES what changes they make #editorchat
[20:56:35] milehighfool @Single_Shot Nah, not over semi-colons. I’m referring mostly to special terms, stuff like that. #editorchat
[20:56:55] connectingwomen what’s the topic? #editorchat
[20:56:55] JenniferNobile @andwhatsnext Are they the same as “writer’s guidelines” – stuff you find in Writer’s market or on pub websites? #editorchat
[20:57:03] milehighfool @Single_Shot Where you and the editor couldn’t agree. How did you work through it? #editorchat
[20:57:05] LPinMissouri @judywriter ha! editors all over the world are cringing right now. twitter=no grammar rules πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:57:09] judywriter @milehighfool When I’m stalled, I sometimes go to my editor for perspective or just walk around the block. #editorchat
[20:57:12] DawnPapandrea @MariaKorolov LOL — very true! Those are straight up paycheck assignments. #editorchat
[20:57:17] ValerieSimon @MariaKorolov plus they hirred you. Need to do what makes them happy. #editorchat
[20:57:35] jennipps @JenniferNobile Sometimes the guidelines cover style elements, but not always, so it could be part of it or completely separate. #editorchat
[20:57:42] Single_Shot @GinaLaGuardia Just realized I’ve had an ongoing parenthetical issue w/one of my (fabulous!) eds who hates it when I do that. #editorchat
[20:57:49] angie1234p @DawnPapandrea Absolutely. If my name isn’t on it and the money is good, they can hack away. #editorchat
[20:57:54] sooutdoors @milehighfool researched and wrote a lengthy article for a NGO. It was edited by committee. Editor+committee=writers nightmare #editorchat
[20:58:03] JDEbberly @connectingwomen Welcome to Editorchat! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:58:07] jennipps @LPinMissouri Shucks, sometimes — a lot of times — *I* cringe, too. Especially when I have to do it myself. #editorchat
[20:58:24] LydiaBreakfast @Single_Shot Love the parens myself – how did you learn of the issue? #editorchat
[20:58:31] judywriter @LPinMissouri I think editors know that twitter is not the real world. LOL Kills me to compromise to fit into 140. #editorchat
[20:58:36] andwhatsnext @JenniferNobile Usually (if avail) they are a little more detailed. Not just how to pitch, but how to format, abbrev to use, etc #editorchat
[20:58:38] MariaKorolov the editing-by-committee is why you get paid more for corp. work — the annoyance factor #editorchat
[20:58:39] GinaLaGuardia @Single_Shot LOL. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:58:45] milehighfool @judywriter Good idea. I also talk with other writers and former editors. Often they have an idea. #editorchat
[20:58:58] judywriter @jennipps LOL, me too! #editorchat
[20:59:13] LPinMissouri @judywriter Yes but it’s sooooo liberating! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:59:18] milehighfool @sooutdoors Ouch! How did you get through the issue? #editorchat
[20:59:22] a2editor Twitter is murder on punctuation/grammar, but it does force you to write concisely. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:59:24] MariaKorolov the single worst thing a writer can do to me is submit a completely unusable story and then argue about it #editorchat
[20:59:26] BeckyDMBR @DawnPapandrea Notes are good. #editorchat
[20:59:32] andwhatsnext When in doubt, send chocolates to your editor. πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[20:59:34] karonwarren OK. Time to get Lost. Hopefully will make it here a little earlier next week. #editorchat
[20:59:39] littlebrownpen @milehighfool Same here. I have other writers and copyeditors to bounce things off of. #editorchat
[20:59:40] MariaKorolov i’ve had writers totally miss the point of the pub (do a consumer story, for example, instead of a business story) #editorchat
[20:59:44] JenniferNobile @jennipps @andwhatsnext So when sending queries, is it best to ask for “style” guidelines directly, just to be sure? #editorchat
[20:59:44] bizcoachdeb RT @a2editor: Twitter is murder on punctuation/grammar, but it does force you to write concisely. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:59:51] connectingwomen @JDEbberly Thanks. #editorchat
[20:59:54] Single_Shot @LydiaBreakfast My editors always send me edits of my pieces, either via track chnges or otherwise. Then we hash things out. #editorchat
[20:59:57] DawnPapandrea It’s been fun chatting with everyone. But I must confess… I’m LOST-obsessed, and it’s time. G’night! #editorchat
[20:59:57] 20orsomething @sooutdoors Sounds like too many people adding their $.02 πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:00:20] MariaKorolov and if they apologize and rewrite, i’ll work with them again. if they argue, i have to reassign and start from scratch #editorchat
[21:00:26] judywriter @sooutdoors Anything edited by committee is a lose-lose. #editorchat
[21:00:26] jennipps @DawnPapandrea I don’t know. I’ve never done that so far. (I haven’t been querying/submitting very long myself.) #editorchat
[21:00:26] JDEbberly @karonwarren Loved your tweets! Looking forward to seeing you next editorchat! #editorchat
[21:00:43] GinaLaGuardia RT @a2editor: Twitter is murder on punctuation/grammar, but it does force you to write concisely. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:00:46] a2editor @andwhatsnext Actually, we had a writer at a mag I wked for who sent Godiva TOWERS. He didn’t need to, but I remembr him. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:00:47] milehighfool About 30 minutes left — great stuff so far — ar 9:25 pm EST we will stop for a one-line intro or pitch and link. Done at 9:30 #editorchat
[21:00:56] JDEbberly @DawnPapandrea Have a wonderful evening, Dawn! Enjoy LOST! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:01:15] bizcoachdeb RT @sooutdoors Anything edited by committee is a lose-lose. #editorchat – I think it’s the quickest way to sterilize a piece
[21:01:22] milehighfool RT @judywriter: @sooutdoors Anything edited by committee is a lose-lose. (AMEN) #editorchat
[21:01:23] LPinMissouri @DawnPapandrea goodnight #editorchat
[21:01:23] sooutdoors @milehighfool Editor was reasonable and in the end we reached a compromise. Pay was good though! #editorchat
[21:01:31] CathyWebSavvyPR @JDEbberly who is the #editorchat organizer(s) & what time is start/end? Been @ a client’s office all day. Love your info last night #GNO
[21:01:44] andwhatsnext @a2editor He’d be a keeper! Regardless of his writing talent. LOL #editorchat
[21:01:54] Tweet_Schleuder RT @andwhatsnext: @a2editor He’d be a keeper! Regardless of his writing talent. LOL #editorchat (Ad: http://tinyurl.com/cymt7l)
[21:01:57] jennipps RT @milehighfool RT @judywriter: @sooutdoors Anything edited by committee is a lose-lose. (AMEN) #editorchat
[21:02:02] GinaLaGuardia @Single_Shot That’s the best way to work. #editorchat
[21:02:19] andwhatsnext @sooutdoors ANYTHING creative worked over by a committee is lose-lose. πŸ˜› #editorchat
[21:02:26] GinaLaGuardia @DawnPapandrea See you tomorrow. #editorchat
[21:02:37] sooutdoors @bizcoachdeb That is actually what happened in the end. I didn’t want my name tagged to the article, but was happy to accept pay #editorchat
[21:02:40] MariaKorolov keep in mind: if it’s a good editor, your competitors all want to work with them. bad editors – you’ve got more job security πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:02:40] RealTimeTrends #editorchat – is now the #6 trend on twitter. Follow here: http://idek.net/2DG – twIRC Channel: http://idek.net/3XV
[21:02:43] JDEbberly @CathyWebSavvyPR Org is @milehighfool & @LydiaBreakfast 7-830pm CST #editorchat
[21:02:46] jennipps Agreed! RT @andwhatsnext @sooutdoors ANYTHING creative worked over by a committee is lose-lose. πŸ˜› #editorchat
[21:02:51] tweet_trends #editorchat: [twitter] http://tinyurl.com/atoprh
[21:02:52] milehighfool @sooutdoors Did you have to call? Face-to-face? What turned it for you? #editorchat
[21:02:55] LydiaBreakfast @CathyWebSavvyPR go to editorchat.wordpress.com for complete info #editorchat
[21:03:00] a2editor Ah, but he was a lovely writer. The best. It’s the ones who call to bark at me who should send chocolates. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:03:11] simplyfabulous @GinaLaGuardia Hey. Just stumbled into #editorchat. What’s it about??
[21:03:27] MariaKorolov coddle your bad editors. pamper them. while the other writers curse them and call them names — they’ll turn to you for solace! #editorchat
[21:03:33] Single_Shot @GinaLaGuardia I think it helps to talk up front (w/new editor) re editing style. I always ask if I’ll have a chance to see edit #editorchat
[21:03:48] GinaLaGuardia @simplyfabulous Exactly what it sounds like — eds and writers. Hop in. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:03:57] LydiaBreakfast @simplyfabulous go to editorchat.wordpress.com to get the full story #editorchat
[21:04:07] JDEbberly @simplyfabulous go to editorchat.wordpress.com for complete info #editorchat
[21:04:12] a2editor …or the ones who insist on using 5 semicolons in a row… #editorchat
[21:04:15] augustjordan my experience has been if conflicting views arise, began pas de deux until resolution; maybe very quick or can protract; varies. #editorchat
[21:04:40] JenniferNobile I’m off to watch Lost – this is a great chat, can’t wait for next week. G’night. #editorchat
[21:04:47] simplyfabulous @LydiaBreakfast and @JDEbberly Thanks!! Will do πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:05:07] LydiaBreakfast @augustjordan pas de deux, you are kind πŸ™‚ sounds like it is a duel for others. #editorchat
[21:05:08] MariaKorolov @Single_Shot the best thing is just read a few back issues of the pub. saves a LOT of conversation! focus on stories like yours #editorchat
[21:05:20] milehighfool @a2editor no serial semicolons? Uh-oh πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:05:21] sooutdoors @milehighfool Phone meeting; Editor had to bow to the wishes of the committee (his bosses) but showed empathy, which did help. #editorchat
[21:05:29] GinaLaGuardia @Single_Shot Better that way all around. I know that when I edit, I may miss something. I depend on writer to edit ME, too! #editorchat
[21:05:32] JDEbberly @JenniferNobile Looking forward to seeing you back in a week! Enjoy! #editorchat
[21:05:40] MariaKorolov i’ve worked with a number of writers who NEVER read the pub — VERY frustrating! #editorchat
[21:05:41] littlebrownpen If you bite the editor’s hand, the feeding stops. #editorchat
[21:05:50] connectingwomen @MariaKorolov you should know the market or at least have an idea what the publication is about. #editorchat
[21:05:51] simplyfabulous @GinaLaGuardia Excellent. Seems slower than #gno.. It’s nice for beginners like me haha #editorchat
[21:06:21] milehighfool @sooutdoors That’s a great story. A victory for you but not a huge loss for your editor, either. #editorchat
[21:06:23] jennipps RT @littlebrownpen If you bite the editor’s hand, the feeding stops. #editorchat
[21:06:24] a2editor Once the sentence was over a page long…lunchtime! πŸ˜› #editorchat
[21:06:32] simplyfabulous @MariaKorolov How can those people think they will do well at the pitching/assignments?! #editorchat
[21:06:38] JDEbberly RT @littlebrownpen: If you bite the editor’s hand, the feeding stops. #editorchat
[21:06:39] ValerieSimon RT littlebrownpen If you bite the editor’s hand, the feeding stops. #editorchat – #editorchat
[21:06:40] jennipps @littlebrownpen Makes the editor sound a bit like a zookeeper, but I understand the meaning. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:06:43] 20orsomething Always admired strong relationships b/w editor and writer,w/good communication; those are the kind I look forward to cultivating #editorchat
[21:06:58] Single_Shot @MariaKorolov This is w/regard to their editing process. It’s nice 2 know if they send it to u in track changes or what. #editorchat
[21:07:02] bizcoachdeb @MariaKorolov that’s just wrong – how can they write intelligently about it?! #editorchat
[21:07:25] sooutdoors @milehighfool I would gladly write for him again, but not for the committee πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:07:26] MariaKorolov @simplyfabulous big egos πŸ™‚ or they think the editor needs to spell every single thing out for them personally. #editorchat
[21:07:29] milehighfool @littlebrownpen She may also bite back. #editorchat
[21:07:42] jennipps @bizcoachdeb That’s what I was wondering. #editorchat
[21:08:06] MariaKorolov @simplyfabulous editors often don’t have the time to explain every single little thing about the magazine and the assignment #editorchat
[21:08:09] LydiaBreakfast Does anyone else have a best practice story/example? #editorchat
[21:08:18] judywriter @GinaLaGuardia It’s harder to write short than long, don’t you think? Have to *really* get it to write short. #editorchat
[21:08:18] Burnsie_SEO RT @angie1234p: At the same time, you need to handle clients carefully. It is a small world, and words travel faster than ever. #editorchat
[21:08:22] MariaKorolov @simplyfabulous unless the writer asks, they assume they know #editorchat
[21:08:27] Single_Shot @littlebrownpen I thought writers who never read the publications they pitch was an urban legend. ; ) #editorchat
[21:08:28] milehighfool @sooutdoors Smart. Committees are dar too common when it comes to corporate writing. But, the pay is good. #editorchat
[21:08:49] connectingwomen Editors shouldn’t have to explain every single little about the magazine or assignment because prospective writers should know. #editorchat
[21:08:52] littlebrownpen @Single_Shot LOL. #editorchat
[21:08:57] simplyfabulous @MariaKorolov The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked, right?? LOL #editorchat
[21:09:09] MariaKorolov @Single_Shot consumer pubs — sure, writers read. business and trade pubs — not so much. #editorchat
[21:09:09] milehighfool @judywriter Or you have to practice like crazy. I have a hard time going over 600 words now. #editorchat
[21:09:10] GinaLaGuardia @judywriter Oh yeah… and this from someone who has a tendency to go WAY long. Twitter has tamed me. #editorchat
[21:09:14] connectingwomen @judywriter Twitter is great practice for that. lol #editorchat
[21:09:26] Single_Shot @a2editor A page-long paragraph? What, did Charles Dickens submit something? ; ) #editorchat
[21:09:30] jennipps @connectingwomen And even a little market research would tell the writer a lot of what they would ask. #editorchat
[21:09:35] bizcoachdeb Corp writing is great, but a writer should have stronger negotiating skills in this arena IMHO if it’s for marcom. #editorchat
[21:09:51] littlebrownpen Bottom line for me is, I make my editors happy. Even with a ton of experience, those contacts mean everything. #editorchat
[21:10:00] LydiaBreakfast Does anyone else have a best practice story/example? #editorchat
[21:10:02] simplyfabulous @GinaLaGuardia LOL. It’s true! Twitter is good training in cutting down and being more concise! #editorchat
[21:10:02] whatthetrend Why is #editorchat trending? Help explain why at What The Trend? http://wttrend.com/462
[21:10:05] andwhatsnext @MariaKorolov I wish I has the time/energy to spell out – but just don’t. My fave writers are the ones that GET IT even without. #editorchat
[21:10:08] judywriter @GinaLaGuardia LOL So it took Twitter to tame you? #editorchat
[21:10:12] jennipps @milehighfool Me too! I have an on-spec assignment for 1200 words due next month. I could be in trouble. #editorchat
[21:10:12] bizcoachdeb @jennipps so agree. #editorchat
[21:10:12] connectingwomen @jennipps Totally. Just like with other careers and jobs, you have to know some things before you go in. #editorchat
[21:10:20] a2editor @Single_Shot. Oh no: a page-long sentence! He believed in deregulation of semicolons. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:10:29] JudySL good evening all – I’m a freelance editor (westchester weddings/the wag) and a sometimes PR person (that pays the bills) #editorchat
[21:10:29] ValerieSimon @connectingwomen Great practice, but hard not to be mortified by my errors or “Twoops” as @profnet said earlier #editorchat
[21:10:31] GinaLaGuardia @littlebrownpen We need to work together! #editorchat
[21:10:56] littlebrownpen @GinaLaGuardia You know where to find me. πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:10:58] judywriter @milehighfool I’m used to writing short for wkly pub & am writing a book! Tough transition! #editorchat
[21:11:02] JDEbberly RT @GinaLaGuardia LOL. It’s true! Twitter is good training in cutting down and being more concise! #editorchat
[21:11:07] milehighfool @littlebrownpen It’s how the bread gets buttered, the palm gets greased, and the kids get fed πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:11:22] GinaLaGuardia @a2editor A page-long sentence? MEGO…….. #editorchat
[21:11:31] LadyHoldem @milehighfool Amen. #editorchat
[21:11:36] MariaKorolov @LydiaBreakfast best practice about what? negotiating with editors? my advice: insist on facts, let the editor decide all else #editorchat
[21:12:00] milehighfool How about one more success story in our last 15 minutes before intros? #editorchat
[21:12:12] littlebrownpen @milehighfool Exactly. It’s just the dynamic. The sooner new writers figure that out, the happier they’ll be. #editorchat
[21:12:35] Single_Shot @a2editor Sorry, yes, meant page-long sentence. What a loon! And no chocolate either, eh? #editorchat
[21:12:37] MariaKorolov @LydiaBreakfast and if corp client — don’t even insist on the facts πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:13:30] bizcoachdeb RT @MariaKorolov: @LydiaBreakfast and if corp client — don’t even insist on the facts πŸ™‚ #editorchat – lol
[21:13:31] LPinMissouri @JudySL me, too. nice to know someone else in that boat #editorchat
[21:13:36] milehighfool My favorite success story is recent. Almost lost a Google piece b/c Twitter was a source. #editorchat
[21:13:40] MariaKorolov success story: one editor added 500 word digression about Star Trek (into unrel. story ). sure. why not. i got paid for the 500! #editorchat
[21:14:19] milehighfool Legal said we couldn’t use even though I had permission from the source. #editorchat
[21:14:55] janeco sorry, had to jump out, what’s the question now? #editorchat
[21:15:04] milehighfool Truth be told, the story *was* thin. Editor called me on it was dead right. #editorchat
[21:15:05] littlebrownpen @milehighfool It will be interesting watch the evolution of twitter as a source. #editorchat
[21:15:13] andwhatsnext @milehighfool Did you ultimately get to use the source? #editorchat
[21:15:25] LydiaBreakfast @janeco share any best practice stories #editorchat
[21:15:27] JDEbberly @janeco One more success story #editorchat
[21:15:52] milehighfool @andwhatsnext No. Editor called me on it and she was right. #editorchat
[21:16:18] milehighfool @andwhatsnext Truth is, my angle was thin and she was right to call me on it. #editorchat
[21:16:23] LynnMcFarlane @milehighfool congrats on #editorchat reaching top 10 trending list
[21:16:30] MariaKorolov un-success story: editor added “Islamic separatist” to describe someone in war zone who wasn’t. i could have gotten killed. #editorchat
[21:16:37] Single_Shot @milehighfool Did you find a new source then? Or was the story trashed? #editorchat
[21:16:37] janeco @littlebrownpen I would never use twitter as “the” source but rather as a lead to further research #editorchat
[21:16:42] MariaKorolov after that, anything else seems really minor! #editorchat
[21:16:54] JudySL I’m going to be training an AP writer in twitterquette next week. #editorchat
[21:16:56] LydiaBreakfast Still waiting for a good outcome on my latest story #editorchat
[21:17:00] milehighfool So, we talked by phone and, together, came up with a new angle. I pitched her till we had something. #editorchat
[21:17:06] jennipps @janeco I’ve done that quite often lately. #editorchat
[21:17:34] milehighfool Plus, I was able to get a different soure. Revised story ran the next day. #editorchat
[21:17:49] Single_Shot @milehighfool I call that pitch-slapping. ; ) #editorchat
[21:17:52] connectingwomen @janeco Depending who is the twitter source. there are many reputable people on Twitter. #editorchat
[21:18:05] janeco @jennipps I hear you, even if it’s from a respected media twitterer #editorchat
[21:18:19] milehighfool RT @Single_Shot: @milehighfool I call that pitch-slapping. ; ) #editorchat (BAM!)
[21:18:22] JDEbberly RT @connectingwomen: @janeco Depending who is the twitter source. there are many reputable people on Twitter. #editorchat
[21:18:27] a2editor I recently was told my article for Automobile Quarterly was “perfect” on submission! Not ex. of best practices, but good news! #editorchat
[21:18:35] MariaKorolov twitter is a great way to find sources — then you contact them and ask for an interview #editorchat
[21:18:41] judywriter @MariaKorolov Scary when editor’s ignorance, not malice, screws you up. #editorchat
[21:18:42] jennipps @janeco Sometimes even especially then. *s* Where’d they get their info and the like. #editorchat
[21:18:51] RealTimeTrends #editorchat – has risen to the #5 trend on twitter. Follow here: http://idek.net/2DG – twIRC Channel: http://idek.net/3XV
[21:19:10] jennipps RT @MariaKorolov twitter is a great way to find sources — then you contact them and ask for an interview #editorchat
[21:19:13] connectingwomen @JDEbberly thanks for the RT. I have used many people from Twitter for my blogs and radio show. #editorchat
[21:19:19] kimbui someone should organize #webproducerchat since #journchat and #editorchat already exist.
[21:19:20] JDEbberly RT @MariaKorolov: twitter is a great way to find sources — then you contact them and ask for an interview #editorchat
[21:19:28] milehighfool @a2editor That *is* a great story. Congratulations! #editorchat
[21:19:29] janeco @connectingwomen i know but even the most respected journos now twittering get it wrong sometimes. Besides, u need corroboration #editorchat
[21:19:30] Willowbottom Checking in, so late — so many #editorchat tweets to read! #editorchat
[21:19:40] MariaKorolov @judywriter it was a new editor, on the london desk, doing the subedits (not my reg ed), far from the war zone #editorchat
[21:19:49] JDEbberly RT @kimbui: someone should organize #webproducerchat since #journchat and #editorchat already exist.
[21:20:06] JDEbberly @connectingwomen You’re welcome. #editorchat
[21:20:12] janeco @connectingwomen they provide great info, insight and leads #editorchat
[21:20:16] judywriter @connectingwomen Everything from best-selling authors to movie stars & musical performers! #editorchat
[21:20:28] BeckyDMBR Sorry. Having Twitter problems (twitterpations?) tonight. #editorchat
[21:20:31] JudySL My editorial work tends to be local – I’m finding that local sources are hard to collect on twitter – any tips? #editorchat
[21:20:32] sooutdoors RT @Single_Shot: @milehighfool I call that pitch-slapping. ; ) Hmm, could be a new twitterism. (pitch-slapped) #editorchat
[21:20:38] judywriter @kimbui Is that your hand up to volunteer I see? #webproducerchat #journchat #editorchat
[21:20:39] connectingwomen @janeco You should always cross checks sources definitely. I wouldn’t dismiss Twitter completely. #editorchat
[21:20:46] connectingwomen @judywriter yup! #editorchat
[21:20:47] milehighfool @Willowbottom Welcome, Willow. Or is it Ms. Bottom? #editorchat
[21:20:57] a2editor @Willowbottom Welcome back! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:20:57] MariaKorolov @judywriter but i’ve been on the other side, too, assigning a story once to a writer (through stupidity) that got him killed #editorchat
[21:21:07] stephauteri @melissablake: For example. if you were to join up with #editorchat tonight, all you’d have to do is go to tweetchat, type in #editorchat…
[21:21:10] LydiaBreakfast @JudySL there is a new search function #editorchat
[21:21:12] janeco @connectingwomen either would I, agree. #editorchat
[21:21:18] judywriter @MariaKorolov Lucky you caught it before you had to pull a S. Rushdie. #editorchat
[21:21:27] milehighfool @connectingwomen I wouldn’t either. Twitter is an idea factory for me. #editorchat
[21:21:47] MariaKorolov @judywriter these days, i have to be very careful about what I assign — especially in sensitive areas (like now, in china) #editorchat
[21:21:52] connectingwomen @milehighfool I like that: Twitter is an idea factory for me. #editorchat
[21:21:56] Single_Shot @sooutdoors I’m actually teaching a class “How to pitch-slap your editor” in a few months @ Seattle’s Hugo House. #editorchat
[21:22:05] a2editor @Single_Shot Pitch-slapped. Haha! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:22:06] MariaKorolov @judywriter no, I didn’t catch the “Islamic fundamentalist” error before it ran. it was pretty bad. #editorchat
[21:22:17] janeco Has anyone addressed kill fees yet? Have an editor refusing to honor it #editorchat
[21:22:24] MariaKorolov @judywriter fortunately, I was able to blame the editors! #editorchat
[21:22:30] JudySL Do you think twitter is an urban phenom? As opposed to suburban? #editorchat
[21:22:38] judywriter @MariaKorolov OMG! Seriously?How frightening! How sad! #editorchat
[21:22:50] milehighfool @Single_Shot How about making that available to us editorchatters? #editorchat
[21:23:03] judywriter @MariaKorolov Hopefullly both were a long time ago. #editorchat
[21:23:07] BeckyDMBR @MariaKorolov Yikes. What was the story? #editorchat
[21:23:11] connectingwomen If anyone is interested in what is the proper Islamic and Arabic terms to use in the media, DM or @reply, & I will send u a list #editorchat
[21:23:20] MariaKorolov @judywriter the guy was in Chechnya. it was about 15 years ago. #editorchat
[21:23:20] jennipps @JudySL I don’t know…You could actually say where I live is rural. lol. #editorchat
[21:23:24] Single_Shot @janeco My editors have all honored kill fees. One even paid me full price 4 a story that didn’t run. Love. Her. #editorchat
[21:23:31] JudySL @janeco depending on our contract, we always paid kill fees – if the work was handed in and killed… #editorchat
[21:23:34] Willowbottom @JudySL Not at all – most of the people I know using it are suburbanites. Even some rural users. #editorchat
[21:23:36] LPinMissouri @MariaKorolov another example of best practices? πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:23:59] Single_Shot @milehighfool The class? It’s live and in person. #editorchat
[21:24:21] janeco @Single_Shot What’s her name????? j/k #editorchat
[21:24:24] milehighfool @Willowbottom I’m here to help. Any good last minute stories of resolving an impasse with an editor? #editorchat
[21:24:32] 20orsomething @JudySL Absolutely not, and maybe that’s the benefit of Twitter: reaches every corner. #editorchat
[21:24:37] MariaKorolov @BeckyDMBR the “Islamic fundamentalist” story? Separatists in Abkhazia. Who were actually Christian. (at least, the ones I met) #editorchat
[21:24:51] Single_Shot @janeco She’s no longer at the publication. Sorry! #editorchat
[21:25:04] a2editor @MariaKorolov Oy. #editorchat
[21:25:11] janeco @JudySL This was for an online story; doesn’t come from a publishing/journo background and never heard of such a thing…sigh #editorchat
[21:25:26] milehighfool K, folks. We’re down to 5 minutes so if you want to make a plea and include a link, do it now. Closing for biz at 9:30. #editorchat
[21:25:40] shirleybrady Missing #editorchat & #stuffIneedtodo as helping hubby pack for a trip to see his folks in Australia. Fussier than Tim Gunn, I tell ya.
[21:25:42] Willowbottom @milehighfool I find it’s all in how you pitch ’em (the editors). Key for me has been communicating relevance of content. #editorchat
[21:26:04] travelinggal of course I would come in at the end! #editorchat
[21:26:19] janeco @JudySL the story was killed midway, sent in notes, etc., just wanted half of the fee, still negotiating #editorchat
[21:26:19] a2editor Laura Cowan, freelance editor/writer working in book publishing, online media. Blogging at http://a2editor.wordpress.com. #editorchat
[21:26:25] jennipps I’m now a regular contributor @ TutorialBlog.org. Comments welcome on articles: http://tinyurl.com/c55jf4 #editorchat
[21:26:32] MariaKorolov this was great guys, I enjoyed chatting. anyone wants to know anything about China, DM me or email. #editorchat
[21:26:32] LydiaBreakfast @shirleybrady sorry to miss you, please join next week πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:26:40] Willowbottom @milehighfool Sounds like bankers’ hours to me. #editorchat
[21:26:51] LydiaBreakfast @travelinggal all the info is on editorchat.wordpress.com #editorchat
[21:27:08] milehighfool @shirleybrady Sorry we missed you this time. Safe travels to your husband! #editorchat
[21:27:09] judywriter @milehighfool Thanks for running another fabo session! #editorchat
[21:27:13] augustjordan thanks for a really great first #editorchat! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:27:21] janeco @MariaKorolov China? Going to Beijing early May #editorchat
[21:27:23] travelinggal Apryl Chapman Thomas, freelance writer/blogger, http://www.actwriter.com (site), http://www.southernbyways.com (blog) #editorchat
[21:27:31] Willowbottom @travelinggal Thanks for coming in late – it made me not be the last one! #editorchat
[21:27:32] janeco Over already? #editorchat
[21:27:32] connectingwomen Faten Abdallah, freelance blogger, writer and co-host at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/connectingwomen; DM for more info. #editorchat
[21:27:35] milehighfool @Willowbottom Who says you need to be a banker to work bankers hours? #editorchat
[21:27:44] MariaKorolov for more about my old war stories, check here: http://tinyurl.com/barqf3 (if you care — it’s old news!) #editorchat
[21:27:59] milehighfool @judywriter Our pleasure. Thanks for participating, Judy. #editorchat
[21:28:05] littlebrownpen No pitch, but I’m teaching my 4yo son how to write. That’s pretty cool, right? http://littlebrownpen.blogspot.com/ #editorchat
[21:28:07] travelinggal well, I had to get two little off to bed or at least they are pretending to be laying down. #editorchat
[21:28:10] angie1234p This was great. Thank you! #editorchat
[21:28:12] GinaLaGuardia This has been a great exchange! Would love your feedback on my blog: “Confessions of a Content Pimp” http://tinyurl.com/6752tq #editorchat
[21:28:16] Single_Shot Thanx 4 another great editorchat! Diane Mapes, freelance journalist/humor columnist/pitchslapping success. howtodatebook.com #editorchat
[21:28:24] JDEbberly For the latest info on blogging, soc med and new media: http://twitter.com/JDEbberly Avail 24/7! #editorchat
[21:28:26] LPinMissouri @littlebrownpen #editorchat
[21:28:37] jennipps @milehighfool @lydiabreakfast, thank you for hosting a great chat. #editorchat
[21:28:38] simplyfabulous Thanks for this great first editorchat! I’m Amanda Fornecker, a freelance writer: http://amanda-vera.blogspot.com #editorchat
[21:28:39] Willowbottom @littlebrownpen Good for you! Would welcome any tips you have. I have a 4yo and we’re doing the same. #editorchat
[21:28:43] LPinMissouri @littlebrownpen yes, the best! #editorchat
[21:28:49] travelinggal It was great at the end. Hopefully next time will jump in sooner. #editorchat
[21:29:05] angie1234p I’m Angie Haggstrom, Freelance writer, online writing coach http://www.professionalwebcontent.com/ #editorchat
[21:29:19] LydiaBreakfast @travelinggal please do, we’ll be here #editorchat
[21:29:19] kikarose I jumped in at the end. Feel like a stalker, I followed many of you without saying hi. So, uhm, HI! #editorchat
[21:29:21] JDEbberly I am truly grateful for this group! I learn so much here! #editorchat
[21:29:26] GinaLaGuardia @littlebrownpen I’m so glad my 5yo is learning to read — I need some live-in copyediting help. LOL! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:29:34] LydiaBreakfast @angie1234p thanks for joining us Angie #editorchat
[21:29:41] milehighfool Tim Beyers, Motley Fool contributor. Find me at fool.com. Also check editorchat.wordpress.com #editorchat
[21:29:47] MSchechter @GinaLaGuardia umm hello child labor laws!!! #editorchat
[21:29:51] jennipps @JDEbberly Ditto and me too! #editorchat
[21:29:54] LydiaBreakfast @JDEbberly We heart you JD our unofficial greeter and gladhander πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:29:54] JDEbberly @travelinggal Looking forward to seeing you next week! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:29:55] Willowbottom @littlebrownpen Do you ever find when reading back your son’s compositions that it has the beautiful simplicity of poetry? #editorchat
[21:29:58] a2editor Hi @kikarose. See you next week? #editorchat
[21:30:09] milehighfool @jennipps Our pleasure, Jenn. Thanks for joining. #editorchat
[21:30:10] BeckyDMBR Thanks for the chat! #editorchat
[21:30:20] littlebrownpen @GinaLaGuardia That’s hysterical. Considering they are brutally honest, you know you’ll be in good hands. #editorchat
[21:30:21] Single_Shot @kikarose I just did the same thing to you! And many others. This is a great place to connect w/other writers, editors. #editorchat
[21:30:34] Willowbottom @milehighfool @lydiabreakfast another great one as always! #editorchat
[21:30:35] milehighfool @JDEbberly And thanks to you, J.D., for helping like you do. #editorchat
[21:30:36] kikarose I’m Jessica Rosenberg, Freelance writer/mommy blogger! See my story at http://www.itsjessicaslife.com. #editorchat
[21:30:43] IrisJumbe Iris Jumbe, Shanghai-based freelance copywriter and editor #editorchat
[21:30:50] kikarose @Single_Shot This is awesome! I’m going to check out the recap on the blog. Great meeting you! #editorchat
[21:30:52] BeckyDMBR @kikarose Hi! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:30:58] LydiaBreakfast Thanks for coming everyone Lydia Dishman co-founder of #editorchat and freelance features writer for magazines, web, etc #editorchat
[21:30:59] littlebrownpen @Willowbottom Very much. It’s wonderful. We have about ten stories so far, and I treat them like prized possessions. So raw. #editorchat
[21:31:02] GinaLaGuardia @littlebrownpen LOL πŸ™‚ Have a good night. Enjoy your lil’ one, too! #editorchat
[21:31:04] sooutdoors This has been a great chat. Kudos to moderator. Drop by and visit Southern Ontario Outdoors http://www.sooutdoors.ca Good night! #editorchat
[21:31:20] Teddy_Salad RT @milehighfool: Tim Beyers, Motley Fool contributor. Find me at fool.com. Also check editorchat.wordpress.com #editorchat
[21:31:27] aeropolowoman Joining late, #editorchat
[21:31:28] GinaLaGuardia @MSchechter Are you kidding? That kid can use the computer better than I can. πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:31:30] 20orsomething Great listening in and adding what I could; looking forward to learning more and connecting again. #editorchat
[21:31:51] MariaKorolov good night everyone! #editorchat
[21:31:57] augustjordan @LydiaBreakfast Thanks for interesting session! πŸ™‚ Hope to see you all next week #editorchat
[21:32:06] AdinaGenn I’m searching for #editorchat live on TweetGrid Search – http://tinyurl.com/dcz377
[21:32:15] AdinaGenn This was great! #editorchat
[21:32:17] milehighfool We’re outta here, folks. Till next week — be sure to check in at the blog throughout the week. Bye now. #editorchat
[21:32:31] LydiaBreakfast Good night everyone – be sure to look for the transcript on editorchat.wordpress.com #editorchat
[21:32:35] jennipps See everyone next week! #editorchat
[21:32:41] littlebrownpen Night all. 3:30am here. You could say I miss my US colleagues huh? Thanks for a great session! #editorchat
[21:32:54] aeropolowoman Are you locking up already? #editorchat
[21:33:31] mollyblock I am not watching #AmericanIdol or participating in #editorchat but am happily glancing at their hashtagged tweets scrolling down my screen.
[21:33:49] JDEbberly This session can be read over at http://twemes.com/editorchat #editorchat
[21:35:16] JDEbberly Great job, @milehighfool and @LydiaBreakfast !! Have a spectacular evening! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:35:29] aeropolowoman @milehighfool #editorchat Banging on the door, what are the hours of operation?
[21:35:51] JDEbberly @travelinggal I’ll be looking for ya, Traveling Gal! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:36:35] JDEbberly @aeropolowoman Hrs of operation are 7pm to 830p-m CST on Wednesday nights! #editorchat
[21:36:36] MSchechter @GinaLaGuardia I keep forgetting that my kid will be running circles around me shortly πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:37:22] janeco @SoOutdoors hey, just saw ur reply re kill fees; issue came up after wrking with this publ for 10 yrs! Never had a prob before #editorchat
[21:37:58] aeropolowoman @JDEbberly Thanks JD #editorchat
[21:38:45] angie1234p @LadyHoldem @JenniferNobile @a2editor great to meet you all at #editorchat. Look forward to hearing more from you!
[21:38:56] Willowbottom I feel like the lights were just shut off at my favorite store before I really had time to shop, now that #editorchat is already closed.
[21:39:50] LydiaBreakfast @aeropolowoman go to editorchat.wordpress.com for complete details/time/transcript all you need to know #editorchat
[21:40:52] kikarose @a2editor I’ll be at #editorchat next week! See you there!
[21:42:37] kikarose Do feel a little silly going to #editorchat with my silly face on, but I’m owning it!
[21:43:23] ellenfweber @LydiaBreakfast #editorchat The discussion might start with a fresh invitation for each to speak and feel heard – and then joint solution
[21:45:20] bizcoachdeb thanks for a great discussion – see you all next week! #editorchat


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February 26, 2009 at 3:50 pm

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