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What’s Up for Discussion on #editorchat on 3/4

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More than ever, publishers are under pressure to produce a profit. Witness the closure of The Rocky Mountain News in Tim’s hometown of Denver. But the human tragedy expands beyond the newsroom. Book publishers, too, are facing pressure, as are Web-based content creators. We’re wondering how the pressure on publishers is filtering down to editors and their writers. Specifically, we are wondering:

Are editors more readily capitulating to advertiser demands?

Are writers allowing sources to approve stories?

Are authors form-fitting their books to the trend of the day even more than they have historically, because publishers won’t take anything else?

And, finally, has the mood soured so much that professional courtesies (i.e. timely responses, thank yous, grace periods, etc.) are luxuries of a more profitable past?

As always we welcome other questions and suggestions, just drop them into the comment box below.


Written by LydiaBreakfast

March 4, 2009 at 9:43 pm

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