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Transcript of #editorchat 3/4

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[20:00:23] milehighfool: And we’re live. Please introduce yourself when you join, #editorchat
[20:00:32] LydiaBreakfast: And we are live tweeps – welcome to another edition of #editorchat
[20:00:35] JDEbberly: heads up to my followers: I am about to participate in editorchat; I’ll tweet a bit more than usual thru the next 90 minutes. #editorchat
[20:01:12] LydiaBreakfast: Here’s what we’re thinking: Weâ€ℒre wondering how the pressure on publishers is filtering down to editors and their writers. #editorchat
[20:01:15] IrisJumbe: Hello everyone, Shanghai-based copywriter and editor here πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:01:24] jennipps: Hi, guys! Jen, freelance writer in south-central Oklahoma. #editorchat
[20:01:45] milehighfool: We’ll try to post questions repeatedly but if you miss one, please just scroll down. You’ll find the topic quickly. #editorchat
[20:01:45] LydiaBreakfast: Hi Iris Hello JD, Jen #editorchat
[20:01:59] CathyWebSavvyPR: @LydiaBreakfast RT Have you seen what we’ve planned to discuss on #editorchat tonight 8-9:30pm EST? check editorchat.wordpress.com, Plz RT
[20:02:08] JDEbberly: Hi everybody, N VA-based writer of blogging and social media articles. #editorchat
[20:02:24] Alexandrialeigh: Hi all. Writer/editor (generalist) in Charlotte, N.C. First time with editorchat! #editorchat
[20:02:45] milehighfool: JD, Jenn, Iris, glad you could make it. #editorchat
[20:02:54] littlebrownpen: Hi everyone. Nichole, freelance writer currently living in Paris. #editorchat
[20:02:59] LydiaBreakfast: @Alexandrialeigh welcome hope you have fun with us πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:03:01] CMM_PR: Used to be editorial and publishing were to be treated as Church and State. Not any more. Lines are blurring. #editorchat
[20:03:04] milehighfool: @Alexandrialeigh Welcome. Glad you could make it. #editorchat
[20:03:04] a2editor: Hi everyone. Laura Cowan, freelance editor/writer in book publishing and online media. Can’t stay long tonight, butnice to see u #editorchat
[20:03:14] dakila: Good evening. Editor here in NYC. #editorchat I’m a TweetDeck newbie.
[20:03:26] sooutdoors: Good evening all. Lloyd here from Southern Ontario Outdoors. #editorchat
[20:03:29] jennipps: Re: pressure on publishers filtering down to editors & writers…I don’t know. I’m still trying to break in in many ways. #editorchat
[20:03:36] LydiaBreakfast: @a2editor Hi Laura #editorchat
[20:03:37] milehighfool: @littlebrownpen Hey Nichole. How’s the aluminum baron? πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:03:42] kenwheaton: #editorchat assist. managing editor Advertising Age
[20:03:45] LydiaBreakfast: @dakila welcome πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:04:02] LydiaBreakfast: @sooutdoors Nice to have you back with us πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:04:08] milehighfool: @dakila Welcome. Glad you could join us tonight. #editorchat
[20:04:14] LydiaBreakfast: @kenwheaton Good evening Ken (bows) #editorchat
[20:04:21] kenwheaton: I’d say in many cases Chinese Wall is still there … it’s the advertisers who’ve disappeared #editorchat
[20:04:43] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Hey Ken. Good to see you. You know, the only way I know what’s going on in American Idol is via your tweets #editorchat
[20:04:45] littlebrownpen: @milehighfool He had a good day. But the Electric General didn’t fare so well. #editorchat
[20:04:49] LydiaBreakfast: Topic: Weâ€ℒre wondering how the pressure on publishers is filtering down to editors and their writers. #editorchat
[20:04:52] Alexandrialeigh: @kenwheaton: I completely agree. And I think everyone on the editorial side of things is very aware of it. #editorchat
[20:04:56] mariaschneider: Hi, @mariaschneider here from http://editorunleashed.com. #editorchat
[20:05:01] CMM_PR: It is disappointing when editors sacrifice editorial objectivity for sponsorship or advertising. Editorial ends up losing. #editorchat
[20:05:15] wetzeledit: Hello! I’m Wendy Wetzel, freelance editor and occasional writer, working w/ Christian publishers. Alas, can’t stay long tonight. #editorchat
[20:05:24] Hergett: Editor/writer our of Bozeman, Montana here. #editorchat
[20:05:25] Willowbottom: Greetings. Timberly, working stiff during the day. Freelancer-at-large by night. #editorchat
[20:05:47] LydiaBreakfast: @wetzeledit welcome #editorchat
[20:06:01] LydiaBreakfast: @Hergett Hello, thanks for joining #editorchat
[20:06:02] littlebrownpen: @CMM_PR I agree, and it’s incredibly transparent. I can spot content blurred with advertising within the first few lines. #editorchat
[20:06:19] LydiaBreakfast: @Willowbottom Looking for my minestrone #editorchat
[20:06:42] CMM_PR: @littlebrownpen That’s exactly the problem. Editorial integrity is completely sacrificed by the whiff of ad influence. #editorchat
[20:06:43] milehighfool: @wetzeledit Glad you could join us, Wendy. Your take on the topic — how profit pressure is affecting editorial? #editorchat
[20:06:52] LydiaBreakfast: RE: our topic – Are editors more readily capitulating to advertiser demands? #editorchat
[20:07:02] kenwheaton: Ironically enough, considering our title/subject, Ad Age (Crain books in general) have the strongest Chinese Wall I’ve seen. #editorchat
[20:07:18] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Hi! Freelance journalist in northern Iowa. #editorchat
[20:07:22] a2editor: Hi @wetzeledit. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:07:28] Alexandrialeigh: @CMM_PR: I’d also call it the whiff of desperation. @LydiaBreakfast: Yes. Definitely. #editorchat
[20:07:35] thefutureisred: Hi all! Leigh here. Writer living in Salta, Arg. 1rst time joining #editorchat
[20:07:50] milehighfool: @LydiaBreakfast You know, this has aleways been an issue historically but I wonder if it’s more of an issue now. #editorchat
[20:08:00] LydiaBreakfast: @thefutureisred Hello and welcome πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:08:18] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR Hey there. Glad you could make it. #editorchat
[20:08:30] LydiaBreakfast: Thoughts tweeps? Are editors more readily capitulating to advertiser demands? #editorchat
[20:08:35] marciamarcia: Seasoned reporter said to me recently only when he got out of the business did he realize just how much a magazine is a product. #editorchat
[20:08:55] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast I think it’s more obvious in some places than others. Seems more obvious — to me — in the local newspapers her #editorchat
[20:08:57] milehighfool: RT @kenwheaton: Ironically enough, Ad Age (Crain books in general) have the strongest Chinese Wall I’ve seen. #editorchat
[20:08:58] JDEbberly: @thefutureisred Welcome to editorchat! Glad you can join us! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:09:10] MudslideMama: @milehighfool #editorchat If you look back at the old-timey papers, there was always product influence… Awareness may be higher now?
[20:09:27] CMM_PR: Read the first section of any newspaper or magazine … its complely been shaped by PR and/or advertising influence vs hard news #editorchat
[20:09:39] Willowbottom: @LydiaBreakfast I can’t speak to big name pubs, but I’ve seen w/my non profit mags that content is carefully scrutinized. #editorchat
[20:09:39] JDEbberly: RT @kenwheaton: Ironically enough, Ad Age (Crain books in general) have the strongest Chinese Wall I’ve seen. #editorchat
[20:09:43] littlebrownpen: Media Darwinism in effect? Survival may trump integrity when it’s a matter of life or death. #editorchat
[20:09:55] jennipps: @MudslideMama I think that’s it. I think awareness is increased for advertising for some reason. #editorchat
[20:10:04] LydiaBreakfast: Haven’t fashion/beauty/women’s mags done that historically? #editorchat
[20:10:11] Willowbottom: @LydiaBreakfast Not even just advertisers, per se, but also mid to larger donors. #editorchat
[20:10:14] a2editor: It probably is a growing problem, but it got so bad at the car mags a few decades back I’d say it’s gone other way since. #editorchat
[20:10:14] milehighfool: RT @MudslideMama: @milehighfool #editorchat If you look back at the old-timey papers, there was always product influence… Awareness ma …
[20:10:19] kenwheaton: editorial also realizes it’s got fulltimers working to fill web, which is usually free content that doesn’t pay salaries #editorchat
[20:10:20] MudslideMama: We see product placement in sitcoms and movies regularly now, it’s also part of the transition to making $ in digital age. #editorchat
[20:10:21] ValerieSimon: Disturbed by Razorfish Execs- publishers need to "get comfortable w/ handing over control to the advertisers"http://tinyurl.com #editorchat
[20:10:30] Alexandrialeigh: Sales reps I know are hearing from potential advertisers that they won’t advertise without ed content in the contract. #editorchat
[20:10:33] wetzeledit: It’s not too obvious to me being a step removed from the publishing house, but I think btw every niche being so small/subdivided #editorchat
[20:10:35] LydiaBreakfast: @Willowbottom possibly precisely because you are working with nps #editorchat
[20:10:42] littlebrownpen: @LydiaBreakfast Women’s mags are notorious for it. #editorchat
[20:10:47] milehighfool: @MudslideMama Could be. And you’re right about the influence — it’ all about what the editor allowed. #editorchat
[20:11:02] CMM_PR: The days of earned media are sadly a thing of the past. Multimedia content is now driven by advertising. #editorchat
[20:11:13] wetzeledit: there is more pressure to rush what’s profitable, and rushing is never good for quality, IMO. #editorchat
[20:11:21] jennipps: @ValerieSimon "Get comfortable?" I hope not! Sadly, though, in some cases, that might be right. #editorchat
[20:11:24] JDEbberly: RT @milehighfool: @MudslideMama Could be. And you’re right about the influence — it’ all about what the editor allowed. #editorchat
[20:11:30] milehighfool: RT @Alexandrialeigh: Potential advertisers that they won’t advertise without ed content in the contract. #editorchat
[20:11:39] Alexandrialeigh: But I will say there are still pubs out there that don’t let advertisers dictate content. #editorchat
[20:11:51] Willowbottom: Advertisers make it so easy for pubs with strapped budgets to just place content & quotes nearly verbatim #editorchat
[20:12:02] jennipps: RT @wetzeledit there is more pressure to rush what’s profitable, and rushing is never good for quality, IMO. #editorchat
[20:12:12] marciamarcia: So I don’t see it as profit-pressure as much as sustainability pressure, new goals, more priorities, changing game… #editorchat
[20:12:14] smashadv: @kenwheaton on the bright side, the content’s got sharper teeth? #editorchat
[20:12:15] Willowbottom: @Alexandrialeigh Examples? Just curious. #editorchat
[20:12:34] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Why is that? Maybe it’s because I write for the Web but I don’t understand why Web content is mostly free. #editorchat
[20:12:38] wetzeledit: What I am picking up is fewer books pub rt now due to economy, etc., which means harder for new & more niche books to get throug #editorchat
[20:12:47] MudslideMama: Oops #editorchat Transition to digital info is hard for print. The Gutenberg Press is probably the last time such a shift in innovation.
[20:12:48] Hergett: It’s starting to hit newspapers pretty hard. Revenue lines demand ads and advertiser demands are hard to ignore. #editorchat
[20:13:05] LydiaBreakfast: I keep hearing about ad "trades" which don’t generate $$ for pubs but give them stuff in exchange; is that the same sway? #editorchat
[20:13:15] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Too true. I’m seeing a lot more advertorial work in major mags now. Fortune is a good example. #editorchat
[20:13:21] Willowbottom: @lydiabreakfast do you think that NPs are less accountable for good content and should be subservient to advertisers? #editorchat
[20:13:22] Alexandrialeigh: @Willowbottom: Buy a full page ad, get a profile of your business in the mag. Buy on a 12X contract, get coverage once that year #editorchat
[20:13:51] CMM_PR: For those of us who handle PR and Advertising, on the newspaper side falling ad revenues is critical. How does that shape PR? #editorchat
[20:13:53] LydiaBreakfast: @Willowbottom I think they should be more accountable #editorchat
[20:14:00] MudslideMama: @ValerieSimon There will have to be a level of comfort eds will find. It’s making me uneasy to write it but I believe it’s true. #editorchat
[20:14:16] littlebrownpen: Advertorials have definitely picked up in the Women’s lifestyle mags. #editorchat
[20:14:23] Willowbottom: @milehighfool and formatting/presentation is less and less distinct between real content and questionably sponsored content. #editorchat
[20:14:46] KellyLove: Jumping in late – freelance editor/writer/author in Charleston. Former managing ed for newspaper and magazine. 1st editor chat #editorchat
[20:14:53] milehighfool: @Alexandrialeigh Frightening. But, to the topic at hand, is that avoidable. How do you avoid it, Ken? @kenwheaton #editorchat
[20:15:01] sooutdoors: I’ve been on both sides of the ad fence and have demanded editorial content from pubs. Publications exist to make profit. #editorchat
[20:15:03] Alexandrialeigh: @littlebrownpen: Exactly! That’s what’s happening everywhere, I think. Even local pubs. #editorchat
[20:15:09] Willowbottom: @KellyLove Welcome, Kelly! #editorchat
[20:15:17] CMM_PR: @littlebrownpen For me and my clients when we are assessing ROI for PR, advertorials aren’t included in the mix. #editorchat
[20:15:17] littlebrownpen: @Willowbottom I would go a step further and say that the design elements are intentionally similar #editorchat
[20:15:21] LydiaBreakfast: @KellyLove Hi Kelly welcome aboard, glad you made it πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:15:25] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Yes. Never has the fine print been smaller. #editorchat
[20:15:25] marciamarcia: @milehighfool Several publications I’ve written for in the past now are almost exclusively advertorial. Sad to see. #editorchat
[20:15:43] Alexandrialeigh: @milehighfool: It’s getting harder to avoid. Makes us seem less competitive in the market. #editorchat
[20:15:44] milehighfool: @sooutdoors What was the response when you demanded coverage? #editorchat
[20:15:49] JDEbberly: @KellyLove Welcome to editorchat, Kelly! glad to have you tonight! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:15:52] KellyLove: @LydiaBreakfast Thanks! #editorchat
[20:15:57] Willowbottom: So is this a necessary evil when it comes to trade pubs and non-profits where they’re beholden over a barrel to their sponsors? #editorchat
[20:15:58] MudslideMama: @littlebrownpen I agree! That’s why I’d push for transparency. #editorchat
[20:15:59] CathyWebSavvyPR: RT @LydiaBreakfast: Topic: Weâ€ℒre wondering how the pressure on publishers is filtering down to editors and their writers. #editorchat
[20:16:09] Hergett: @Willowbottom I write a column for a daily, and just recently had the publisher demand a bit that was essentially an ad. #editorchat
[20:16:12] LydiaBreakfast: @marciamarcia Do these pubs make a distinction between editorial and advertorial? #editorchat
[20:16:21] milehighfool: RT @marciamarcia: Publications I’ve written for in the past now are almost exclusively advertorial. Sad to see. #editorchat
[20:16:24] kenwheaton: @milehighfool Blame the web 2.0 "content wants to be free crowd" for that. πŸ™‚ But good luck trying to put horse back in barn #editorchat
[20:16:27] CMM_PR: I am personally not a fan of advertorials, they are thinly veiled advertising with a deceptive editorial tone. #editorchat
[20:16:40] JDEbberly: RT @LydiaBreakfast: Topic: Weâ€ℒre wondering how the pressure on publishers is filtering down to editors and their writers #editorchat
[20:16:50] Alexandrialeigh: @hergett: Did you put up a fight at all? How did you respond? #editorchat
[20:17:04] milehighfool: @Willowbottom This is where charging for unique or Web content comes in. Shouldn’t pubs do more of that and less capitulating? #editorchat
[20:17:08] waltyates: Just watching. My first #editorchat – Marketer by day, writer at night.
[20:17:26] littlebrownpen: @kenwheaton Agree. The horse is not only out of the barn, but galloping across an open field. #editorchat
[20:17:35] JDEbberly: @waltyates Welcome, Walt! #editorchat
[20:17:54] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Fair point. But what about unique content? The WSJ charges for its online content. The model isn’t unheard of. #editorchat
[20:17:55] LydiaBreakfast: I’ll put that Q to all – do pubs make a distinction between editorial and advertorial? How does a reader know? #editorchat
[20:17:58] CMM_PR: Stringers and freelance writers I know are being cut. The contributed byline article is gaining popularity. #editorchat
[20:18:04] mariaschneider: I was introducing myself in http://tweetchat.com #editorchat for writers and editors.
[20:18:04] marciamarcia: @LydiaBreakfast I don’t see them making a distinction at all. Long-time readers (and writers), though, know. #editorchat
[20:18:05] kenwheaton: @Willowbottom I work for a trade magazine. If anything, we have to be MORE stringent against such things. It would ruin brand #editorchat
[20:18:05] littlebrownpen: @milehighfool I really hope this model catches on, but it has to be a collective effort. Otherwise readers will migrate. #editorchat
[20:18:09] KellyLove: There has to be an understanding that quality content – unbiased content – brings readers on and ultimately sells ads. #editorchat
[20:18:09] jennipps: @littlebrownpen And trying to incite a stampede. #editorchat
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[20:18:47] Alexandrialeigh: @lydiabreakfast: Generally advertorial says "PAID ADVERTISEMENT" at the top. Not always. #editorchat
[20:18:47] sooutdoors: It’s a fine line for editors to walk and accommodating advertisers doesn’t necessarily mean selling their soul. #editorchat
[20:18:56] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast I think a casual reader might not know. It’s the ones that have been steady readers of a pub that will catch it. #editorchat
[20:19:30] MudslideMama: @LydiaBreakfast Savvy readers know, but others don’t. Transparency is so, so important. No one likes to feel duped. #editorchat
[20:19:35] jennipps: @Alexandrialeigh I think they’re increasingly leaving the "PAID ADVERTISEMENT" out. #editorchat
[20:19:43] Willowbottom: @kenwheaton You think? Maybe it’s the dvlpmt mags I’ve worked w/in past but if you buy a display ad, they’ll do whatever u want #editorchat
[20:19:57] Alexandrialeigh: @jennipps: I am afraid you’re right. #editorchat
[20:20:03] dianakuan: Hello everyone at #editorchat. Freelance writer and editor based in Shanghai
[20:20:09] paradisekitten: Just looking in at #editorchat Writer, recovering zookeeper #editorchat
[20:20:20] LydiaBreakfast: @jennipps indeed they are – sometimes just changing the background shade of the page but layout is same as rest of the pub #editorchat
[20:20:21] sooutdoors: @milehighfool Without exception articles were written. But they were not advertorial. It lends credibility to the advertiser. #editorchat
[20:20:52] JDEbberly: @paradisekitten Welcome to editorchat, paradisekitten! #editorchat
[20:20:57] Willowbottom: @dianakuan welcome, Diana – is it super early or super late for you? #editorchat
[20:21:00] kenwheaton: @milehighfool Right, but WSJ never went free, always had premium business content (as opposed to freeloadin hippies and kids!) #editorchat
[20:21:00] milehighfool: @dianakuan Hi Diana.Great niche you’ve created. Thanks for being here. How about your perspective on the topic? #editorchat
[20:21:07] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast And with background shade being different doesn’t usually mean anything, esp if it’s a new mag to a reader. #editorchat
[20:21:21] CMM_PR: Long live the vendor-neutral contribued by-line article! In this market, it has value to Editors and Publishers. #editorchat
[20:21:27] LydiaBreakfast: @dianakuan Hello Shanghai Diana welcome πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:21:33] KellyLove: As a reader, I tend to lose trust in pubs that don’t ID advertorial. General public is savvier that some publishers think. #editorchat
[20:21:48] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Hahahahaha. True. But we Fools had free content forever and started charging a premium for some content. #editorchat
[20:21:51] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool What about blogs that use images from other sources w/out paying for them? Should they pay for "wire svc"? #editorchat
[20:22:06] marciamarcia: It’s a fine line for editors to walk & accommodating advertisers doesn’t necessarily mean selling their soul. (RT @sooutdoors) #editorchat
[20:22:20] Hergett: @Alexandrialeigh I tried, but in the end, wrote it to keep my job. And I felt my own integrity slip with each word. #editorchat
[20:22:27] kenwheaton: @willowbottom … my first job in the city was at a place that did that. haven’t been at one since. #editorchat
[20:22:31] KellyLove: When I managed a biz journal, I accepted free expert columns if they were readable and not selling author’s product or service. #editorchat
[20:22:33] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR If they’re copyrighted, yes. #editorchat
[20:22:46] CMM_PR: It gets sticky when you think you are dealing with an Editor but they reveal they handle publishing as well. Who knew? #editorchat
[20:22:56] sooutdoors: @LydiaBreakfast I think readers can tell by the blatant use of brand names and company names. #editorchat
[20:23:23] CMM_PR: @KellyLove Right … the vendor-neutral byline. A very effective PR tool in this market. #editorchat
[20:23:27] Alexandrialeigh: @hergett: I completely understand. #editorchat
[20:23:33] kenwheaton: I know many editors are trying to find ways to monetize/remonetize web content (regardless of publishers) #editorchat
[20:24:03] JDEbberly: RT @kenwheaton: I know many editors are trying to find ways to monetize/remonetize web content (regardless of publishers) #editorchat
[20:24:05] milehighfool: @CMM_PR Why? And what difference do they make to publishers? There’s no writer or editor involved. #editorchat
[20:24:18] kenwheaton: Oddly enough, if you watched the Rocky Mountain News video, editor was the publisher no? #editorchat
[20:24:18] KellyLove: @CMM_PR Agree – esp having been on PR side of fence too (and having ghost written some of those columns myself!) #editorchat
[20:24:39] CMM_PR: @milehighfool ‘0’ cost. #editorchat
[20:24:45] Single_Shot: Late to the party! Diane Mapes, freelance journalist and slave to the siren song of Wed’s editorchat #editorchat
[20:25:02] janeco: Hi all, got here late, freelance writer/ed; what’s the topic? #editorchat
[20:25:25] LydiaBreakfast: @Single_Shot Hello to you πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:25:27] JDEbberly: @Single_Shot Welcome to editorchat, Diane! Glad you’re here! #editorchat
[20:25:39] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Good point. Pretty common with newspapers nowadays, isn’t it? I think the Post has the same issue. #editorchat
[20:25:51] Willowbottom: @sooutdoors I disagree — IMHO brand names are often interpreted by consumers as an endorsement based on quality & objective opi #editorchat
[20:26:01] milehighfool: @CMM_PR But that doesn’t serve the reader, it serves the client and makes work for the editor. #editorchat
[20:26:07] Alexandrialeigh: @janeco: Topic at hand is advertorial v. editorial. Is advertorial winning? #editorchat
[20:26:24] LydiaBreakfast: @CMM_PR In previous weeks we discussed the value (or lack thereof) of free content – it is a very fine line #editorchat
[20:26:40] CMM_PR: @milehighfool Disagree. It actually costs the client and makes the Editor’s job easier. #editorchat
[20:26:53] marciamarcia: @kenwheaton I’ve seen a few laughable contracts recently wanting to be able to re-purpose/monetize content. #editorchat
[20:26:55] Single_Shot: @LydiaBreakfast @JDEbberly — Thanks folks! Should be working on a story that’s due in the morning. Don’t tell! #editorchat
[20:27:02] milehighfool: @Single_Shot Hey Diane. I almost used "twicked" in a query I wrote earlier this week πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:27:09] MudslideMama: @milehighfool It may not serve the reader per se, but make money for the company or there’s nothing to read in the first place. #editorchat
[20:27:10] dianakuan: @milehighfood Usually the # of advertorials are low, & understand need to get money. But annoying when it takes up half the mag. #editorchat
[20:27:13] CMM_PR: @LydiaBreakfast I think it depends of the quality of the content. #editorchat
[20:27:14] Hergett: @Alexandrialeigh I absolutely see advertorial winning – in all aspects of content – as people try to generate revenue. #editorchat
[20:27:21] LydiaBreakfast: @Single_Shot can’t think of a better way to procrastinate #editorchat
[20:27:48] milehighfool: @marciamarcia In what way? As in take your online rights for nothing in return? #editorchat
[20:27:48] OPCGal: @milehighfool oooh I LOVE "twicked" #editorchat
[20:27:58] Single_Shot: @milehighfool That’s hysterical! #editorchat
[20:28:04] littlebrownpen: I’m noticing more and more blog posts that are clearly paid content as well. #editorchat
[20:28:07] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast Me neither. πŸ™‚ I’m actually doing that myself, too. #editorchat
[20:28:08] LydiaBreakfast: in a somewhat related Q: Are writers allowing sources to approve stories? #editorchat
[20:28:12] janeco: @Alexandrialeigh thanks, with my former publication and with any publication for that matter, advertorial is a fact of life #editorchat
[20:28:17] kenwheaton: @marciamarcia to be clear, I meant content from fulltimers, not freelancers (as in the stuff given away on web) #editorchat
[20:28:37] milehighfool: @OPCGal Me too. Blame Single_Shot. She invented it. My claim to fame is tweepsurfing. #editorchat
[20:28:53] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast That’s a pretty common discussion at a writers’ board I help moderate. I’d say half & half, but I don’t. #editorchat
[20:29:03] littlebrownpen: @LydiaBreakfast I usually do. #editorchat
[20:29:05] JDEbberly: RT @milehighfool: @OPCGal Me too. Blame Single_Shot. She invented it. My claim to fame is tweepsurfing. #editorchat
[20:29:17] Single_Shot: @LydiaBreakfast I know – and I can even justify it. It’s work. Really. Fun, gossipy, networky work. #editorchat
[20:29:33] sooutdoors: @Willowbottom Agreed, but there’s the subtle use of brand names and overuse of specific brand names. The latter is advertorial. #editorchat
[20:29:47] Alexandrialeigh: @lydiabreakfast: I don’t, but I fight about it a lot. #editorchat
[20:29:49] CMM_PR: I am always a little shocked when Editors send me / sources back material for approval. Doesn’t that taint editorial integrity? #editorchat
[20:29:50] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Pet peeve: "articles" w/byline copied from press releases. Journos need to know that every1 has access to PRs now. #editorchat
[20:29:57] KellyLove: @LydiaBreakfast I check quotes and facts, but never have allowed source to see full story before print. #editorchat
[20:29:57] marciamarcia: @milehighfool Online rights for nothing in return, changing byline or title for other in-family pubs, random excerpts, x-links. #editorchat
[20:30:02] kenwheaton: What advertorial that runs with us is so ridiculously different in style, tone and design, no one SHOULD be confused #editorchat
[20:30:09] SlushPiler: #editorchat is a new top trend. Follow it on twitterfall at http://twitterfall.com/#editorchat.
[20:30:14] kenwheaton: But again, we’re not a consumer title #editorchat
[20:30:16] milehighfool: @littlebrownpen For what sort of stories? I can see instances where sources would demand access./ #editorchat
[20:30:26] Single_Shot: @milehighfool @OPCGal Wish I could take credit, but twicked is somebody else’s. I’m the pitch-slapping queen, remember? ; ) #editorchat
[20:30:38] taoswriter: @LydiaBreakfast I don’t. I check any facts, but they don’t see the story. Hi! just joined in. Freelancer. #editorchat
[20:30:53] debbieharry: Hi all. I’m a freelance writer about food/diet/fitness/parenting, 1st time here #editorchat
[20:31:10] milehighfool: @marciamarcia You’re right, Marcia. That *is* laughable. Holy crap. #editorchat
[20:31:17] JDEbberly: @debbieharry Welcome to editorchat, debbie! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:31:23] LydiaBreakfast: @taoswriter I’ve never sent a story to be reviewed by source before pub, actually have fought it in some cases #editorchat
[20:31:33] debbieharry: @littlebrownpen That pisses me off, when it’s not acknowledged. When I blog about a freebie–for which I don’t take $–I say so #editorchat
[20:31:35] Hergett: @LydiaBreakfast Absolutely not. I may read them back a quote if I have a question, but never the whole piece. #editorchat
[20:31:41] milehighfool: @debbieharry Hi there. Glad you could join us. #editorchat
[20:31:44] LydiaBreakfast: @debbieharry @taoswriter welcome to you both πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:31:47] sooutdoors: @LydiaBreakfast I have had sources check facts but unless they are signing the cheque I wouldn’t change content. #editorchat
[20:31:49] janeco: @LydiaBreakfast i sometimes have esp when I have a close working relationship w/the person i’m writing about & story is sensitiv #editorchat
[20:31:50] Willowbottom: @BeckyDMBR Completely agree. PRs should never be mistaken for content. #editorchat
[20:31:53] debbieharry: @JDEbberly Thanks for the hello! #editorchat
[20:31:53] Single_Shot: @KellyLove Ditto re sending quotes to source for fact-checking ONLY. I do this especially with my health stuff. #editorchat
[20:31:54] littlebrownpen: @milehighfool I do for interviews. I don’t give them line editing rights, but I let them have a look. #editorchat
[20:31:55] JDEbberly: @taoswriter Welcome to editorchat, taoswriter!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:31:56] ckanal: #editorchat seems like an interesting idea – for those interested in world news and twitter, check out @breakingtweets, i’m an editor there
[20:32:21] milehighfool: @Hergett Yes. That’s the right way. When did the practice start changing? #editorchat
[20:32:25] Willowbottom: @Hergett So, curious: how do you engender trust if the source is worried you might be "taking it out of context"? #editorchat
[20:32:34] palafo: Greetings, I’m an editor on the NYT metro desk, specifically the @cityroom blog. Mainly eavesdropping on #editorchat this evening.
[20:32:38] marciamarcia: @milehighfool Different contracts, mind you, but each time I see one my eyes cross. Thankfully I’ve been able to amend or change #editorchat
[20:32:50] debbieharry: @LydiaBreakfast @milehighfool thanks! #editorchat
[20:32:58] milehighfool: RT @Willowbottom: @BeckyDMBR PRs should never be mistaken for content. #editorchat
[20:33:04] LydiaBreakfast: @palafo Welcome, glad you are here πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:33:07] JDEbberly: @palafo Welcome to editorchat, palafo! #editorchat
[20:33:10] KellyLove: @Willowbottom By being a good journalist and reporting quotes correctly every time. #editorchat
[20:33:19] kenwheaton: @LydiaBreakfast Sending story to a source is a firing offense in our parts. #editorchat
[20:33:52] Single_Shot: @KellyLove I heart Kelly Love. ; ) #editorchat
[20:33:53] BeckyDMBR: @Willowbottom They are all the time, though … by readers. #editorchat
[20:33:54] LydiaBreakfast: @kenwheaton excellent, so I can come work for you since I do not subscribe to that behavior πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[20:34:04] jennipps: @kenwheaton That’s good to hear, IMO. #editorchat
[20:34:09] KellyLove: A source will always want to "tweak" what they originally said. Not good journalism to allow them to do so. #editorchat
[20:34:13] milehighfool: @palafo Good to see you here, Patrick. Are advertisers pressuring the NYT any more than usual? I suspect you’re better insulated #editorchat
[20:34:22] littlebrownpen: I think I misunderstood the question, sorry! #editorchat
[20:34:28] KellyLove: @Single_Shot Awwwww! #editorchat
[20:34:31] CMarzi84: @palafo LOVE @cityroom – good stuff! #editorchat
[20:34:41] a2editor: @Willowbottom, a couple times I’ve had to explain we can’t release full articles before publication… #editorchat
[20:34:42] JayOatway: @PK_1 #editorchat "Forcing" is not a method that’s going to crate value for anyone
[20:34:43] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Once again, Ken, you are my hero. #editorchat
[20:34:53] milehighfool: RT @kenwheaton: @LydiaBreakfast Sending story to a source is a firing offense in our parts. #editorchat
[20:35:30] CMM_PR: Is multimedia content impacting the pressure from advertising on editorial? For example, videos, hot links to white papers etc? #editorchat
[20:35:34] kenwheaton: @milehighfool Well, I didn’t create the policy! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:35:38] JDEbberly: RT @LydiaBreakfast Sending story to a source is a firing offense in our parts. #editorchat
[20:35:47] sashacagen: #editorchat Hi, I’m a writer and trying to understand whether substantial conversation is possible here. Just a trendy chatroom or?
[20:35:51] CMM_PR: @milehighfool So refreshing to hear that! #editorchat
[20:36:06] milehighfool: @KellyLove Yes. But I confess to allowing it when the quote didn’t change meaning. #editorchat
[20:36:14] Single_Shot: @milehighfool @kenwheaton Hear, hear! I’m freelance and would fire myself if I sent a story to a source! #editorchat
[20:36:26] jennipps: @sashacagen IMO, substantial conversation happens here every week. #editorchat
[20:36:31] edwardboches: @BeckyDMBR there’s is PR content as good as some of the stuff generated by the press, quality is quality and crap is crap #editorchat
[20:36:32] LydiaBreakfast: @sashacagen we think we have substance you can listen or participate as you wish and decide for yourself #editorchat
[20:36:37] sashacagen: #editorchat Hi! I’m a writer, wondering what kind of convo is possible here. Is this the trendy version of a chatroom, or . . . ?
[20:36:45] JDEbberly: @sashacagen Welcome to editorchat, sashacagen! Just jump on in! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:37:19] PK_1: @JayOatway good point, im no expert on the subject,but go and watch any official music vid on youtube and wait for the itunes ad #editorchat
[20:37:19] kenwheaton: @sashacagen Can’t say I ever considered the forum "trendy!" πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:37:24] ckanal: #editorchat in fact, if anyone would like to contribute to @breakingtweets plz get in touch with me, i’m founder/editor of the site
[20:37:27] Single_Shot: @sashacagen Stick around Sasha! Editorchat is always a pip. #editorchat
[20:37:33] edwardboches: #editorchat if you guys all think PR is not content, why do you rely on it so much and not do more work yourselves. easier?
[20:37:39] marciamarcia: Changing hats — I was misquoted twice recently (w/ proof) & really wish I could have seen final quote first. #editorchat
[20:37:46] KellyLove: @a2editor I’ve had to do so 100+ times, only had a few protest and ask me to pull their piece. So I did. Usually profile pieces. #editorchat
[20:37:59] shorelife: hi all, sorry no image presently, recuperating from extensive plastic surgery in the dominican republic..(j/k…) #editorchat
[20:38:16] Hergett: @Willowbottom I have to agree with @KellyLove. In an issue of context, the source must demonstrate some reciprocal trust. #editorchat
[20:38:17] JayOatway: @KellyLove Not true! Good journalism is about making sure that the you’re getting the story right — tweaking is about accuracy #editorchat
[20:38:17] JDEbberly: Editorchat is trendy in that it’s trending upward in popularity πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:38:27] BeckyDMBR: @edwardboches I said nothing about content. Putting a byline on something written by someone else … that’s what I’m saying. #editorchat
[20:38:41] milehighfool: @ckanal Let’s save the pitches till the end. We’re glad you’re here but, for courtesy, let’s keep to the topic. #editorchat
[20:38:41] JDEbberly: @shorelife Welcome to editorchat, shorelife! #editorchat
[20:38:45] a2editor: @KellyLove 100+ times! sounds like fun. πŸ˜› #editorchat
[20:38:53] Willowbottom: @edwardboches I think that’s painting "all" with a big brush. Some do, some don’t, some use it as a lead-in. #editorchat
[20:47:39] JayOatway: RT @rachelcw: isn’t that what ‘sic’ is for? #editorchat
[20:47:42] jennipps: @JayOatway Sheriff where I used to live was an idiot. Paper *loved* quoting him until they were told in no uncertain terms not 2 #editorchat
[20:47:46] JDEbberly: @JenniferNobile Welcome back, Jennifer #editorchat
[20:47:50] catekustanczy: @JMegonigal Right. Sometimes it works to leave the bad-speak in. #editorchat
[20:48:11] milehighfool: @a2editor No it doesn’t. Frankly, accuracy and good analysis are the currency of the journalistic realm. Why not an inquisition? #editorchat
[20:48:14] CMM_PR: @rachelcw WhiteHouse press corp was notorious in nailing Bush for grammar errors #editorchat
[20:48:21] KellyLove: @catekustanczy With hard news yes, magazine profiles not so much. #editorchat
[20:48:51] rachelcw: @CMM_PR shooting fish in a barrel then, wouldn’t you say? #editorchat
[20:48:51] catekustanczy: What if you’re contributing to outlets where the editor really isn’t editing & ignores poor spelling etc? online disease maybe? #editorchat
[20:49:01] Bobbiec: @CMM_PR and Dave Letterman loved them for it #editorchat
[20:49:03] shorelife: nailing? that was like shooting fish in a tank. Make that sharks in a tiny tank. #editorchat
[20:49:10] dianakuan: #editorchat If no writers fixed grammar many more people would end up sounding dumb in print.
[20:49:19] a2editor: @milehighfool Fair enough. πŸ™‚ Agreed. #editorchat
[20:49:25] kenwheaton: Should have one standard for dialect/bad grammar in quotes. Otherwise you play favorites, use it to make people look bad #editorchat
[20:49:32] janeco: @CMM_PR @rachelcw Bush’s speech was one big grammatical error #editorchat
[20:49:32] CMM_PR: @Bobbiec Absolutely … it was entertaining. #editorchat
[20:49:33] Willowbottom: @KellyLove That’s a great way to use quote checking. #editorchat
[20:49:38] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom But people mispeak all the time. Or get lost in convoluted thoughts. A grammar error could undercut an imp. point #editorchat
[20:49:44] JMegonigal: Problem with [sic] is that many READERS are uneducated to its use…#editorchat
[20:49:45] edwardboches: #editorchat if anyone interested in my building editor website from which you can tweet, including built in polls and questions, let me know
[20:49:45] debbieharry: So true RT @dianakuan: #editorchat If no writers fixed grammar many more people would end up sounding dumb in print.
[20:49:49] jennipps: Very true. RT @dianakuan #editorchat If no writers fixed grammar many more people would end up sounding dumb in print. #editorchat
[20:49:52] milehighfool: @catekustanczy Happens all the time online. The pressure to put out content fast is immense. Butterfingers get through. #editorchat
[20:49:54] KellyLove: @catekustanczy I’m speaking as an editor there. As a freelance writer, I don’t care what an editor does as long as I get paid. #editorchat
[20:50:06] IrisJumbe: @rachelcw Leaving in bad grammar doesn’t make someone look like an idiot. Most colloquial lang is grammtcly wrong. It’s the norm #editorchat
[20:50:07] JMegonigal: @kenwheaton Good point #editorchat
[20:50:09] milehighfool: RT @JMegonigal: Problem with [sic] is that many READERS are uneducated to its use… #editorchat
[20:50:15] Willowbottom: How liberally may one use […] to condense lengthy or excessively wordy quotes? #editorchat
[20:50:18] catekustanczy: RT @Single_Shot A grammar error could undercut an imp. point #editorchat
[20:50:35] Alexandrialeigh: @kellylove: I care how an editor treats my words if my name is on it! #editorchat
[20:50:47] a2editor: You can always split a convoluted quote in half to cover it up, if it helps. #editorchat
[20:50:49] shorelife: does this mean then that Caroline Kennedy’s um’s were left in on someone’s agenda to sink her? #editorchat
[20:50:55] janeco: RT @Single_Shot A grammar error could undercut an imp. point #editorchat
[20:50:57] jennipps: RT @catekustanczy RT @Single_Shot A grammar error could undercut an imp. point #editorchat
[20:50:57] CMM_PR: @KellyLove Yeesh what happens to editorial integrity? We ghost write all the time but track pieces to ensure they are accurate. #editorchat
[20:50:59] edwardboches: #editorchat, we could build a custom site that looks works like this http://redcarpet09.com/ you could post from it and have polls
[20:51:11] taoswriter: @milehighfool Touch wood it’s never happened, but I tape everything as well as shorthand, and clarify any ambiguous quotes #editorchat
[20:51:14] Willowbottom: @KellyLove Oh, I totally disagree – if your name is on it, what about your professional reputation? #editorchat
[20:51:23] NewWest: @LydiaBreakfast Oops. Sorry… wasn’t following the entire #editorchat thread, just saw @Hergett ‘s post. Have a good day.
[20:51:33] milehighfool: @edwardboches Sorry to be a stickler but, please, out of respect for the participants, stay on topic and save pitch till the end #editorchat
[20:51:35] JenniferNobile: Why not paraphase if the quote is that grammatically wrong? #editorchat
[20:51:40] catekustanczy: @KellyLove Really? Maybe I’m being paranoid; I fear the way the lack of overall editing could make me look bad to prof outlets #editorchat
[20:51:41] Single_Shot: @JMegonigal Now that IS sic. ; ) By the way, today’s National Grammar Day. http://nationalgrammarday.com/ #editorchat
[20:51:41] CMM_PR: @Willowbottom Agree!! #editorchat
[20:51:47] IrisJumbe: RT @Alexandrialeigh @kellylove: I care how an editor treats my words if my name is on it! [Me: Agreed: byline or not.) #editorchat
[20:51:57] bigguyd: @KellyLove I agree with you on source checking quotes and facts. Reviewing entire article is marketing not journo. #editorchat
[20:51:57] KellyLove: @CMM_PR I’ve never had an editor screw up a piece and if he/she does, I won’t use it as a clip. #editorchat
[20:51:58] Alexandrialeigh: @willowbottom: Exactly! You’re only as good as your last clip as a freelancer… #editorchat
[20:52:07] rachelcw: @IrisJumbe of course there’s idiocy vs acceptable local vernacular- sometimes not easy to tell apart, sometimes obvious #editorchat
[20:52:08] a2editor: Okay, gotta go, but I’m glad I could drop in. See you all next week, hopefully. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:52:16] jennipps: @JenniferNobile That’s what the paper I mentioned had to start doing when talking about what the sheriff said. #editorchat
[20:52:31] LydiaBreakfast: @a2editor thanks for joining in #editorchat
[20:52:31] edwardboches: #editorchat but some people do sound dumb and you would advance the cause of the spoken word
[20:52:33] kenwheaton: So paraphrase the point if the quote is garbled. Not as sexy as a quote, but it’s fair to all involved. #editorchat
[20:52:33] Willowbottom: @taoswriter Have you ever read "The Week" Magazine? Perfect example of ambiguous quoting and sloppy journalism imho. #editorchat
[20:52:37] CMM_PR: @KellyLove I haven’t either. But there’s an unwritten rule … let me know of any major edits or corrections. #editorchat
[20:52:42] josieinthecity: RT @dianakuan: #editorchat If no writers fixed grammar many more people would end up sounding dumb in print.
[20:52:47] sashacagen: Like the 3rd question about whether writers are form-fitting books to meet trends of the day to sell them to pubs. Thoughts? #editorchat
[20:52:47] JDEbberly: @a2editor have an excellent evening! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:52:51] Alexandrialeigh: @kellylove: But you’re forgetting clips stay online forever now. One bad clip can follow you around FOREVER. #editorchat
[20:52:53] jennipps: @a2editor Good to see you. #editorchat
[20:52:53] KellyLove: @Alexandrialeigh I cared about it 10 years ago, but have enough strong clips that one editor screw up won’t kill my career. #editorchat
[20:53:03] milehighfool: @a2editor See you enxt week, Laura. Thanks for joining. #editorchat
[20:53:06] JenniferNobile: @jennipps That’s what I would do if I had a quote that was just "wrong", this way message gets across w/o making source look bad #editorchat
[20:53:11] JayOatway: RT @Single_Shot:BTW, today’s National Grammar Day. http://nationalgrammarday.com/ #editorchat
[20:53:20] dianakuan: @irisjumbe But there are always the um’s, uh’s, and "you know" pauses that beg to be deleted. #editorchat
[20:53:21] ckanal: @lydiabreakfast @milehightool how long is #editorchat? i’d love to participate more but i need to step out for a few
[20:53:25] IrisJumbe: @JenniferNobile Because then you are reporting your own voice and not the speaker’s. I agree with just adding "sic". #editorchat
[20:53:35] LydiaBreakfast: @sashacagen as a veteran of the book pub biz, that is an old "trend" #editorchat
[20:53:36] Bobbiec: @Alexandrialeigh and that’s the clip that will always show up first in search — the one you don’t want #editorchat
[20:53:37] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Yep. I do this a lot. Better to capture meaning than embarass the source. #editorchat
[20:53:40] KellyLove: @CMM_PR I’ve been lucky to work with great editors as a freelancer who do that (and I was that way as an editor too). #editorchat
[20:53:40] jennipps: @sashacagen If a writer is trying to form-fit a book to an existing trend, they’re too late. #editorchat
[20:53:46] KakieF: Hi all, Kakie, award winning children’s book author, blogger and writer from minneapolis #editorchat
[20:53:48] catekustanczy: There is a lot of self-editing that is required now if you work online -little/no editorial oversight. Hmm. #editorchat
[20:53:50] Sirjohn_writer: RT @JayOatway: RT @Single_Shot:BTW, today’s National Grammar Day. http://nationalgrammarday.com/ #editorchat
[20:53:54] LydiaBreakfast: @ckanal until 9:30EST #editorchat
[20:54:09] Single_Shot: @Alexandrialeigh That rates an immediate follow! ; ) #editorchat
[20:54:16] IrisJumbe: @dianakuan That’s not bad grammar, though. That’s just being inarticulate. Agree that those have to go. #editorchat
[20:54:27] JDEbberly: @ckanal Editorchat is from 8pm to 930pm EST #editorchat
[20:54:35] ckanal: @LydiaBreakfast thanks, i will be back soon! #editorchat
[20:54:38] san_dyego: RT @JayOatwayRT @Single_Shot:BTW, today’s National Grammar Day. http://nationalgrammarday.com/ #editorchat
[20:54:39] littlebrownpen: @catekustanczy Very true. And I miss working with a copyeditor. #editorchat
[20:54:46] milehighfool: How about a success story where you pushed back on a source and won? #editorchat
[20:54:49] Alexandrialeigh: @single_shot: Thank you. You’re already on my list… #editorchat
[20:55:00] jennipps: @IrisJumbe And because of those "fillers," some people really need to go to Toastmasters. *s* #editorchat
[20:55:03] CMM_PR: As a PR firm who provides freelance writing services, we have to stand behind our writing. Otherwise Editors wouldn’t trust us. #editorchat
[20:55:31] catekustanczy: @littlebrownpen I miss the direction and mentorship. I feel like I know more than some online techie publishers about writing. #editorchat
[20:55:34] taoswriter: @Alexandrialeigh Yes, I’ve had a couple like that, where editing made me look stupid. A good argument for requesting proofs. #editorchat
[20:55:39] rachelcw: @milehighfool pushed back how? #editorchat
[20:55:45] marciamarcia: I haven’t had an editor really mess something up (yet). I might not like the changes, but overall, I find them worthwhile. #editorchat
[20:55:49] milehighfool: @catekustanczy In many cases, yes. I’m lucky to have two layers of editors who look at my stuff before it’s posted. #editorchat
[20:55:53] Willowbottom: @milehighfool Sadly, I have more examples where as a business’s employee, I’ve pushed back on pub and won. #editorchat
[20:56:04] jennipps: @catekustanczy You probably do. #editorchat
[20:56:32] OurManinSH: A good editor makes corrections not changes .. I think there is an important distinction. #editorchat
[20:56:38] Single_Shot: @Alexandrialeigh Hope it’s the right list. I’ve been on so many. ; ) #editorchat
[20:56:40] milehighfool: @rachelcw Source asked to approve your story and you declined, fight enused, stuff like that. #editorchat
[20:56:51] BeckyDMBR: @a2editor G’night! #editorchat
[20:56:52] thefutureisred: Creating the cleanest reading experience with closest version of truth is a good guide 4 me. IME sic & bad gram get in d way. #editorchat
[20:57:10] OurManinSH: freelance writer, social media dude and working on a few travel related projects. Based in SH. #editorchat
[20:57:13] littlebrownpen: @catekustanczy I agree. Often budgets are so tight I work in a vacuum. #editorchat
[20:57:22] catekustanczy: @jennipps Oh, I know. The upside is that it’s made me really be critical about my work & look at others’ stuff more carefully. #editorchat
[20:57:26] JennaSchnuer: @milehighfool Depends on story/publication. When I covered biz of mag industry, I considered complaints a job well done. #editorchat
[20:57:26] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR Glad you could make it. See you next week. #editorchat
[20:57:27] sooutdoors: @milehighfool Have to leave early tonight. Great topic and moderation as usual. Kudos to you and @lydiabreakfast #editorchat
[20:57:27] rachelcw: @milehighfool ah, perhaps I’m overly naive but to me that’s always been a no-brainer. You can’t. Then I blame my editor πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:57:41] JDEbberly: @thefutureisred: Creating the cleanest reading experience with closest version of truth is a good guide 4 me. #editorchat
[20:57:48] LydiaBreakfast: @OurManinSH good point #editorchat
[20:57:51] taoswriter: @taoswriter In fairness though, most of my eds are great. Just a few pieces where I cringed later! No facts changed, just style. #editorchat
[20:57:51] marciamarcia: A good editor makes corrections [or clarifications] not changes. I think there is an important distinction. (PRT @OurManinSH) #editorchat
[20:58:08] milehighfool: @sooutdoors Thanks much. Glad you could join us. #editorchat
[20:58:16] JDEbberly: @sooutdoors have a great night! It was great reading your tweets! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:58:18] shorelife: i wouldnt push back if it was a first-time credit with that pub and it was a big one. Maybe with editor at lifestyle startup tho #editorchat
[20:58:19] LydiaBreakfast: @sooutdoors thanks for joining πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:58:28] CMM_PR: Once we lose responsibility for editorial integrity … well time to just hand content over entirely to the publisher. #editorchat
[20:58:33] KakieF: My tweets aren’t working on #editorchat any ideas why?
[20:58:35] KelseyProud: Hi all, Kelsey Proud, Convergence journalism student at the University of Missouri here! Interested to see what you all say! #editorchat
[20:58:41] JDEbberly: @marciamarcia: A good editor makes corrections [or clarifications] not changes. I think there is an important distinction. #editorchat
[20:58:42] milehighfool: @JennaSchnuer Excellent point. Complaints can be an important barometer. #editorchat
[20:58:46] kenwheaton: Ok folks. Have to leave early as well. Important date with John Locke and Sawyer! #editorchat
[20:58:50] JMegonigal: @rachelcw Always comes back to the editor πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[20:58:57] joanna_haugen: Copywriter/freelance writer joining from LV; I had an editor who cut a piece which changed facts and I found out post print #editorchat
[20:58:58] Spark09SH: I respected the editor that had to pull a chunk of text out of an article due to a name source check that had been delayed….. #editorchat
[20:59:02] JayOatway: @marciamarcia #editorchat Good editors still exist. A couple of the magazine I write columns for make great edits, improving my work.
[20:59:03] Willowbottom: @KakieF They’re coming through – I see your tweets. Maybe it’s your interfacing app? #editorchat
[20:59:07] jennipps: RT @JDEbberly @thefutureisred: Creating the cleanest reading experience with closest version of truth is a good guide 4 me. #editorchat
[20:59:07] LydiaBreakfast: @KakieF try tweetchat or tweetgrid #editorchat
[20:59:12] JDEbberly: RT @JennaSchnuer Excellent point. Complaints can be an important barometer. #editorchat
[20:59:18] IrisJumbe: RT @marciamarcia A good editor corrects [or clarifies] not changes. I think there is an important distinction. (PRT @OurManinSH) #editorchat
[20:59:19] milehighfool: @KakieF I can see you. Just keep adding the hashtag. #editorchat
[20:59:26] littlebrownpen: @kenwheaton enjoy! Can’t watch it until tomorrow night here. #editorchat
[20:59:34] rachelcw: sorry to drop in and then leave, but it’s been one of those nights. My thanks to all for the input and ideas shared. #editorchat
[20:59:42] leggzruthie: @edwardboches i want in on the chat at #editorchat can’t link to it 😦
[20:59:49] KakieF: @Willowbottom Thank you, I switched to tweetdeck lets see how it works #editorchat
[21:00:01] milehighfool: @kenwheaton Freaking Lost. Thanks for joining, Ken. Great stuff as always. #editorchat
[21:00:04] janeco: @alexandraleigh yes, my pubs run corrections #editorchat
[21:00:06] LydiaBreakfast: @leggzruthie try tweetchat or tweetgrid #editorchat
[21:00:08] twendly: 10 Most pop. last hr | Watchmen, #lost, Kindle, American Idol, iPhone, #mvp09, #eComm, Ipod, ANTM, #editorchat
[21:00:09] taoswriter: @joanna_haugen Ouch! #editorchat
[21:00:12] kenwheaton: @marciamarcia A good editor shapes stories as well. I move entire grafs Besides, you should see some the raw copy I’ve seen πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:00:19] KakieF: @kenwheaton Happy trails Ken πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:00:30] JDEbberly: @kenwheaton I really enjoyed your conversations, Ken! Have an excellent evening!!! #editorchat
[21:00:32] LydiaBreakfast: has the mood soured so much that professional courtesies (i.e. timely responses, thank yous, grace periods, etc.) are luxuries? #editorchat
[21:00:34] catekustanczy: @IrisJumbe but often the writing can be so bad it requires change. The trick is being diplomatic. #editorchat
[21:00:35] shorelife: good editors not only exist, they endure. it’s the others you haveta wait till they quit (& they do) #editorchat
[21:00:42] joanna_haugen: Overall, though, editors have been great – asking clarifying ?s or making min. changes; most have great feedback #editorchat
[21:00:59] Alexandrialeigh: @kenwheaton: I agree. And am usually happy to see an editor improve my work. #editorchat
[21:01:06] milehighfool: @JayOatway Agreed. The best editors defed you when sources squawk and refine your work but preserve your voice. #editorchat
[21:01:15] KakieF: @milehighfool Thanks was using tweetgrid, switched to deck. I hope people don’t think I was trying to be the chick on SNL #editorchat
[21:01:16] JDEbberly: @rachelcw See you at next editorchat! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:01:18] IrisJumbe: @catekustanczy Wouldn’t you then ask the writer to revise it because it does not meet your standards? #editorchat
[21:01:31] kirstenalex: Sometimes author wants major change – I’ve had authors hand me jumbled pile of paper with mumbled request to ‘fix it’. Non-fict. #editorchat
[21:01:33] milehighfool: @rachelcw Glad you could make it. See you again next week, I hope. #editorchat
[21:01:41] joanna_haugen: @LydiaBreakfast Takes longer to get responses; not sure how long to follow up on ?s to eds, pymt, copies of pubs, online posting #editorchat
[21:01:50] JMegonigal: @LydiaBreakfast Courtesies to whom? Sources? Editors? #editorchat
[21:01:50] jennipps: @Alexandrialeigh I *love* it when editors improve my work. Some freebie stuff I do is published as-is & sometimes it needs edits #editorchat
[21:01:50] catekustanczy: @LydiaBreakfast Yes. Manners are unknown -ESP online, methinks. #editorchat
[21:01:57] LydiaBreakfast: Lst Q has the mood soured so much that professional courtesies (i.e. timely responses, thank yous, grace periods,) are luxuries? #editorchat
[21:02:16] LydiaBreakfast: @JMegonigal editors to writers #editorchat
[21:02:16] janeco: RT kenwheaton A good editor shapes stories as well. I move entire grafs Besides, you should see some the raw copy #editorchat
[21:02:29] Alexandrialeigh: @irisjumbe: To me it depends on many factors: Time, writer’s ability, etc. #editorchat
[21:02:35] joanna_haugen: @kirstenalex That’s just lazy. I think the author has has as much responsibility as editor to make sure product is print-ready. #editorchat
[21:02:37] RealTimeTrends: #editorchat – has risen to the #3 trend on twitter. Follow here: http://idek.net/2DG – twIRC Channel: http://idek.net/3XV
[21:02:40] KakieF: We had 10 editors review one of my children’s books. TEN! Printed 5000 books – type o everyone missed. OUCH #editorchat
[21:02:45] Bobbiec: @LydiaBreakfast I was hoping econ situation would make people MORE polite! #editorchat
[21:02:47] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast Sadly, I think so. There are some times I don’t get a response at all & when I follow up, it was rejected. #editorchat
[21:02:48] LydiaBreakfast: @joanna_haugen all of the above I’ve felt on this end #editorchat
[21:02:58] marciamarcia: @JayOatway @kenwheaton I was an editor long before a writer & always look for great ones. I appreciate seeing that recognized. #editorchat
[21:02:59] JMegonigal: @LydiaBreakfast I know for me, theres an overage of work and an underage [sic] πŸ™‚ of staff. Courtesies take time I wish I had #editorchat
[21:03:02] JDEbberly: RT @kenwheaton A good editor shapes stories as well. I move entire grafs Besides, you should see some the raw copy #editorchat
[21:03:10] Willowbottom: Thanks all for the great chat – off to cook dinner for the kidlets. #editorchat
[21:03:15] catekustanczy: @IrisJumbe sometimes they don’t know quite what they want to say. A lot of online journos are just starting out as writers. #editorchat
[21:03:19] janeco: An editor’s job is to make a story the best it can be and at times the editing has to be heavy handed or hand it back to writer #editorchat
[21:03:26] andrew_dunn: What is #editorchat? And don’t we have enough journalism twitter chats already?
[21:03:43] JDEbberly: RT @KakieF: We had 10 editors review one of my children’s books. TEN! Printed 5000 books – type o everyone missed. OUCH #editorchat
[21:03:46] LydiaBreakfast: @Willowbottom enjoy πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:03:58] KakieF: Talk about a hard way to learn a lesson. We were out and had to donate all of the books with disclaimers . #editorchat
[21:03:59] CMM_PR: Wtih content moving to blogs and digital – therefore being posted faster than ever, we need to rethink editorial approach #editorchat
[21:03:59] littlebrownpen: @Alexandrialeigh I often don’t get responses when I send a finished piece. It’s so frustrating. #editorchat
[21:04:06] dianakuan: @KakieF I’ve seen NYTimes bestsellers with handfuls of typos. #editorchat
[21:04:07] JMegonigal: @LydiaBreakfast Try to provide our writers’ pool with opportunities + connections, knowing that they sometimes get lost in fray #editorchat
[21:04:11] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Have fun. And thanks for dropping in. #editorchat
[21:04:24] jennipps: @andrew_dunn Check editorchat.wordpress.com – This isn’t really a journalism chat, though it can be at times. #editorchat
[21:04:38] JayOatway: @jennipps #editorchat Everyone of us needs a good editor
[21:04:39] marciamarcia: I was an learner and an educator before an editor or a writer, and I always try to view work through that lens. #editorchat
[21:04:40] milehighfool: @littlebrownpen Really? Not even a "thanks?" #editorchat
[21:04:47] kirstenalex: Oh dear. Can’t reply to comments re manners and civility – now appearing rude when actually incompetent! With apologies. #editorchat
[21:04:49] paradisekitten: Gotta go too- Very informative — Thanks to all! Even though I burnt the garlic twice reading while making meatball surprise. #editorchat
[21:04:53] KakieF: It taught a very very valuable lesson, but it was still difficult #editorchat
[21:05:13] JDEbberly: @Willowbottom Have an excellent evening! Thanks for dropping in tonight! #editorchat
[21:05:18] jennipps: RT @JayOatway @jennipps #editorchat Everyone of us needs a good editor #editorchat
[21:05:26] jennipps: @JayOatway I definitely agree with that. #editorchat
[21:05:28] littlebrownpen: @milehighfool Lately, I’ve had to send second emails to make sure they received it. Used to rarely happen. Now quite a bit. #editorchat
[21:05:40] taoswriter: @paradisekitten Burnt garlic is what puts the surprise in the meatball! #editorchat
[21:05:40] JMegonigal: @milehighfool @littlebrownpen Guilty (re: thanks, etc.) #editorchat
[21:05:53] JDEbberly: @paradisekitten Nice having you at editorchat – Looking forward to seeing you next week! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:05:55] janeco: RT JayOatway #editorchat Everyone of us needs a good editor #editorchat
[21:06:00] catekustanczy: RT @jennipps Everyone of us needs a good editor #editorchat
[21:06:02] milehighfool: @marciamarcia It’s a good lens. My best editors have taught me plenty — I prize them. #editorchat
[21:06:12] KellyLove: @littlebrownpen Same thing has happened to me…then they get in touch the day before press so I can fact check my own piece. #editorchat
[21:06:35] milehighfool: My worst editors have taught me something, too: How not to respond. #editorchat
[21:06:36] littlebrownpen: @JMegonigal And it really only has to be a "thanks." It takes the pressure off. #editorchat
[21:06:38] JenniferNobile: @littlebrownpen that’s terrible! They could at the very least acknowledge they received it. #editorchat
[21:06:39] kirstenalex: Perhaps imp what message publisher sends to authors when they’re signed. Some places ed is a service akin to maid, others partne #editorchat
[21:06:47] rachelcw: @JDEbberly I hope to have something worth saying next week! #editorchat
[21:07:02] Alexandrialeigh: @littlebrownpen: That’s why I love working with editors who freelance write or used to — they know how that feels! #editorchat
[21:07:10] joanna_haugen: I also find that some of the editors are vague – we need this story and we need it now – no specs, word count #editorchat
[21:07:13] rachelcw: @milehighfool as always, thought provoking and fun. thanks! #editorchat
[21:07:15] littlebrownpen: @KellyLove exactly! Or with less than hours before it goes live or to press. #editorchat
[21:07:22] thefutureisred: Every writer needs a reader (my motto). A good ed is a reader 1rst. #editorchat
[21:07:24] greglinch: Same question. Retweeting @andrew_dunn: What is #editorchat? And don’t we have enough journalism twitter chats already?
[21:07:40] catekustanczy: @joanna_haugen That sounds like inexperience. #editorchat
[21:07:42] milehighfool: @JMegonigal To be fair, I’m gulity of this with PR pros. I don’t often write to say, "no thanks" to a pitch. I should. #editorchat
[21:07:45] LydiaBreakfast: I just like to get acknowlegement of receipt of a piece. Sometimes weeks go by and I don’t hear anything. #editorchat
[21:07:50] KakieF: @dianakuan It just goes to show that attn to detail has to happen at a time when there are NO interruptions #editorchat
[21:07:51] JDEbberly: @rachelcw you did just fine, Rachel! We’re all learning! Have an excellent evening! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:08:01] jennipps: RT @thefutureisred Every writer needs a reader (my motto). A good ed is a reader 1rst. #editorchat
[21:08:01] IrisJumbe: Gah, it’s taking me so long to crunch my wordy responses into 140chrctrs it’s all passing me by. A lesson in being concise. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:08:06] littlebrownpen: @Alexandrialeigh I’ve been lucky for the most part, but eds are super busy these day. Less staff, more work. #editorchat
[21:08:11] chaord: RE @marciamarcia: I was a learner and an educator before an editor or a writer, and I always try to view work through that lens. #editorchat
[21:08:37] joanna_haugen: @catekustanczy Or just short-staffed. I write for a major city newspaper where there is one editor/2 sections; no staff writers #editorchat
[21:08:40] JMegonigal: @milehighfool It’s hard. There’s over work and understaffing. And it’s only getting worse. I get more than 200 emails/day avg. #editorchat
[21:08:42] Alexandrialeigh: @littlebrownpen: So true. I often think I’ve sent emails and then discover I haven’t… #editorchat
[21:08:42] milehighfool: @greglinch This isn’t a pure journalism chat. Please see editorchat.wordpress.com for more. Thanks. #editorchat
[21:08:47] JenniferNobile: @LydiaBreakfast if that happened to me, I would call and say, "did you get it?" Not a good idea?? #editorchat
[21:08:54] Single_Shot: @milehighfool Re saying no to PR folks. Sometimes I do but if they’re way off & have scooped my email from HARO, I usually don’t #editorchat
[21:09:02] JDEbberly: RT @marciamarcia: I was a learner and an educator before an editor or a writer, and I always try to view work through that lens. #editorchat
[21:09:12] KellyLove: @milehighfool Same here when I was an ed, but I got so many emails and calls every day I couldn’t respond to all. #editorchat
[21:09:19] kirstenalex: @LydiaBreakfast When an editor I communicate a lot, when working as a writer I’m often met with silence. Writer=fodder sometimes #editorchat
[21:09:32] joanna_haugen: @JMegonigal How do you decide what to respond to? When should a writer move on? Should authors formally withdraw queries? #editorchat
[21:09:42] Hergett: @littlebrownpen Me too! When writers send stories , they get read then put on the page. They’re SOL on feedback unless they ask. #editorchat
[21:09:53] catekustanczy: @littlebrownpen then what about getting freelance editors? Online, I think it’s going to be an area that will grow out of need #editorchat
[21:09:54] CMM_PR: We talked about this on journchat on Monday and the resounding answer was no to the 140 character tweet pitch. #editorchat
[21:09:54] LydiaBreakfast: @JenniferNobile I have but some people are repeat offenders and I know that is just the way they work, still bugs me tho’ #editorchat
[21:10:02] KellyLove: I never minded when a writer sent me an email just to check I got a piece though. #editorchat
[21:10:05] taoswriter: @joanna_haugen I’m getting that too. Shorter deadlines, less advance planning, things seem more skin of the teeth in the climate #editorchat
[21:10:08] milehighfool: @KellyLove Yep. That’s the problem. And some are wildly off target. Still, if we’re going to ask editors for a response … #editorchat
[21:10:32] JMegonigal: @JenniferNobile Phone calls are worse than emails. Much higher resp rate on an email, usually. πŸ™‚ At least, for me! #editorchat
[21:11:25] littlebrownpen: @catekustanczy I’ve joked that I want to retain my own editor. I think it definitely could grow into a new field. #editorchat
[21:11:31] KellyLove: @JMegonigal Agree wholeheartedly! Much prefer email pitches. #editorchat
[21:11:33] LydiaBreakfast: Let’s just be clear this is NOT #journchat for journalists/PR chat – pitches. It is for writers/editors to work better together #editorchat
[21:11:36] JMegonigal: @joanna_haugen I dont take unsolicited pieces, and we say so on site/kits/etc. But w my own writers, that’s a prob I need 2 fix. #editorchat
[21:11:38] IrisJumbe: @CMM_PR A lot of ppl say they’ve micropitched. Haven’t seen an e.g. of it though & am skeptical. 140chrctr tweet-*intro* works. #editorchat
[21:11:48] shorelife: when does one ignore 2nd hand opinion of an editor from a NON writer & when does one use it to decide whether to work with them? #editorchat
[21:11:59] Alexandrialeigh: @jmegonigal: Ditto. I prefer emails — that way I can get to them when I have time. Phone calls are more of an interruption. #editorchat
[21:12:05] JMegonigal: Gotta run. Battery on 2% and I’m too lazy to get the charger. Good night, all #editorchat
[21:12:17] JenniferNobile: @LydiaBreakfast I would be so afraid that my send didn’t go thru, I’d have to make sure, it would make me crazy! #editorchat
[21:12:28] LydiaBreakfast: @JMegonigal ‘nite πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:12:47] JayOatway: RT @littlebrownpen: I’ve joked that I want to retain my own editor. I think it definitely could grow into a new field. #editorchat
[21:12:50] kirstenalex: Newspapers still have a certain arrogance when dealing with writers. Odd because dwindling readership might’ve taught humility #editorchat
[21:12:50] jennipps: @JenniferNobile I’m already crazy, but I can relate. πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:12:55] catekustanczy: @littlebrownpen That’s what I’m hoping for! πŸ˜‰ I’ve no interest in getting into print at this stage. #editorchat
[21:12:58] JenniferNobile: @JMegonigal Good to know. #editorchat
[21:13:07] JDEbberly: @JMegonigal Thanks for stopping by. Have an great evening! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:13:14] milehighfool: @JenniferNobile Confession: My paranoia once got the better of me and I sent a query follow-up asking if the email got thru. #editorchat
[21:13:14] RhythmHippy: can someone recommend a good editor that doesn’t charge a lot? #editorchat
[21:13:17] KellyLove: @JenniferNobile That’s why I didn’t mind follow up emails fr writers. Or PR people really, but if they were off I didn’t respond #editorchat
[21:13:21] JenniferNobile: @jennipps πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:13:43] catekustanczy: @kirstenalex I’ll say. Recently spoke w a longtime print journo who refuses to do online blogging or anything. #editorchat
[21:13:43] littlebrownpen: @milehighfool been there done that. #editorchat
[21:13:48] collazoprojects: Writer and managing editor for @MatadorNetwork, joining #editorchat.
[21:13:54] milehighfool: @JMegonigal Thanks for dropping by again. #editorchat
[21:14:03] Single_Shot: @milehighfool I’ve done this lots of times. Too much stuff ends up in the spam folder. Sometimes stuff eds are waiting for! #editorchat
[21:14:07] joanna_haugen: @milehighfool Did it work? I usually just follow up after 2-3 wks and I’ve had eds tell me that it just got lost. #editorchat
[21:14:09] jennipps: @RhythmHippy DM me later & I might have a couple I can refer you to. #editorchat
[21:14:13] catekustanczy: @RhythmHippy DM me re. editing. #editorchat
[21:14:17] kristenfischer: happy to have found the #editorchat group via @rachelcw
[21:14:21] LydiaBreakfast: @collazoprojects welcome πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:14:27] JDEbberly: @collazoprojects Welcome to editorchat!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:15:00] milehighfool: @joanna_haugen I got a nice response but I didn’t get the assignment. Not sure what that says πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:15:23] KakieF: How long does #editorchat go this evening?
[21:15:28] JenniferNobile: @milehighfool I’m itching to do that now! I’m so afraid that my stuff gets sent to spam sorter… #editorchat
[21:15:37] LydiaBreakfast: @kristenfischer glad you could join us for the final 15 min #editorchat
[21:15:45] thefutureisred: @shorelife gr8 ? when an ed wants to change my style, voice or msg, I ignore. but if my msg becomes clearer, stay. #editorchat
[21:15:54] JDEbberly: @KakieF until 930pm #editorchat
[21:16:05] LydiaBreakfast: @KakieF 9:30EST #editorchat
[21:16:07] kirstenalex: @catekustanczy Yes, I’ve met those who say no point writing for free. I can’t explain the world you enter here, people you meet. #editorchat
[21:16:18] BeckyDMBR: @JMegonigal Good night! #editorchat
[21:16:18] milehighfool: Reminder: 10 minutes till we allow a pitch and a link. (9:25 pm EST.) #editorchat
[21:16:32] KakieF: @JDEbberly eastern time? #editorchat
[21:16:41] notblue: Name’s Nicole, & I work as a Web editor at a TV station’s site, sort of a jack-of-all-trades thing. I write, edit, design, etc. #editorchat
[21:16:45] Single_Shot: @joanna_haugen I’ve had pitches sit w/an ed for MONTHS before getting an assgnmt. Usually I want to know tho so I can repitch. #editorchat
[21:17:01] JDEbberly: RT @milehighfool: Reminder: 10 minutes till we allow a pitch and a link. (9:25 pm EST.) #editorchat
[21:17:10] littlebrownpen: I came from marketing/copywriting where I didn’t have to query (assignments just rolled in). Querying/waiting for mail is hard. #editorchat
[21:17:22] LydiaBreakfast: @KakieF 9:30 EST #editorchat
[21:17:22] milehighfool: @KakieF Yes, EST. 8-9:30 pm EST on Wednesdays. #editorchat
[21:17:29] JDEbberly: @KakieF Yep, That’s Eastern time πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:17:30] netta50: @thefutureisred You need to make it clear when you negotiate your contract or agreement, that you know what you’re getting. #editorchat
[21:17:36] JennaSchnuer: Forgot to introduce myself–Jenna Schnuer, NYC-based freelancer. Some call me a travel writer. I say I travel to find stories. #editorchat
[21:17:38] catekustanczy: @kirstenalex But that’s ego. Every experience is valuable. It leads to other stuff that is $. Online journos need wisdom of exp. #editorchat
[21:17:45] joanna_haugen: @Single_Shot Agree completely. How long do you wait before moving on? Do you formally withdraw your pitch? #editorchat
[21:17:51] KakieF: @LydiaBreakfast TYVM #editorchat
[21:18:04] JenniferNobile: @littlebrownpen I’m just starting out, & that’s the hardest – hit send, then wait…for EVER. #editorchat
[21:18:10] LydiaBreakfast: @JennaSchnuer Hi thanks for joining πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:18:21] Alexandrialeigh: Does everyone here have a specialty? I’m finding generalists aren’t as common these days. Or do I have it wrong? #editorchat
[21:18:39] LydiaBreakfast: @joanna_haugen A month should be more than enough, then send a formal withdraw #editorchat
[21:18:41] jennipps: @JenniferNobile It gets easier. Not a lot, but some. #editorchat
[21:18:44] littlebrownpen: @JenniferNobile I can’t imagine getting started that way. So tough. #editorchat
[21:18:44] JDEbberly: @JennaSchnuer Welcome to editorchat! We’re happy you dropped in!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:18:45] BeckyDMBR: @catekustanczy Blogging is still Wild West enough that it hasn’t realized the need for eds. #editorchat
[21:18:48] milehighfool: Final follow-up: Given the pressure they’re under, is it fair to ask editors for more contact, handholding? #editorchat
[21:19:10] catekustanczy: @Alexandrialeigh Specialist in arts and culture/pop culture, but also have done enviro, tech, & food stories. #editorchat
[21:19:10] jennipps: @Alexandrialeigh I will do gen, but I prefer creativity, writing, fashion, & plus-size issues. #editorchat
[21:19:17] LydiaBreakfast: @Alexandrialeigh I am a general assigment reporter but do a lot of biz writing (also food, travel, books πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:19:31] Single_Shot: @joanna_haugen If I’m in constant contct w/an ed (& in some cases I am), I’ll say, "So it’s a pass on —?" Then it’s mine again #editor
[21:19:38] KakieF: RT @Alexandrialeigh: Does everyone here have a specialty? I’m finding generalists not common these days Or do I have it wrong? #editorchat
[21:19:39] JenniferNobile: @littlebrownpen Is there another way? πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:19:43] littlebrownpen: @BeckyDMBR but a few bloggers I’ve talked to lately realize they have to step up their game re: editing. #editorchat
[21:19:49] catekustanczy: @BeckyDMBR how to impress the need for eds on publishers? #editorchat
[21:19:54] jennipps: @milehighfool I’m hesitant to do that because I don’t want to be high maintenance & have them put me @ the bottom of their list #editorchat
[21:19:54] MrsWrite: @LydiaBreakfast I’m going to try to follow along as well. Just hopped on on to catch the last 10-15 min. #editorchat
[21:19:55] janeco: @Alexandrialeigh Bulk of my writing is the business end of the music/entertainment industry #editorchat
[21:20:12] netta50: @milehighfool That’s a good question. It depends on what’s covered in the contract. Susbstansive edit, light edit? #editorchat
[21:20:13] milehighfool: @Alexandrialeigh Tech and finance is my specialty but I consider myself able to write on a wide range of topics. #editorchat
[21:20:24] JennaSchnuer: Editor-writer should be a team. It’s not about handholding — it’s about working together to pub the best piece possible. #editorchat
[21:20:32] JDEbberly: @MrsWrite Welcome to editorchat!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:20:37] kirstenalex: @milehighfool I always like to know what an author expects/wants. Can’t guarantee I can give it all but discussion imp. #editorchat
[21:20:51] jlcommunication: Looks like I missed most of #editorchat but want to catch last 10 min. I’m freelance copywriter and sometimes fl journalism
[21:20:53] jennipps: RT @JennaSchnuer Editor-writer should be a team. It’s not about handholding — it’s about working together to pub the best piece #editorchat
[21:20:55] KellyLove: @LydiaBreakfast A month, agreed. But I don’t formally withdraw; just pitch to another market. #editorchat
[21:20:56] dianakuan: @Alexandrialeigh Now food, travel, and China-related content. But I have done op-ed and technical writing before #editorchat
[21:21:05] KakieF: Are most people on #editorchat freelance, or all over the board?
[21:21:11] BeckyDMBR: @littlebrownpen Yeah, it’s coming around … #editorchat
[21:21:13] Single_Shot: @MrsWrite Hey Mrs. Write! How’s the freelance life? #editorchat
[21:21:23] JDEbberly: RT Editor-writer should be a team. It’s not about handholding — it’s about working together to pub the best piece #editorchat
[21:21:23] JayOatway: @Alexandrialeigh #editorchat I specialize in tech-culture and mobile lifestyle trends. But I also write golf columns.
[21:21:24] milehighfool: @netta50 Fair point. What about when you submit? Do you expect a "thanks, I got it?" #editorchat
[21:21:31] MrsWrite: @JDEbberly Thanks! Sooo late 😦 #editorchat
[21:21:46] jennipps: @KakieF I’m freelance. #editorchat
[21:21:51] IrisJumbe: @Alexandrialeigh Good question. There’s definitely a jack-of-all-trades for f/lancers now. I do mainly PR copy. #editorchat
[21:21:58] JennaSchnuer: I know that sounds pie in the sky but when we back off of that because of economic/industry pressures, the reader loses out. #editorchat
[21:22:08] Alexandrialeigh: @KakieF: I’m a staffer and also freelance. And am thinking I need to be pursuing at least one specialty/niche after responses! #editorchat
[21:22:09] milehighfool: RT @kirstenalex: @milehighfool I always like to know what an author expects/wants. #editorchat
[21:22:14] netta50: @KakieF I’m a freelance editor of novels. And writing hack, of course πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:22:19] Single_Shot: @JennaSchnuer Yes to editor-writer team! #editorchat
[21:22:23] jennipps: @milehighfool For on-spec, no. FOr assigned, yes. #editorchat
[21:22:26] JenniferNobile: @Alexandrialeigh I don’t have a specialty (yet)…trying to find my niche, I guess. I do enjoy parenting / home business tho. #editorchat
[21:22:35] littlebrownpen: @milehighfool I would love to write about finance. But pesky things like background/expertise etc. get in the way. Closet trader #editorchat
[21:22:37] WAHMMarketing: I would love to get some input from you at #editorchat for my survey. Please, take a look at http://go.marketingforwahm.com/dh6f
[21:22:43] jlcommunication: It would be nice. RT @milehighfool: @netta50 Fair point. What about when you submit? Do you expect a "thanks, I got it?" #editorchat
[21:22:46] janeco: @milehighfool Some kind of acknowledgement would be nice or am I being too naive? #editorchat
[21:22:51] KakieF: @Alexandrialeigh I have thought about doing it, just not there yet #editorchat
[21:22:52] milehighfool: @JennaSchnuer Agreed. #editorchat
[21:22:54] littlebrownpen: @Single_Shot Editors and writers sitting in a tree … #editorchat
[21:22:59] catekustanczy: @KakieF I’m freelance too. Online writing + I also produce for radio & videocasts. #editorchat
[21:23:08] BeckyDMBR: @catekustanczy I think it will come w/time after serious mistakes or increased budget, desire for accuracy. #editorchat
[21:23:16] Single_Shot: @milehighfool I don’t expect it. But it’s great to know they have it. Esp. when it’s a deadline situation. #editorchat
[21:23:21] netta50: @milehighfool In this business, I expect nothing. If time allows, of course. Otherwise, I’ll follow up. #editorchat
[21:23:23] thefutureisred: @BeckyDMBR: @catekustanczy w blogging, the world is ur editor & can ed you via public comments #editorchat
[21:23:36] MrsWrite: @Single_Shot You know, I’m very busy. And…a ghost from pitches past (a query I sent 5 months ago!) was assigned today. You? #editorchat
[21:23:36] KakieF: @Alexandrialeigh I am currently unemployed and have been considering freelance not sure where to start #editorchat
[21:23:37] LydiaBreakfast: An email thanks takes approx 30 secs. but goes a long way to building relationships #editorchat
[21:23:53] KellyLove: @Alexandrialeigh I’ll write whatever I can get paid for. Some specialty (careers, women’s issues, personal essay), but am open. #editorchat
[21:23:59] jennipps: RT @LydiaBreakfast An email thanks takes approx 30 secs. but goes a long way to building relationships #editorchat
[21:24:00] milehighfool: RT @netta50: @milehighfool In this business, I expect nothing. If time allows, of course. Otherwise, I’ll follow up. #editorchat
[21:24:03] kirstenalex: Lunch time in Aust, so food calls. Thank you all. Too amazing to listen/talk to writers, eds from across the globe. Honestly. #editorchat
[21:24:14] JenniferNobile: RT: @LydiaBreakfast An email thanks takes approx 30 secs. but goes a long way to building relationships #editorchat
[21:24:23] KakieF: I love the craft of writing and most of what I have done is out on my blog or my children’s books. Totally different areas #editorchat
[21:24:41] LydiaBreakfast: @kirstenalex thanks for joining πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:24:49] netta50: @milehighfool I’ve followed up many times (once per) only to find a piece had been lost. As editor, I don’t mind and I respond . #editorchat
[21:24:53] IrisJumbe: RT @JenniferNobile RT: @LydiaBreakfast An email thanks takes approx 30 secs. but goes a long way to building relationships #editorchat
[21:25:05] JDEbberly: @kirstenalex Great having you at editorchat! Look forward to seeing you next week!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:25:15] milehighfool: OK, all, time for a pitch and a link. We’re done in 5. Stage is yours. #editorchat
[21:25:22] JDEbberly: RT @LydiaBreakfast An email thanks takes approx 30 secs. but goes a long way to building relationships #editorchat
[21:25:22] LydiaBreakfast: @netta50 more awesomeness from you πŸ˜‰ #editorchat
[21:25:31] Single_Shot: @littlebrownpen Yes, it’s a love-fest, but I’ve got some kick-ass editors. #editorchat
[21:25:56] netta50: @JenniferNobile Exactly. #editorchat
[21:26:02] PursuitBrooke: I’m beginning my sojourn as freelancer and loving it so far #editorchat
[21:26:07] catekustanczy: Just such a pity that so many online sites have cut their freelance budget, so the only response I get is, "we don’t have any $" #editorchat
[21:26:20] littlebrownpen: @Single_Shot Me too, thankfully. #editorchat
[21:26:24] collazoprojects: @LydiaBreakfast Thanks! I see you’re in Greenville; I’m originally from Spartanburg, now in NYC. #editorchat
[21:26:32] netta50: @LydiaBreakfast Thanks πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:26:47] kirstenalex: @milehighfool Really? Wow. Eyeball Soup: The Pros and Cons of Eating Meat. Non-fiction. kirstenalexander@blogspot.com #editorchat
[21:26:50] LydiaBreakfast: @collazoprojects I’m originally from NYC – hee hee #editorchat
[21:27:03] milehighfool: Any pitches before we close up shop? 4 minutes to go. #editorchat
[21:27:04] bookwormm21: I think I’m a wallflower, even on Twitter…been watching #editorchat for a while…Maybe sometime I’ll come up with something to add.
[21:27:13] netta50: Persistence is what it’s all about. #editorchat
[21:27:28] jennipps: Jen, fl writer, contributor @TutorialBlog (www.tutorialblog.org/author/jen-nipps) spec in writing/creativity, & plus-size issues #editorchat
[21:27:32] LydiaBreakfast: @bookwormm21 all are welcome thanks for joining #editorchat
[21:27:36] janeco: Thanks everyone for an engaging chat…see u next wk #editorchat
[21:27:46] JenniferNobile: I just want to say thanks for this – as a newbie, these chats are terrific! #editorchat
[21:28:03] JDEbberly: Pitch: EVERYONE IS CORDIALLY INVITED to Bloggerchat this Friday evening from 8pm to 10pm EST! #editorchat
[21:28:16] LydiaBreakfast: Reintroduce yourselves and give us your links #editorchat
[21:28:17] milehighfool: @collazoprojects Both of your co-hosts are originally from NYC, in fact πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:28:21] Alexandrialeigh: Generalist who loves writing about food, travel, women’s issues, and has a book out in a few months: http://www.aleighacerni.com. #editorchat
[21:28:26] nytwriters: palafo: @milehighfool Pressured to do what? We never hear from them in newsroom. #editorchat: palafo: @milehighf.. http://tinyurl.com/ama5h2
[21:28:31] joanna_haugen: Pitch: Hiking to Machu Picchu in April; looking for a place to sell travel narrative; willing to work with ed; joannahaugen.com #editorchat
[21:28:35] KakieF: KakieF RT:Until it Hurts, Americaâ€ℒs Obsession w Youth Sports & How It Harms Our KidsInterview w author http://tinyurl.com/bjp4cr #editorchat
[21:28:35] JDEbberly: Thank you all for an informative, educational chat tonight!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:28:38] Single_Shot: @bookwormm21 We love bookworms, bookwormm21! #editorchat
[21:28:42] leggzruthie: @KakieF #editorchat might seem crazy, but i know lots of writers picking up jobs at craigslist. can tap into any market and work from home
[21:28:45] LydiaBreakfast: @JDEbberly great idea JD but tough night #editorchat
[21:28:48] KellyLove: Kelly Love Johnson, writer/editor/author/do-it-all: http://www.visualcv.com/kellylovejohnson #editorchat
[21:28:56] jennipps: @JDEbberly Chats I can do are limited b/c I have dial-up @ home & come to the office for this & will for #journchat next week 2 #editorchat
[21:29:18] PursuitBrooke: @LydiaBreakfast Brooke – Sydney Australia MD of http://www.pursuitcommunications.com.au freelance writer / ed #editorchat
[21:29:18] netta50: Thanks for having us, Tim and Lydia. You guys are the best, really. #editorchat
[21:29:19] catekustanczy: Pitch: Private Cdn b/casters are firing local staff, but it seems to be the wave of the future for online news reporting. #editorchat
[21:29:28] milehighfool: @JDEbberly Thank you, JD. Very helpful, as always. #editorchat
[21:29:31] JuelzSkullGang: #editorchat http://www.zshare.net/audio/56500190f04fd51f/
[21:29:35] KellyLove: Thanks for the chat – enjoyed it! #editorchat
[21:29:45] KakieF: @leggzruthie thanks for the tip, I have submitted things to a few mags, working mother, cub scout and locals #editorchat
[21:30:03] standupkid: Hey Folks… Checking in… #editorchat
[21:30:04] kirstenalex: @LydiaBreakfast Australian writer and editor. Non-fiction prop on blog about meat. Write book reviews, p/t copywriter, fiction.. #editorchat
[21:30:06] jennipps: @milehighfool @lydiabreakfast, thanks again for hosting a great chat #editorchat
[21:30:07] edwardboches: RT @WSJ: Hartford, Sun Life in Deal Talks http://bit.ly/rA4W3 #editorchat
[21:30:17] catekustanczy: Pitch (cont) are they being short-sighted? http://tinyurl.com/amqxeq #editorchat
[21:30:19] Single_Shot: Thanx for another fabulous editorchat! Diane Mapes, freelance journalist/humor columnist http://singleshotseattle.wordpress.com/ #editorchat
[21:30:19] Hergett: Writer/Editor at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Bozeman, MT, http://www.dailychronicle.com. Dabble in fiction, haiku, life. Thanks all! #editorchat
[21:30:24] leggzruthie: @edwardboches thanks. of course silly me looked for a website. i like the dedicated site idea. seems more exlcusive #editorchat anyone else?
[21:30:24] Alexandrialeigh: See you all next week! #editorchat
[21:30:31] KakieF: @leggzruthie I appreciate the tip and will look into it. I need work #editorchat
[21:30:43] milehighfool: Tim Beyers, Motley Fool contributor. Find me at fool.com. Also check editorchat.wordpress.com #editorchat
[21:30:44] XPhile1908: @standupkid Hey where u been? #editorchat
[21:30:46] CMM_PR: Pitch – new GPS messaging technology helps resource industries manage lone and remote workers #editorchat
[21:30:47] IrisJumbe: Am available to take on an overflow copywriting or editing. U can find me@ http://www.irisjumbe.com or http://www.artonym.com #editorchat
[21:30:55] LydiaBreakfast: Thanks for coming all Lydia Dishman, freelance features writer for mags, web, etc. #editorchat
[21:30:56] dianakuan: #editorchat Pitch: Organic farms in Beijing battle bad stigma of China’s food in Western media. Previous clips here: http://bit.ly/h6m6G
[21:31:01] JennaSchnuer: @JDEbberly Thanks. It’s been fun. It’s always good to tumble issues around with new-to-me voices. #editorchat
[21:31:02] collazoprojects: Reintro for #editorchat: I’m an NYC based writer & editor for @MatadorNetwork (www.matadornetwork.com). Travel-above all, Latin America.
[21:31:07] LifeofMichael: @catekustanczy what about going into business … selling ur expertise in new media & articles about same #editorchat
[21:31:07] JDEbberly: @Alexandrialeigh Thanks for stopping by! looking forward to seeing you next week!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:31:11] waltyates: Walt Yates – PR, Marketer, & Writer : Gardening & Horticulture – #editorchat
[21:31:13] wetzeledit: Man, this is over and I missed most of it! I’ll check out the transcript, though. Thank you for hosting this! #editorchat
[21:31:26] OurManinSH: @andrew_dunn lots of room in the twittersphere.Good discussions-editorial process and other issues related to editing/freelance #editorchat
[21:31:42] catekustanczy: Me: Online journalist, covering arts, culture, tech, enviro. women’s issues, food, lifestyle. http://playanon.blogspot.com #editorchat
[21:31:43] littlebrownpen: Thanks everyone! Can’t pry my eyes open for a second longer. I’m usually here: http://littlebrownpen.blogspot.com/ #editorchat
[21:31:44] thefutureisred: Must go, but really enjoyed my first #editorchat. TY mods. Great 2 meet new pple and see familiar faces. Gnite!
[21:31:46] standupkid: @XPhile1908 Looks like I showed up late! (I’m packing for my move this weekend…a bit…what’s the word? CRAZY. #editorchat
[21:31:50] milehighfool: And we’re out. See you all next week — thanks for another fine edition of #editorchat
[21:31:56] KakieF: If anyone willing to talk w me via phone about considerations for freelance, DM me. I seeking informational interviews about it #editorchat
[21:32:02] jennipps: See you all next week. Have a blog post to put up tonight & then roughing out how-to article. #editorchat
[21:32:02] JennaSchnuer: Good stuff. I’ll be back for more. Jenna Schnuer, NYC-based freelancer http://www.jennaschnuer.com. Have a good week all. #editorchat
[21:32:06] JDEbberly: Thank you very much @LydiaBreakfast and @milehighfool for editorchat! I’m eternally grateful! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:32:07] RhythmHippy: I am wondering if it would be easier to get people to read the book and then have them give feedback #editorchat
[21:32:07] joanna_haugen: Thx @milehighfool and @lydiabreakfast #editorchat
[21:32:14] waltyates: I enjoyed getting to watch. Thanks! #editorchat
[21:32:16] IrisJumbe: Thanks for all the feedback, info and suggestions, everyone. Midmorning in Shanghai. Must get out & about. See you next week! #editorchat
[21:32:24] LifeofMichael: @catekustanczy i’m betting news outlets could pay for content as a group … or go into new media consulting #editorchat
[21:32:33] catekustanczy: @LifeofMichael Definitely considering it. Would like to work for a media outlet just entering the world of SM #editorchat
[21:32:37] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Thanks again for the chat! #editorchat
[21:32:45] Alexandrialeigh: Always find the best people to follow via #journchat and #editorchat!
[21:32:54] emilyholdridge: I might have to check out #editorchat sometime…
[21:33:29] GinaLaGuardia: Sorry I missed #editorchat tonight… busy-busy. Will be looking to add more writers to my team soon. I’ll keep you all posted.
[21:33:42] JDEbberly: @IrisJumbe have a wonderful day in Shanghai! Nice having you at editorchat! #editorchat
[21:33:47] dianakuan: #editorchat Also writes web copy & features on food and travel
[21:33:58] MrsWrite: Janene Mascarella, freelance writer for online and print publications: http://www.janenemascarella.com/ #editorchat
[21:34:27] BeckyDMBR: @Alexandrialeigh Agreed! πŸ™‚ #journchat #editorchat
[21:34:42] KakieF: Any freelance writers in Minneapolis St. Paul willing to let me do informational interview? #editorchat
[21:34:46] JDEbberly: @emilyholdridge Emily, Editorchat is from 8pm to 930pm EST every wednesday night! It’s FUN and informative!! See you there!! #editorchat
[21:34:59] jlcommunication: Pitch: Background in real estate writing, also write white papers, information marketing. Very versatile http://bit.ly/Su0Wn #editorchat
[21:35:09] catekustanczy: Off to edit a friend’s article. Then computer is going firmly OFF! Night everyone, great to chat. Thx for the insights! #editorchat
[21:35:28] LydiaBreakfast: Lydia Dishman co-founder of editorchat lbdcommunications.blogspot.com or editorchat.wordpress.com. G’nite everybody! #editorchat
[21:36:09] JDEbberly: @catekustanczy Good evening! πŸ™‚ Great having you at editorchat! #editorchat
[21:36:22] catekustanczy: @KakieF Not in St. P, but happy to help! DM me #editorchat
[21:36:23] smashadv: Between #editorchat and #journchat, I feel like #copywriters need a chat. Though, it would probably result in meaningless dribble.
[21:36:28] JuelzSkullGang: #editorchat http://www.zshare.net/audio/56500190f04fd51f/
[21:37:06] XPhile1908: @standupkid Ount know what the word is. Just hangin in there! #editorchat
[21:38:29] napril1023: @smashadv I thought the same for corp communications #commchat? overkill? #editorchat #journchat #copywriters
[21:38:31] MrsWrite: Now that’s a GREAT team to be on….@GinaLaGuardia #editorchat
[21:39:06] JodiEchakowitz: @milehighfool I had a friend who participated in #editorchat tonite. Said it was extremely engaging. Sounds like u run a good chat!
[21:39:27] jlcommunication: @smashadv I need to chat w/business who need copywriters. If we could set that up… #editorchat #journchat #copywriters
[21:40:48] MrsWrite: @LydiaBreakfast Going to check out the recap! #editorchat
[21:44:35] JDEbberly: @JodiEchakowitz Editorchat is a really great chat, well worth your time! Runs from 8 to 930pm EST Wednesdays. #editorchat
[21:45:26] mollyblock: @napril1023 @smashadv – I’ve thought about initiating other communications-related chats, too. #commchat #editorchat #journchat #copywriters
[21:46:01] mollyblock: @napril1023 @smashadv – Overkill? Perhaps. πŸ™‚ #commchat #editorchat #journchat #copywriters
[21:46:22] JodiEchakowitz: @JDEbberly Is it only for editors or can PR peeps join too? I don’t want to invade a conversation πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:47:03] GinaLaGuardia: @MrsWrite πŸ™‚ Thanks! #editorchat
[21:47:39] JDEbberly: @JodiEchakowitz You can observe if you like, but it’s mainly for writers & editors. We’d love you to join us next Wednesday! #editorchat
[21:48:01] LydiaBreakfast: Good night all – enjoyed #editorchat, but now have to go collapse. Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow.
[21:48:46] JodiEchakowitz: @JDEbberly Thanks for the invite… I might very well do that. #editorchat
[21:49:10] JDEbberly: @LydiaBreakfast Have a great rest tonight! You’ll have an even better day tomorrow! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:49:15] badblokebob: #Lost American Idol Watchmen #editorchat Tatiana Kindle #antm #americanidol Lil Rounds iPhone (heh heh heh heh heh)
[21:50:05] rveturis: @LydiaBreakfast Feel better Lydia. Hydrate like crazy –don’t make your body a pleasant environment for that cold. Catch #editorchat next wk
[21:50:05] JDEbberly: @JodiEchakowitz We’ll be lookin’ for you next Wed night! This place is SO FUN!! πŸ™‚ #editorchat
[21:50:28] stephauteri: @LydiaBreakfast: No prob, Lydia! B/w #editorchat and your usual tweets, you share a lot of freelancey goodness. πŸ™‚
[21:55:44] mollyblock: @JodiEchakowitz – @milehighfool & @LydiaBreakfast launched & moderate #editorchat sessions: http://www.editorchat.wordpress.com http://bit.ly/sWLJ
[21:56:59] mollyblock: @JodiEchakowitz I enjoy eavesdropping on #editorchat chat. I’ve caught the final 30 min’s worth of a few sessions. The group is terrific!
[21:58:03] ckanal: @LydiaBreakfast @milehighfool sadly missed the end of #editorchat but i assume it is every Wed. night? will try to make it next week! thx
[21:59:07] smashadv: @mollyblock It really is unlimited in terms of where audience segmentation can go in Twitter #commchat #editorchat #journchat #copywriters
[22:00:07] twendly: 10 Most pop. last hr | #Lost, American Idol, Watchmen, #editorchat, Tatiana, #antm, Kindle, Lil Rounds, #americanidol, Scott


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March 5, 2009 at 2:35 pm

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