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What We’ll Discuss on March 18 – the Digital Divide

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The digital divide. Does it exist? And more importantly, can it be bridged?  

With Hearst moving to make the Seattle Post-Intelligencer all digital, the U.K. Guardian newspaper’s “open platform” allowing digital content to be shared anywhere in exchange for hosting ad space on partner sites, and Amazon’s Kindle available on the iPhone, there is more digital content available in more places than ever before.

We’re wondering if the once-distinct worlds of Web and print are merging and changing what we do as writers and editors. Specifically:

Are there different style guides for Web and print? If so, how different are they?

Has the Web hurt publishing because errors are easier to correct?

Do editors expect less from Web articles?

In terms of payment, should those who write strictly for the Web be paid less than their print counterparts, or more, given the size of the potential audience?

Does the Web spell the end of good narrative because of the very short attention spans of online readers?

Editors: Are you tolerating  fewer words than before?

What qualities do editors look for when hiring a writer for online content?  Are editors looking at writers blogs? (via Vanessa Ahearn @girlgumption)

If you have any other questions you’d like to put up to discussion, please drop us a comment in the box below.  We look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday night 8-9:30pm EST.


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