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Transcript of #editorchat 4/22

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[20:30:28] milehighfool: And we’re live. Julia Angwin of The Wall Street Journal, our planned guest moderator, is on a breaking story. #editorchat

[20:30:51] KarenLynch: The stars aligned and I checked Twitter just before the start of this chat. I’m a freelancer, joining in! #editorchat

[20:31:22] milehighfool: So it’ll be yours truly and @LydiaBreakfast with you, as usual. Introduce yourself as you join, and welcome. #editorchat

[20:31:36] OurManinSH: rt: first credentialed twitter coverage of a Omega China Golf pro tour w/ @lonniehodge over at @chinagolf #journchat #editorchat

[20:31:56] milehighfool: Welcome, Karen. Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:31:59] SpecialDee: Newspapers want 2 build online communities; would you blog on your local newspaper’s site if they allowed readers to blog? #editorchat

[20:32:10] wordful: Hello Charles Bohannan here in Hawaii: writer, editor, blogger, surfer. #editorchat

[20:32:13] spencerspellman: @LydiaBreakfast Sorry to hear that but glad we’re still having it #editorchat

[20:32:33] LydiaBreakfast: H?ello tweeps, sorry about @juliaangwin but we are forging ahead. #editorchat

[20:32:41] anndouglas: I’ll be joining in tonight, too. (Author, blogger, mag columnist: pregnancy/parenting etc.) Love this chat! #editorchat

[20:32:50] hotspringer: Rebecca McCormick here. Fountain pen-lovin’, cello-playin’ freelance travel writer from Hot Springs, Arkansas. #editorchat

[20:32:59] SpecialDee: RT @SpecialDee: I am Special Sections editor at Maine newspaper. #editorchat

[20:33:08] JDEbberly: Hi JD Ebberly in N VA, blogger who writes pieces on blogging and new media #Editorchat

[20:33:12] bob_bobala: Bob Bobala of TurboTax, Quicken, and formerly The Motley Fool, signing in while still working here on the West Coast #editorchat

[20:33:17] milehighfool: Hei Ann, Rebecca, Charles — glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:33:24] wetzeledit: I’m back! Glad the chat is on. Wendy Wetzel, freelance editor (Christian books) #editorchat

[20:33:27] travelinggal: Hello – I’m freelance writer/blogger who covers mainly travel as well as other topics. Glad to be here #editorchat

[20:33:28] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Howdy, howdy … Becky, journalist in Iow-ay here! #editorchat

[20:33:38] spencerspellman: Hello all, Spencer Spellman here. Greenville, South Carolina freelance writer and travel editor #editorchat

[20:33:43] SuSaw: RT @juliaangwin*so* sorry that I cannot host the #editorchat discussion tonight. I am swamped by MySpace news. DEEPEST Apologies.

[20:33:46] milehighfool: @SpecialDee Glad you could make it. You too, Bob and JD. #editorchat

[20:34:06] timecommander: @VeronicaFitzHug #editorchat time!

[20:34:15] UrbanMuseWriter: So glad I finally get to join #editorchat Boston-based freelance writer/blogger covering career & lifestyle topics

[20:34:17] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR Becky! Glad you could make it. Thanks for joining. #editorchat

[20:34:26] travelinggal: I forgot to add that I’m in NE Georgia. #editorchat

[20:34:36] jennipps: Hi, everyone! Jen here, fl writer in south Oklahoma, currently writing about writing, freelancing, & (new gig) health. #editorchat

[20:34:39] anndouglas: Will be participating in #editorchat until approx 10 pm. (in case you wish to adjust your settings). πŸ™‚

[20:34:47] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR A photographer friend made me look good. #editorchat

[20:35:09] milehighfool: @UrbanMuseWriter Hey Susan. Finally is right — glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:35:15] spencerspellman: @jennipps Glad to see you here tonight. #editorchat

[20:35:37] DaydreamWriter: Joining #editorchat tonight. Philadelphia-based freelance writer/blogger covering health, entertainment, education, and lifestyle.

[20:35:39] jennipps: @spencerspellman And same to you. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:35:44] milehighfool: @timecommander Glad you could make it again. Welcome. #editorchat

[20:35:45] timecommander: Hey everyone, I’m Dan Miranda, the thirteen year old blogger. I see a lot of familiar faces, which is great! #editorchat

[20:35:55] GeriRosman: Any business writers/editors on tonight? I’m a publicist based in NJ. Thanks! #editorchat

[20:35:56] milehighfool: Time to get to the rules. #editorchat

[20:36:11] spencerspellman: @DaydreamWriter Welcome #editorchat

[20:36:15] milehighfool: No 1. Observers welcome but #editorchat is for those who are, or those who work with, editors.

[20:36:16] JDEbberly: @timecommander Great to see you again Dan! πŸ™‚ #Editorchat

[20:36:35] LydiaBreakfast: Glad to see everyone tonight πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining despite our change o’ plans. #editorchat

[20:36:41] milehighfool: Rule No. 2. Stay on topic #editorchat

[20:37:01] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast It’ll still be a great chat. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:37:12] milehighfool: Rule No. 3. Courteous comments, please. (Thank you, sir. Ma’am.) #editorchat

[20:37:17] timecommander: @JDEbberly @milehighfool Great to be here again! Appreciate the warm welcome! #editorchat

[20:37:25] spencerspellman: @LydiaBreakfast No worries. Glad we can still forge ahead. #editorchat

[20:37:29] shortformernie: Hey all, Ernie Smith, designer at Wash Post Express, Editor of ShortFormBlog (http://shortformblog.com/). And I’m a cool guy. #editorchat

[20:37:36] CrypticFragment: @jennipps is #editorchat for editors only or also writers like #writechat ?

[20:37:42] milehighfool: Rule No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.) #editorchat

[20:37:53] UrbanMuseWriter: @milehighfool Thanks! Looking forward to this #editorchat

[20:38:03] newswise: Greetings everyone at #editorchat – if you need smart news, you should get @newswise http://tinyurl.com/cjl7vw

[20:38:11] milehighfool: @shortformernie You do a great job,, too, Ernie. Love the blog. #editorchat

[20:38:29] jennipps: @CrypticFragment It’s also for writers. πŸ™‚ Join us! Best way (IMO) is Tweetchat. #editorchat

[20:38:35] LydiaBreakfast: @CrypticFragment editors and writers #editorchat

[20:38:39] jimmcbee: Dropping in. Ex-newspaper guy, current newsletter guy + http://smartnewsnc.com guy. #editorchat

[20:38:40] milehighfool: @CrypticFragment Writers welcome. For editors and those of us who write for them. #editorchat

[20:38:52] PDXsays: hi writer|editor freelance Porltand or #editorchat

[20:38:52] hotspringer: (I love it when @milehighfool enforces Rule No. 4. He zapped me one night.) #editorchat

[20:39:16] spencerspellman: @jimmcbee Welcome. Glad to see you here again. #editorchat

[20:39:31] milehighfool: @jimmcbee Good to see you again, Jim, #editorchat

[20:39:35] Sascha_Zuger: Hi all, popping in for a bit, but on deadline. Freelancer for mags/papers, author. #editorchat

[20:39:36] spencerspellman: @PDXsays Welcome. Nice to meet you. #editorchat

[20:40:20] shortformernie: @milehighfool Thanks man πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:40:21] gmarkham: @SpecialDee nope. I have nothing that I want to say to the geographic community. #editorchat

[20:40:23] spencerspellman: @Sascha_Zuger Welcome. I feel the deadline thing. I can only stay for a bit too because of deadlines #editorchat

[20:40:27] jimmcbee: Good to be here again. Missed out last week. ^5 to Ernie, while I’m at it. #editorchat

[20:40:45] CrypticFragment: @milehighfool @LydiaBreakfast @jennipps hello I’m a poet/fiction writer just relocated to Denver, recently resumed writing also #editorchat

[20:41:00] LydiaBreakfast: So tweeps, we are going to shelve @juliaangwin’s questions since she’s not here, and throw out some other ones on the same topic #editorchat

[20:41:10] travelinggal: Deadlines must be catching. I’m on a few as well. #editorchat

[20:41:37] LydiaBreakfast: @travelinggal thanks for joining us despite your deadlines πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:41:44] milehighfool: @CrypticFragment Well then we should meeti up. I’m in Littleton, over by the Chatfield State Park. #editorchat

[20:42:08] Single_Shot: Hey folks! Diane Mapes, Seattle freelance journalist covering lifestyle, health, singles issues & oddball body stuff. #editorchat

[20:42:12] travelinggal: @LydiaBreakfast wouldn’t miss it #editorchat

[20:42:18] KarenLynch: Love seeing fellow FLXers here. Hi all. Thanks fearless mods for doing this! #editorchat

[20:42:20] standupkid: Hello all… television reporter, freelancer at the New York Post, blogger and soon to be wine travel expert here. #editorchat

[20:42:24] LydiaBreakfast: Please refer to the Question number when you answer so we can all follow along #editorchat

[20:42:32] jennipps: @travelinggal Same here. Got some new ones this morning, too. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:42:45] JenniferPerillo: Hey all. Jennifer here. Recipe developer/writer/editor in NYC. #editorchat

[20:42:49] CrypticFragment: @milehighfool I am in DU vicinity public transit not familiar w/area yet, just arrived late last night! #editorchat

[20:43:05] mriggen: @LydiaBreakfast Hi there, joining late but editor of http://www.poptech.org/blog/ First time here! #editorchat

[20:43:22] travelinggal: @standupkid wine travel – how interesting #editorchat

[20:43:24] LydiaBreakfast: Q1 On online identities – writers: do you consciously write to develop a certain following? #editorchat

[20:43:29] UrbanMuseWriter: @jennipps Congrats on the new assignments! #editorchat

[20:43:54] standupkid: @travelinggal @mrsstandupkid and I are launching a site this summer! #editorchat

[20:44:28] milehighfool: @LydiaBreakfast Right. Broadcasting yourself is an interesting idea. We want to know why you broadcast. #editorchat

[20:44:40] SpecialDee: @gmarkham What if your blog was about writing/journalism, which local businesses would benefit from in their marketing writing? #editorchat

[20:44:56] jennipps: @UrbanMuseWriter Thanks! New-to-me area, but I’m excited. #editorchat

[20:44:57] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast I’m not sure what you mean by “certain following”, but I don’t write for one set crowd. I write for people. #editorchat

[20:45:14] spencerspellman: @LydiaBreakfast Q1 So why you broadcast yourself on Twitter, Facebook, etc.? #editorchat

[20:45:21] rondoylewrites: Alright, I finally get to squeeze one tweet into #editorchat! Hi everyone, I’m Ron S. Doyle, freelance writer from Denver, CO. #editorchat

[20:45:30] milehighfool: RT @LydiaBreakfast: Q1 On online identities – writers: do you consciously write to develop a certain following? #editorchat

[20:45:47] KarenLynch: @LydiaBreakfast Can you clarify Q1? Do you mean a Twitter/FB following? #editorchat

[20:46:03] milehighfool: @rondoylewrites Finally — glad to see you here, sir. Loving the Mile High presence here tonight. #editorchat

[20:46:04] jimmcbee: q1) can you clarify the question a little? do you mean re: blogging? twitteration? #editorchat

[20:46:05] jennipps: Q1 – Maybe…. I never really thought about it, but since my preferred niche is primarily writing/creativity, I guess so. #editorchat

[20:46:12] SpecialDee: Q1: In my work, each supplement has a theme, with a niche audience. #editorchat

[20:46:14] LydiaBreakfast: @timecommander The certain following usually springs from specialization on a specific topic: travel or food perhaps. #editorchat

[20:46:16] gillespi: Morning all – greetings from Brisbane Australia – author and occasional op-ed writer on the danger of sugar. #editorchat

[20:46:17] spencerspellman: Yes I had the same question , thanks @KarenLynch #editorchat

[20:46:24] cnewvine: Colleen Newvine joining late. Head of market research at AP & voice of @apstylebook. Really interested in multiple identities. #editorchat

[20:46:27] wordful: I like to write truthfully and hope to attract people who appreciate truth. The rule applies across genres. #editorchat

[20:46:30] anndouglas: Q1: I am who I am, both online and offline. I don’t have an online persona, although I know others do (like radio hosts etc). #editorchat

[20:46:40] milehighfool: @KarenLynch So, on Q1, why are you on FB, Twitter? Were you pressured by a publisher, editor to get here? #editorchat

[20:46:46] LydiaBreakfast: @KarenLynch across the board, online and print audiences #editorchat

[20:46:46] rondoylewrites: Q1: Absolutely. @twittercize connects me to the health/fitness demographic and I blog about topics that I pitch to magazines. #editorchat

[20:46:50] JDEbberly: Q1: WRT to blogging, bloggers write to attract a certain audience. #Editorchat

[20:47:02] shortformernie: Re Q1: God, my entire site is writing to nurture a following. I want to engage people. I want people who crave information. #editorchat

[20:47:06] Sascha_Zuger: Q1 Wouldn’t say I write for a certain following, but I’m aware I use my full, real name and edit myself accordingly. #editorchat

[20:47:16] bob_bobala: Q1: Secondary question to that: Do you write for/as yourself or for/as the organization you represent? #editorchat

[20:47:23] booksandcorsets: Hello all, joining the chat. I’m an editor at Sterling publishing working primarily in nonfiction and heavily illustrated titles #editorchat

[20:47:37] shortformernie: Q1: But I actually wrote about this yesterday on my friend Charles Apple’s blog. #editorchat

[20:47:40] milehighfool: RT @shortformernie: Re Q1: God, my entire site is writing to nurture a following. I want to engage people. #editorchat

[20:48:00] spencerspellman: Q1 Personally I first started getting sucked into FB, etc. for personal use, staying connected with friends… #editorchat

[20:48:04] standupkid: Q1: I believe branding yourself is the best way to build an audience in today’s environment, on TV, in print, online. #editorchat

[20:48:14] sooutdoors: @LydiaBreakfast #editorchat Lloyd here from Southern Ontario Outdoors. I have 3 distinct markets I write for. Different persona for each

[20:48:16] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast I understand that. I’m still saying, I write for people. People are my niche. #editorchat

[20:48:19] rondoylewrites: Q1: For example, I blog about cycling, parenting, etc. Do I want a certain following? Yes, they’re called editors. πŸ˜‰ #editorchat

[20:48:21] LydiaBreakfast: @bob_bobala I know some writers do, such as @kathysena tweeting as consumer reports #editorchat

[20:48:41] jennipps: @bob_bobala I mostly write for/as myself unless given a different stylesheet to go by. #editorchat

[20:48:45] spencerspellman: Q1 Now it’s half and half, because there’s some range to my niches, I write to a general audience, not so much focuesed #editorchat

[20:48:46] AbsoluteWrite: Hi, folks – MacAllister, from AbsoluteWrite.com. After lurking for a couple of weeks, thought I should introduce myself. #editorchat

[20:48:52] shortformernie: Q1: My opinion is that you have to blog broadly. You have to focus, it has to be something a lot of people can latch onto. #editorchat

[20:49:03] milehighfool: @bob_bobala There are those here who have to have a following, and those who create one through content. Agree? #editorchat

[20:49:08] jimmcbee: q1) we have a definite style for the med. coding newsletters. Policy stuff is more the Awful Voice of Newspapering. #editorchat

[20:49:18] jennipps: @AbsoluteWrite woohoo!! Great to see you here, Mac!! #editorchat

[20:49:19] KarenLynch: Re Q1: I started on Twitter to get a following for my niche blog. My tweets were often topical, absolutely #editorchat

[20:49:32] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie do you tend to think using first person is a way to get there? #editorchat

[20:49:36] UrbanMuseWriter: Q1 I’m on Twitter primarily to connect with other writers /potential blog readers but I’ve found it useful for other things, too #editorchat

[20:49:37] spencerspellman: Q1 I would like to think that my normal personality comes out strongly in my writing and interaction on Twitter #editorchat

[20:49:51] shortformernie: Q1: That’s why TechCrunch is successful. That’s why a narrowly focused journalism blog will, sadly, never make money. #editorchat

[20:49:59] wordful: Part of writing online is revealing your personality, thus you may develop a “cult of personality.” #editorchat

[20:49:59] rondoylewrites: Alright, I must go–it’s my wedding anniversary (getting to pop into #editorchat was my present) πŸ˜‰ Happy writing, everyone! #editorchat

[20:50:01] Willowbottom: Better late than never? Re Q1: I’m on Twitter for two reasons: 1) Encouraged to see who’s saying what, 2) Be inspired. #editorchat

[20:50:02] anndouglas: Q1: Brand new anthology about moms/blogging touches about blog personas. [Am contributor.] http://is.gd/tZ5B #editorchat

[20:50:06] spencerspellman: @AbsoluteWrite Welcome. Glad to see you here. #editorchat

[20:50:06] bob_bobala: @LydiaBreakfast Yeah, it’s driving me buggy. I have my own writing life and then I also have my day job. Split personality. #editorchat

[20:50:06] booksandcorsets: Q1: I’m on Twitter for myself rather than my house. I’m in acquisitions and the netwrkng w/agents and potential aus is priceless #editorchat

[20:50:12] milehighfool: @KarenLynch Do you edit yourself a certain way for Twitter? For FB? #editorchat

[20:50:17] hinder: Hi all. First time on #editorchat writer/editor for teen, hip hop and real estate pubs.

[20:50:18] KarenLynch: @UrbanMuseWriter I agree … interaction became a serendipitous benefit of Twitter #editorchat

[20:50:20] UrbanMuseWriter: Q1 in terms of my paid assignments, I write a lot for college students & twentysomethings, as well as small business owners #editorchat

[20:50:20] Single_Shot: Q1: My “platform” is singles issues so I def. cover the singles stuff on the blog (& via assignments). Humor is part of it 2. #editorchat

[20:50:45] anndouglas: Touches upon…. [Blush.] #editorchat

[20:50:46] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Hey. Glad you made it. So a following isn’t your interest? #editorchat

[20:50:52] LydiaBreakfast: Q1 let me clarify again – developing a voice is not just related to twitter, but to your blogs, print, books, etc. #editorchat

[20:51:02] shortformernie: @lydiabreakfast ShortFormBlog is in the voice of “we.” Because I’d rather sell people on the concept, not the writer. So, no. #editorchat

[20:51:06] JMegonigal: Hi all! Jordana, editor in South Carolina, following along here #editorchat

[20:51:32] timecommander: @standupkid Agreed. I came across a great article on personal branding becoming the future here: http://bit.ly/awec #editorchat

[20:51:40] wordful: Q1 The voice should reflect your persona. #editorchat

[20:51:40] milehighfool: @LydiaBreakfast Right. A single voice for every platform?Or multiple voices for multiple platforms? #editorchat

[20:51:41] spencerspellman: Actually I would change my answer some and say that there usually is a certain type of voice to my writing #editorchat

[20:51:51] maggiekb1: Q1: I use a voice here that I can’t use in all my assignments, definitely. But I’m not sure I do that w/ a plan. Maybe I should. #editorchat

[20:51:54] KarenLynch: @milehighfool I do not edit myself … I’m such an open book. Social media seems to just be another way to be myself. #editorchat

[20:51:57] spencerspellman: @JMegonigal Hey there. Welcome! Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:51:59] Willowbottom: @milehighfool I hope ppl will follow b/c they find me interesting & want to contribute to the dialogue. No interest in bldg #s. #editorchat

[20:52:11] shortformernie: @LydiaBreakfast It’s something I borrowed in part from my old paper, Link. We had a “voice,” but it was not one person’s. #editorchat

[20:52:12] AbsoluteWrite: @jennipps Thanks, Jen. Followed you over, y’know. It’s interesting being a fly on the wall while such terrific folks talk #editorchat

[20:52:18] JMegonigal: Q1 – I’d think (esp for freelancers) creating yourself as your own brand should be goal #1… #editorchat

[20:52:19] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast I think I’m pretty consistent across the board, but someone else would have to actually say if I succeed or not. #editorchat

[20:52:31] LydiaBreakfast: Related to Q1 if you are using different personas, how do you accomplish that (style, mixed media, lots o’ links, etc.)? #editorchat

[20:52:38] JDEbberly: RT @timecommander I came across a great article on personal branding becoming the future here: http://bit.ly/awec #Editorchat

[20:52:43] Willowbottom: I do edit myself for different platforms – Twitter grants me a certain level of anonymity allowing me to be more frank/spunky. #editorchat

[20:52:43] konadad: RT @rondoylewrites: I blog about cycling, parenting, etc. Do I want a certain following? Yes, they’re called editors. #editorchat Agreed.

[20:52:44] UrbanMuseWriter: @milehighfool I’d say the voice depends on the pub. I’d be more casual in a teen website vs. B2B pub #editorchat

[20:52:53] milehighfool: @maggiekb1 Or maybe you shouldn’t. Seems this is an open question, which is why we’re asking it. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:53:03] jimmcbee: Med. coding pubs style is a weird combination of familiarity (2nd person) and super technical content. #editorchat

[20:53:15] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast Once upon a time ago, I tried the different personas thing. I couldn’t do it. #editorchat

[20:53:19] CrypticFragment: leaving #editorchat need to catch up on other online errands can’t keep up see the writers folks Sunday at #writechat

[20:53:26] KarenLynch: @milehighfool And no, no pressure to get here … just a desire to learn the way of the future of communication/media #editorchat

[20:53:38] LydiaBreakfast: @jimmcbee sounds like it takes a while to master #editorchat

[20:53:45] SpecialDee: Q1 I think people read articles based on topics of interest, followed by bylines; but topic makes the reader stick w/article. #editorchat

[20:53:47] milehighfool: @UrbanMuseWriter And in your online presence? is the Susan of your artidles the same as the one we read on Twitter? #editorchat

[20:53:49] spencerspellman: My writing style in articles, content, blogs, even FB/Twitter doesn’t change much at all #editorchat

[20:53:50] Willowbottom: @LydiaBreakfast Tone of response – on Facebook or blog, must tone myself down, be more informative. Twitter, I go for the zing. #editorchat

[20:53:52] wordful: Q1 Multiple voices, one persona. My blog is my most personal voice but other blogs are tailored. It’s still me, though #editorchat

[20:54:10] jennipps: @CrypticFragment See ya later. Glad you stopped in for a bit. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:54:17] KarenLynch: I think using your own name forces you to “be you” instead of someone else. It’s YOUR reputation on the line. #editorchat

[20:54:28] bob_bobala: Talked to Zappos exec last week and he combines all – personal life with business life – on twitter. Makes it more interesting. #editorchat

[20:54:34] spencerspellman: I like to think there’s still that edgy, kind of humorous tone no matter what the platform or what the writing #editorchat

[20:54:49] standupkid: Q1 I don’t think your various voices can ever conflict without risking your brand. Complement, show different sides, stay YOU. #editorchat

[20:54:51] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom I love your frank/spunky self. I chose part of my beat/platform for my Twitter “persona”. #editorchat

[20:54:52] jimmcbee: @LydiaBreakfast I suspect it does for some. I kinda fell right into it. But I’m not in love w/ dry, ‘objective’ style. #editorchat

[20:54:56] shortformernie: I write in two voices all the time. Express is so much more serious than SFB is. You have to know when to silence your voice. #editorchat

[20:55:12] shortformernie: You also have to know when to lower your voice’s volume. #editorchat

[20:55:15] spencerspellman: @bob_bobala Great comment . I think that’s how it should be #editorchat

[20:55:16] milehighfool: @wordful Tough to pull off, right? Developing a voice is so difficult I want to use mine everywhere. #editorchat

[20:55:18] jennipps: @bob_bobala I agree. It does. Plus it eliminates any slip-ups by posting in the “wrong” place. #editorchat

[20:55:36] merylkevans: Q1: I consciously write to give the reader something of value, not write about something because it appeals to me. #editorchat

[20:55:40] maggiekb1: @wordful This is true for me as well I think. Same persona and style comes through everywhere, but to varying degrees. #editorchat

[20:55:42] UrbanMuseWriter: @milehighfool some pubs don’t allow much room for the writer’s personality, while others embrace it #editorchat

[20:55:47] milehighfool: RT @shortformernie: You also have to know when to lower your voice’s volume.(Good point.) #editorchat

[20:55:47] jimmcbee: I’ve learned that many readers appreciate when your pub has a distinct personality. #editorchat

[20:55:55] hinder: Q1: I write/edit for a diverse range of pubs that I don’t try to develop a specific platform. Want to be known as a great worker #editorchat

[20:56:01] spencerspellman: At #smstravel a few weeks ago @karasw mentioned that if heavy brand focused, she wants personality behind the voice #editorchat

[20:56:08] wordful: @milehighfool yes, but I guess I do it unconsciously. Writing is such a worthy craft. #editorchat

[20:56:23] BeckyDMBR: Q1: Blog voice definitely different from what I write as correspondent. #editorchat

[20:56:27] spencerspellman: She wants to know that the person behind the brand sometimes forgets to take out the kitty litter #editorchat

[20:56:34] gillespi: @KarenLynch agree with that. takes a lifetime to build reputation & one post to destroy it – using your own name ensures caution #editorchat

[20:56:37] milehighfool: @merylkevans Interesting. I’m the opposite. I find that if it appeals to me, I’m more likely to engage the reader. #editorchat

[20:56:41] Willowbottom: @Single_Shot Thank you – I like your beat persona. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:56:44] shortformernie: You’re still the same guy whether you’re writing about Susan Boyle or writing about the Craigslist killer. Your voice changes. #editorchat

[20:56:48] Sascha_Zuger: @milehighfool My choice of user pic reflects my initial impetus in joining Twitter. Straight headshot on the NPR affiliate page. #editorchat

[20:56:59] bob_bobala: @hinder Agree with that. Be the best you can be, no matter what the platform or outlet you’re communicating on. #editorchat

[20:56:59] LydiaBreakfast: RT @wordful Writing is such a worthy craft. Amen! #editorchat

[20:57:11] hotspringer: A good editor will help to set tone, volume of voice before writing ever begins. #editorchat

[20:57:15] konadad: As long as you write passionately about a topic, your “persona” doesn’t really matter. #editorchat

[20:57:19] wordful: Online readers are certainly more open to hearing the writer’s personal voice. #editorchat

[20:57:23] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom I’m feeling like a beat persona tonight. ; ) #editorchat

[20:57:30] maggiekb1: I should note that I’m (vaguely) participating in #editorchat tonight. I try to keep posts down, but you may want to filter. Sorry for trbl

[20:57:31] Willowbottom: With regards to voices, I’d add that I maintain (“maintain” = loosely) four different blogs – similar style, different voices. #editorchat

[20:57:37] jennipps: RT @bob_bobala @hinder Agree with that. Be the best you can be, no matter what the platform or outlet you’re communicating on. #editorchat

[20:57:38] standupkid: Oh. Let me throw in an exception to my “be yourself” rule: Writing for a distinctive pub like the NY POST. Then, be THEM. #editorchat

[20:57:51] milehighfool: @Sascha_Zuger So, in writing, you’re truly schizophrenic. I suspect we all are, to a degree. #editorchat

[20:57:51] UrbanMuseWriter: RT @Willowbottom: @Single_Shot I like your beat persona. πŸ™‚ #editorchat <– me, too!

[20:57:52] SpecialDee: Q1 Most, but not all, of the assignments I give out are to be written in 3rd person. #editorchat

[20:58:03] spencerspellman: @milehighfool What do you think Q1. One voice across all writing and platforms? #editorchat

[20:58:04] jimmcbee: q1) It’s a dicey thing having personality as a writer. What worked for Hunter S. Thompson might not work for you. #editorchat

[20:58:15] shortformernie: @konadad Lies. Your voice is your most important part of the entire package. If you ignore it, you’ll drive off a cliff. #editorchat

[20:58:33] EilSmi: RT @bob_bobala: Talked to Zappos exec last week. He combines personal life with business life on twitter. More interesting. #editorchat

[20:58:34] bob_bobala: @milehighfool Yes, nuts might be a good way to describe it. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:58:38] Willowbottom: Similar style in that I try for most punch in least words, bullet style, formatting; but different tone entirely. #editorchat

[20:58:45] BeckyDMBR: @UrbanMuseWriter Exactly. Sometimes it gets edited OUT. #editorchat

[20:58:52] Sascha_Zuger: @milehighfool I use the voice of whatever outlet I’m working with to tell the story in best manner for their readers. #editorchat

[20:58:56] shortformernie: @jimmcbee Nor should you steal Hunter S. Thompson’s personality. #editorchat

[20:59:03] anndouglas: @Willowbottom Yes. I think being able to springboard off of another comment instantly adds power and meaning to your reply. #editorchat

[20:59:03] milehighfool: @spencerspellman Honestly, I thik you have to give editors what they need. I’m tempted to use once voice but know I need range. #editorchat

[20:59:17] Willowbottom: @jimmcbee I think personality is the luxury of people who can afford to not care about what people may think. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[20:59:23] UrbanMuseWriter: Took a feature writing course where the instructor discouraged use of 1st person POV. Called it a crutch. Not sure I agree #editorchat

[20:59:34] wordful: @shortformernie I agree, persona is what makes us real. Passion is merely incidental. #editorchat

[20:59:37] Dark_Faust: Sorry all – it’s been a while since I was last able to join the session. Where are the questions for this evening? Thx. #editorchat

[20:59:43] jimmcbee: q1) But I think we’ve killed many readers (in the news biz) by pretending not to have souls. #editorchat

[20:59:43] Willowbottom: @anndouglas agreed – and humor! #editorchat

[20:59:46] standupkid: @BeckyDMBR Anything truly original or funny…or the ONE THING that you like most? That will ALWAYS be edited out. It’s a RULE #editorchat

[20:59:59] bob_bobala: @milehighfool It’s a good question on voice. And it’s tied to your “writer brand.” #editorchat

[21:00:03] Willowbottom: @UrbanMuseWriter A crutch? I think it can lead to trimmer writing. #editorchat

[21:00:05] LydiaBreakfast: Depending on the publication, I can me as personal or as business-like as necessary to tell the story. #editorchat

[21:00:11] spencerspellman: @milehighfool Yeah I understand. I def have to be careful sometimes to stay within very strict boundaries for some pubs #editorchat

[21:00:15] timecommander: @milehighfool Writers won’t get anywhere unless they have a) an extremely solid voice or b) multiple voices. #editorchat

[21:00:21] BeckyDMBR: @Wordful Mmm … that depends. When I read an AP story? I don’t want snark. #editorchat

[21:00:26] milehighfool: @jimmcbee Very true. Isn’t there also a risk in not writing to your true self? #editorchat

[21:00:37] sooutdoors: Q1 Different persona may be necessary if you have mult distinct areas of expertise, but writing style doesn’t need to change. #editorchat

[21:00:40] jennipps: RT @wordful @shortformernie I agree, persona is what makes us real. Passion is merely incidental #editorchat

[21:00:46] lorilowe: @wordful I also use my most personal voice in my blog and book writing. For some corporate writing, definitely a different voice #editorchat

[21:00:48] Single_Shot: @standupkid Yes, I know that rule! I hate that rule! #editorchat

[21:00:54] SpecialDee: Q1 In poetry class we critique each other’s poems each week and 1 question always asked, “who is the speaker?” #editorchat

[21:01:09] LydiaBreakfast: @milehighfool Your true self can be lots of “people” #editorchat

[21:01:17] jimmcbee: @Willowbottom disagree. Though maybe it’s a luxury for people who don’t have to care what their editor thinks πŸ˜€ #editorchat

[21:01:19] mariaelenaduron: Jumping on late but happy 2 b on the chat! #editorchat

[21:01:26] KarenLynch: Re: Q1 and voice: I think writing on assignment is one thing and writing for your own site/blog is another. #editorchat

[21:01:36] BeckyDMBR: @jimmcbee Yeah, it didn’t always work for The Good Doctor either. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:01:40] jennipps: Ditto! RT @LydiaBreakfast Depending on the publication, I can me as personal or as business-like as necessary to tell the story. #editorchat

[21:01:51] merylkevans: @LydiaBreakfast Agreed — in both styles (business and personal), I still want to make sure I give the reader something. #editorchat

[21:01:55] UrbanMuseWriter: @Willowbottom 1st person is easy, but it’s harder to make the reader feel like they’re there (w/out using “you”) #editorchat

[21:01:58] Willowbottom: So one question for the community : how do you react if what an editor doesn’t like *is* your voice? #editorchat

[21:02:06] milehighfool: @sooutdoors Good point. A related Q: Do editors actively seek range in evaluating writing samples? #editorchat

[21:02:12] hotspringer: Voice is like the difference in how you speak to your spouse but maybe not to your mother. It can be controlled. #editorchat

[21:02:22] UrbanMuseWriter: RT @LydiaBreakfast: Depending on the publication, I can me as personal or as business-like as necessary to tell the story. #editorchat Amen!

[21:02:23] jimmcbee: @milehighfool And yet it’s easy to come off as amateurish or churlish or what-have-you. I don’t claim to have mastered it. #editorchat

[21:02:32] wordful: @BeckyDMBR Yes, you’re right. I tend to exclude journalists and copywriters when I talk about writing online. #editorchat

[21:02:43] Willowbottom: @LydiaBreakfast That’s what Sybil said… #editorchat

[21:02:53] standupkid: @Single_Shot I wrote a story about Facebook for the Post…edited by a great, smart, but not “hip” editor. Need I say more? #editorchat

[21:02:59] shortformernie: I just want to note to you guys: It helps that I suffer from multiple personality disorder. It helps my writing. πŸ˜› #editorchat

[21:03:01] hinder: I think personality should come out fully in a blog. Legit articles need to have less you. Still voice is key to any article #editorchat

[21:03:09] Willowbottom: @jimmcbee aHAH! Touche, my good man! #editorchat

[21:03:13] bob_bobala: @SpecialDee It’s funny. In fiction you always talk about a writer’s voice, but I want to talk about my character’s voice. #editorchat

[21:03:22] shortformernie: @Willowbottom You beat your editor up, duh! #editorchat

[21:03:31] jennipps: @KarenLynch RIght. For the new gig I have, I’m reading over their site to get a feeling for their tone vs mine so to do better. #editorchat

[21:03:33] spencerspellman: Q1 I think you should have a voice, but that voice should have the versatility to change in different situations #editorchat

[21:03:34] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Then you’re screwed. #editorchat

[21:03:38] LydiaBreakfast: Q2 authors: have your editors and publishing companies ask that you “brand yourself” by blogging, twittering, or using other SM #editorchat

[21:03:57] standupkid: @UrbanMuseWriter Also true in television. If you are CAREFUL about protecting your brand, you can be versatile, unique… #editorchat

[21:04:07] jennipps: @milehighfool Depends on area. I had one ask for a health article, which I didn’t have in my samples, so I think sometimes yes. #editorchat

[21:04:12] spencerspellman: Your voice in National Geographic by nature I think will have to be different then say for a technology blog #editorchat

[21:04:19] Single_Shot: @LydiaBreakfast Excellent point re true self being lots of “people”! #editorchat

[21:04:26] bob_bobala: @milehighfool Regarding range, yes, if you need someone who can do a lot of different things. #editorchat

[21:04:28] KarenLynch: @Willowbottom If you study the publication closely enough, you can likely align your voice with the pubs, and avoid that problem #editorchat

[21:04:29] Willowbottom: @milehighfool crud. #editorchat

[21:04:34] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Well, okay, maybe not. You can’t really know till you talk with the editor live. Email won’t tell you. #editorchat

[21:04:49] bob_bobala: @milehighfool Less so if you have a very specific job to do and the writer can do it — range or no range. #editorchat

[21:04:53] standupkid: @bob_bobala Fiction! SO easy…all you do is write down what the characters do and say, right? Geez. #editorchat

[21:04:55] spencerspellman: RT @LydiaBreakfast Q2 authors: have your editors and publishing companies ask that you “brand yourself” by blogging, twittering, #editorchat

[21:04:58] jimmcbee: @Willowbottom If it was something you really loved doing, they wouldn’t have to pay you, would they? Suck it up, soldier! #editorchat

[21:05:04] wordful: Q2: I’m my own editor and publishing company! So, absolutely yes to the question! #editorchat

[21:05:15] timecommander: @standupkid That’s the key to it all. If you’re not careful, your material is no longer yours. πŸ˜‰ #editorchat

[21:05:15] jennipps: Q2 – I was blogging before I got published. No one suggested I join Twitter. #editorchat

[21:05:16] Willowbottom: @LydiaBreakfast I have been told that I am too diverse in my interests and to focus on one area. Too bad…not my style. #editorchat

[21:05:29] gillespi: @LydiaBreakfast nup – in fact Penguin couldn’t be more indifferent – possibly an Australian thing? #editorchat

[21:05:40] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom Find a new editor, maybe? Or pitch/write in voice they like or that’s better suited to the publication. #editorchat

[21:05:44] milehighfool: RT @LydiaBreakfast: Q2 authors: have your editors and publishing companies ask that you “brand yourself” via SM #editorchat

[21:05:44] UrbanMuseWriter: @jennipps good call, I always compare the published article to what I submitted so I can nail the nuances of the voice next time #editorchat

[21:05:45] Willowbottom: @jimmcbee True enough – I guess s/he who pays gets to say what stays! #editorchat

[21:05:48] MissADS08: @LydiaBreakfast Not the people that I know who are writing books, but it sounds like a good idea to me! #editorchat

[21:05:58] merylkevans: Q2: I choose to be a one-person business, so it’s a must for me — if I want to stay busy and get paid for it. #editorchat

[21:06:17] LydiaBreakfast: @gillespi nope just specific to that publisher #editorchat

[21:06:45] Sascha_Zuger: @LydiaBreakfast HarperStudio had an Authors’ Breakfast for us to discuss social media and its benefits and importance. #editorchat

[21:06:48] Single_Shot: @standupkid Sounds almost tragically funny. I’ll go look it up & u can email me the jokes/asides that were stripped out. Deal? #editorchat

[21:06:50] jennipps: @UrbanMuseWriter I figure it’s the best way to get repeat assignments. lol #editorchat

[21:06:53] BeckyDMBR: @KarenLynch I agree. #editorchat

[21:06:53] JMegonigal: Q2 It definitely helps an editor to have writers who market themselves as their own brands #editorchat

[21:07:09] jimmcbee: @LydiaBreakfast q2) They’re not that advanced re: social media. #editorchat

[21:07:14] xybrewer: #editorchat Q2 Yes. πŸ˜‰ Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I feel really boxed in.

[21:07:15] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast Q2: I think it’s necessary that I brand myself as the “13 yr old blogger” because it makes me diverse. #editorchat

[21:07:20] stephauteri: is popping in late! Freelance writer: Sex, relationships, and the freelance life. #editorchat

[21:07:24] LydiaBreakfast: @Sascha_Zuger and what did you learn? #editorchat

[21:07:31] wordful: Q2: The editors I’ve worked for have not asked me to do social media branding. They’re too old-school. #editorchat

[21:07:31] JDEbberly: RT @JMegonigal: Q2 It definitely helps an editor to have writers who market themselves as their own brands #editorchat #Editorchat

[21:07:38] LydiaBreakfast: @JMegonigal πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:07:39] milehighfool: RT @Sascha_Zuger: @LydiaBreakfast HarperStudio had an Authors’ Breakfast for us to discuss social media. (A rarity?) #editorchat

[21:07:56] Willowbottom: Am I alone in finding “brand” near synonymous with “pigeonhole”? How could I change my perspective? #editorchat

[21:08:04] LydiaBreakfast: @timecommander It also makes you stand out πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:08:32] wetzeledit: I think publishers want authors with platform/brand but would not specifically push social media (yet) #editorchat

[21:08:34] milehighfool: Related Q2: Edtiros, do you want your writers engaged in social media? Do you support it? #editorchat

[21:08:36] spencerspellman: RT @JMegonigal Q2 It definitely helps an editor to have writers who market themselves as their own brands #editorchat

[21:08:43] UrbanMuseWriter: @stephauteri welcome, Steph! #editorchat

[21:08:46] anndouglas: @LydiaBreakfast No. I’ve been the one driving the online publicity/marketing activities; taking courses to learn more; etc. #editorchat

[21:08:47] Single_Shot: @LydiaBreakfast Q2: I think branding/marketing/plugging yourself is a given in book publishing now. #editorchat

[21:09:00] LydiaBreakfast: @Willowbottom not necessarily. If you are branded reliable, that is a pretty good hole to be pigeoned in, no? #editorchat

[21:09:05] JMegonigal: @LydiaBreakfast As an editor, it’s a pride thing to be able to “claim” well-known brands (writers) as part of your pub. #editorchat

[21:09:07] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Maybe. But isn’t having a niche key to getting published? #editorchat

[21:09:13] shortformernie: I’ve never been asked to “brand myself,” mainly because I’m not really worthy of it. So I just do it. #editorchat

[21:09:17] jimmcbee: q2) have tried to get employers to radically rethink our policy newsletters into a web 2.0 function. No dice. #editorchat

[21:09:21] wordful: @Willowbottom You’ll need brand to rise above the noise and mediocrity on the web. #editorchat

[21:09:32] BeckyDMBR: @Wordful I’ve noticed, tho, that many traditional media outlets try on the snark, and it really doesn’t work. #editorchat

[21:09:35] milehighfool: RT @LydiaBreakfast: @Willowbottom not necessarily. If you are branded reliable, that is a pretty good hole to be pigeoned in. #editorchat

[21:09:38] shortformernie: Plus, branding yourself is painful. Have you seen how hot they make those cattle prods? #editorchat

[21:09:41] merylkevans: I don’t use my deafness in my brand, but I make comments around it 2b more memorable. Teachers knew me so I couldn’t cut class. #editorchat

[21:09:45] jennipps: @milehighfool And to getting known before & after publication. #editorchat

[21:09:47] wetzeledit: It has to be done well. I know authors who start new websites & blogs for each book but never put content on them. #editorchat

[21:09:49] Willowbottom: @milehighfool Indeed – I suppose “Jill of all trades” is hardly a successful way to be, however fun. #editorchat

[21:09:58] booksandcorsets: I think many current editors don’t yet grasp the social networking possibilities. There are those who do, however. #editorchat

[21:10:02] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast That’s what I’m going for. By the time I’m older, hopefully, I’ll already be noticed in the blogosphere. #editorchat

[21:10:02] jimmcbee: @shortformernie ‘What do you do when you’re branded … and you know you’re a man?’ #editorchat

[21:10:13] stephauteri: @Willowbottom: Perhaps it would help to reconsider “brand” as “platform”? #editorchat

[21:10:23] thebrandbuilder: @xybrewer @LydiaBreakfast Do writers typically have portfolios on the web? (Pubs they’ve written for, articles, etc.) #editorchat

[21:10:33] RBLevin: Editors, would you like or dislike non-conversational pitches inserted into your #editorchat?

[21:10:35] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Snarktastic twitterer of obscure and wonderful things, on the other hand … #editorchat

[21:10:41] JenniferPerillo: @LydiaBreakfast Q2 Lots of publishing is still old school. I find younger editors embrace these new avenues to promote “brand”#editorchat

[21:10:46] kristoforlawson: oooo… don’t tell me i’m missing an #editorchat

[21:10:49] wordful: @BeckyDMBR True, that’s because they’re traditional. They only have a footing in certain old-established niches. #editorchat

[21:10:50] shortformernie: @jimmcbee Well played, sir. #editorchat

[21:10:52] LydiaBreakfast: RT @jmegonigal As an editor, it’s a pride thing to be able to “claim” well-known brands (writers) as part of your pub. #editorchat

[21:11:04] milehighfool: RT @stephauteri: @Willowbottom: Perhaps it would help to reconsider “brand” as “platform”? (Or portfolio.) #editorchat

[21:11:07] jennipps: Definitely agree. RT @stephauteri @Willowbottom: Perhaps it would help to reconsider “brand” as “platform”? #editorchat

[21:11:12] JMegonigal: @thebrandbuilder No, not typically, but they SHOULD. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:11:18] merylkevans: @thebrandbuilder Some do. Some don’t. I used to, but couldn’t keep up. My bio lists some pubs. I plan to put up portfolio page. #editorchat

[21:11:29] anndouglas: @milehighfool I think so. Most info sharing between authors is facilitated by author orgs or happens informally. #editorchat

[21:11:30] RBLevin: Topic came up today in a meeting. I maintain it’s intrusive and journalists would find it annoying. #editorchat

[21:11:38] JDEbberly: @kristoforlawson Still plenty of time left for you to enjoy Editorchat, KL! πŸ™‚ #Editorchat

[21:11:41] RBLevin: Curious as to how others think. #editorchat

[21:11:48] BeckyDMBR: @LydiaBreakfast No. My editor is not on Twitter or FB, doesn’t blog. #editorchat

[21:12:02] booksquare: for those who weren’t aware, #editorchat is going on right now. here’s the search stream: http://snurl.com/ghsnf

[21:12:04] RBLevin: @thebrandbuilder I think you HAVE to. #editorchat

[21:12:06] milehighfool: @RBLevin Hey Rich. What do you mean? #editorchat

[21:12:13] Willowbottom: @milehighfool yah but it’s hard to publish snarktastic-or sustain for prolonged periods unless there’s a lot of ire behind it! #editorchat

[21:12:15] shortformernie: Branding yourself is as much your persona as your sloganeering. If people think of you as “that guy,” that’s killer branding. #editorchat

[21:12:31] spencerspellman: Editors have encouraged it to me, but have not wanted to be married to it, maybe in case it backfires? #editorchat

[21:12:43] lorilowe: @jennipps Great point. All my platform writing is in same voice. Freelance voice varies with project/client. #editorchat

[21:12:44] jimmcbee: @RBLevin that’s what #journchat is for. Cross of pr and editorial folks. #editorchat

[21:12:53] BeckyDMBR: @Wordful Well, and if you think about it, there’s only so much snark one can use to report on, oh, serial murder. #editorchat

[21:13:02] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom I’m hoping a person’s ‘brand’ can shift over time. Book 1 brand-quirky food history; book 2-quirky wit period. #editorchat

[21:13:31] shortformernie: Which is why I’m going to start calling myself “the 13 year old blogger,” like @timecommander even though I’m almost 28 πŸ˜€ #editorchat

[21:13:33] hinder: I’m working the website for a new teen pub and even those editors don’t get the importance of utilizing social media It’s a prob #editorchat

[21:13:35] standupkid: @Single_Shot That’s a deal. Sigh. #editorchat

[21:13:36] BeckyDMBR: @KarenLynch That and ASK editors what they expect regarding voice / persona. #editorchat

[21:13:37] RBLevin: @milehighfool Hashtagged conversations where people butt in and post a pitch or an ad using the tag. #editorchat

[21:13:38] LydiaBreakfast: @jimmcbee Thanks Jim, you took the words… πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:13:47] wordful: @BeckyDMBR Yeah, and corporate greed. #editorchat

[21:13:47] merylkevans: @milehighfool That’s true, too. My kids interest me, but it won’t interest readers unless it’s a story with a topic of interest. #editorchat

[21:13:58] milehighfool: @Single_Shot Sure it can. Like Lydia says. Reliable = brand that goes with you wherever. #editorchat

[21:14:13] kristoforlawson: what are we talking about today? #editorchat

[21:14:14] RBLevin: @jimmcbee So you would find it intrusive if flacks pitched in #editorchat? I feel most would and it should be avoided.

[21:14:27] LydiaBreakfast: @merylkevans it’s a fine line to walk talking about your personal stuff in the context of an article #editorchat

[21:15:09] milehighfool: @RBLevin We don’t allow it. Pitching is for #journchat. #editorchat

[21:15:12] spencerspellman: I think reliability and understanding of Social Media is key, if not then it could be bad for both the writer and editor #editorchat

[21:15:35] jimmcbee: @RBLevin bingo … I think @LydiaBreakfast, @milehighfool want us to stay on point. #editorchat

[21:15:36] LydiaBreakfast: @RBLevin we state clearly in our guidelines that this chat is a tool for writers and editors to work together, not pitch stories #editorchat

[21:15:40] anndouglas: The PR people associated with my book division aren’t on Twitter yet. Other parts of huge pub co are. #editorchat

[21:15:49] hotspringer: I’ve said this before re: online brand. Your behavior becomes your avatar. #editorchat

[21:16:03] Willowbottom: @Single_Shot I have a friend who did that – first book memoir, second contemporary/historical romance #editorchat

[21:16:04] wetzeledit: @spencerspellman Agree, sometimes perhaps a bad online presence is no better than none – maybe worse in some cases. #editorchat

[21:16:12] timecommander: @shortformernie The only thing I can promise by that is a ton of attention (and many 55 year old moms getting mad at you) #editorchat

[21:16:18] milehighfool: @merylkevans Touche. Regardless, I think if you don’t get juiced by the topic, it’ll be difficult to write. #editorchat

[21:16:22] RBLevin: @milehighfool I am speaking more broadly, beyond #editorchat. If people are hashchatting, is it rude to pitch?

[21:16:28] spencerspellman: RT @hotspringer I’ve said this before re: online brand. Your behavior becomes your avatar. #editorchat

[21:16:28] kristoforlawson: @spencerspellman – true! It is important to understand what social media is, it is hugely important in todays market #editorchat

[21:16:29] wordful: RT @hotspringer I’ve said this before re: online brand. Your behavior becomes your avatar. Well said. #editorchat

[21:16:31] KB_Alan: RT @booksquare: for those who weren’t aware, #editorchat is going on right now.

[21:16:34] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom That’s a large leap. Did it work for her okay? #editorchat

[21:16:42] RBLevin: @milehighfool Also, you can’t really stop it, can you? #editorchat

[21:16:43] shortformernie: @hotspringer That’s the point I was trying to make! *high five* #editorchat

[21:16:43] jennipps: @hotspringer I’ve seen both good and bad examples of that to prove the point. ANd when they;’re bad, YIKES! #editorchat

[21:16:53] milehighfool: RT @hotspringer: I’ve said this before re: online brand. Your behavior becomes your avatar. (Agreed.) #editorchat

[21:16:55] spencerspellman: @wetzeledit Yeah I would say that it’s usually worse #editorchat

[21:17:09] merylkevans: @milehighfool Definitely. I struggle the most with articles with a topic that doesn’t grip me as much. #editorchat

[21:17:15] JDEbberly: RT @hotspringer I’ve said this before re: online brand. Your behavior becomes your avatar. #Editorchat

[21:17:25] jimmcbee: My online ‘brand’ must be all over the place, as my interests and attitudes vary a lot. πŸ˜€ #editorchat

[21:17:25] LydiaBreakfast: Q2 again, writers, are your publishers asking you to brand yourself using SM, or do you already do that? #editorchat

[21:17:37] milehighfool: @RBLevin No question. Why wouldn’t it be? #editorchat

[21:17:40] Willowbottom: @Single_Shot I think so – her first book sold well, her second just got accepted and I believe is out next year. #editorchat

[21:17:53] shortformernie: @timecommander Why do the 55-year-old moms get mad at you? #editorchat

[21:17:54] spencerspellman: @hotspringer Excellent comment about your behavior, totally agree. #editorchat

[21:18:02] LydiaBreakfast: @jimmcbee there is that multiple personality thing again πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:18:11] stephauteri: @jimmcbee: I’m with you. I have a tough time coming up with a nice and neat elevator pitch for myself. #editorchat

[21:18:26] stephauteri: @jimmcbee: Then again, it’s nice being the go-to person for SOMEthing. #editorchat

[21:18:36] hinder: Changing your niche/diversifying is possible. I covered real estate for years and slowly fought to break out through small gigs. #editorchat

[21:18:40] kristoforlawson: I think SM should be an automatic response to the current market, you shouldn’t need to be asked if you are good at your job #editorchat

[21:18:45] milehighfool: @RBLevin No, but you can ignore it. You’ve been a journalist, Rich. What about your online ID? Differ by the medium? #editorchat

[21:19:08] BeckyDMBR: What does that mean exactly … your brand as a writer? #editorchat

[21:19:11] JDEbberly: Q2: I use SM to brand myself, have been for some time. #Editorchat

[21:19:20] jimmcbee: @LydiaBreakfast Hey, that’s Ernie’s brand. Color me ADHD. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:19:22] PR_Student: What’s an elevator pitch #editorchat

[21:19:26] RBLevin: @milehighfool That was the answer, pro or con, that I was after. #editorchat

[21:19:50] mammaloves: @BeckyDMBR Are you part of discussion right now? #editorchat??

[21:19:51] Single_Shot: Q2: Never had anyone ASK me 2 do social media. But it makes editors/agents light up when you tell them you do. #editorchat

[21:19:52] timecommander: @shortformernie A thirteen year old kid shouldn’t be on Twitter, apparently. #editorchat

[21:20:04] jennipps: @spencerspellman See ya, Spencer. Glad you could stay even for a bit. #editorchat

[21:20:04] LydiaBreakfast: RT @kristoforlawson I think SM should be automatic response to the current market (agreed) #editorchat

[21:20:05] milehighfool: Flip side of the brand question: Not sure it has a financial impact. Look at the NYT. Plenty of their writers have great brands. #editorchat

[21:20:09] UrbanMuseWriter: @PR_Student it’s a short, succinct way of saying what you do #editorchat

[21:20:10] RBLevin: @milehighfool Not sure what you mean? I use one ID for hacking and flacking, since I’m always me. #editorchat

[21:20:15] kristoforlawson: @PR_Student – an elevator pitch is a short pitch which you would give someone in the time it takes to ride an elevator #editorchat

[21:20:22] Sascha_Zuger: @milehighfool Sorry — got bumped. Yes, it’s not often authors are brought together and I believe nearly everyone attended. #editorchat

[21:20:32] milehighfool: @Single_Shot Oooooo. Who are these editors? Names please πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:20:38] jimmcbee: @stephauteri Have no interest in being well-known. However, I could see value in branding for Smartnews purposes. #editorchat

[21:20:38] UrbanMuseWriter: @PR_Student if you’re on the elevator with a CEO, you have until he gots off at the top floor to wow him. What will you say? #editorchat

[21:20:39] wordful: @PR_Student a quick description that neatly sums up what you do. Something you could tell someone while taking an elevator. #editorchat

[21:20:41] LydiaBreakfast: @PR_Student describing yourself and your biz concisely as in, the time it takes to ride the elevator #editorchat

[21:20:44] Matt_scherer: @PR_student, it’s the twitter version of selling yourself. Toastmasters teaches you how to do it very effectively #editorchat

[21:20:48] jennipps: RT @Single_Shot Q2: Never had anyone ASK me 2 do social media. But it makes editors/agents light up when you tell them you do. #editorchat

[21:20:49] stephauteri: @PR_Student: http://liltext.com/dja It’s like a brief means of explaining all that it is you do and have to offer. #editorchat

[21:20:55] KarenLynch: Re Q2: I’m not a published author (yet) but included SM in book proposal I recently submitted to a publisher. Thought it prudent #editorchat

[21:21:03] RBLevin: @milehighfool I’m not asking if I can pitch here. I’m surveying to settle a debate. I maintain it *is* rude. #editorchat

[21:21:10] SpecialDee: A speaker has a voice. The voice has a tone. The tone creates the brand. #editorchat

[21:21:21] JDEbberly: RT @LydiaBreakfast: @PR_Student describing yourself and your biz concisely as in, the time it takes to ride the elevator #editorchat #Ed …

[21:21:27] jennipps: SM involvement might be something to include when I meet with an editor or agent at a conference next weekend… #editorchat

[21:21:30] JDEbberly: RT @SpecialDee: A speaker has a voice. The voice has a tone. The tone creates the brand. #editorchat #Editorchat

[21:21:30] hotspringer: Q2: My golf-addict husband tries new drivers, putters to improve his game. As a freelance journo, I do SM to stay IN the game. #editorchat

[21:21:34] hinder: Q2: I ‘social media’ for 2 of my freelance gigs. It wasn’t editor requested, but building a brand for both was a must. #editorchat

[21:21:35] wetzeledit: RT Single_Shot Q2: Never had anyone ASK me 2 do social media. But it makes editors/agents light up when you tell them you do #editorchat

[21:21:48] wordful: Wow, we all jumped on that elevator pitch question, huh? #editorchat

[21:21:53] anndouglas: @hinder Agree. Mainly known for writing about pregnancy/parenting, but have been writing about motherhood, politics lately. #editorchat

[21:21:55] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom That’s great. As a writer w/multiple interests/voices (fiction, nonfiction, humor, etc), it’s hard 2 narrow focus. #editorchat

[21:22:03] kristoforlawson: @milehighfool – but are the writers branded on what they have already done as a writer? #editorchat

[21:22:04] wordful: What is the reference to SM? #editorchat

[21:22:09] merylkevans: Q2: SM is today what web pages was in 1995. Few do it at first, but essential later. Most have an idea how to set up web page. #editorchat

[21:22:18] LydiaBreakfast: @wordful that is the spirit of this thing – helpful #editorchat

[21:22:30] KarenLynch: @wordful Social Media = SM #editorchat

[21:22:38] spencerspellman: @hinder I agree it helps out you and the editor or at least that’s how it should help. #editorchat

[21:22:44] AlbrightDC: RT @kristoforlawson I think SM should be an automatic response to the current market, you shouldn’t need to be asked #editorchat

[21:22:46] JMegonigal: Ack! 11% juice and no charger tonight. Fun #editorchat while it lasted. Sorry to run, ‘night all!

[21:22:56] wordful: @KarenLynch right, now I feel dumb! #editorchat

[21:23:11] milehighfool: Also, if all querying is selling, shouldn’t you have a verifiable brand to pitch? Social media can help, I think. #editorchat

[21:23:16] spencerspellman: @hinder Promote and connect you , while promoting and connecting the editor/publication #editorchat

[21:23:30] Willowbottom: @merylkevans and the barriers to entry SM are less and less every time there’s an innovation. #editorchat

[21:23:42] Single_Shot: @milehighfool I may be thinking more of book editors. But my beat editors LOVE it when I’m picked up by media. SM 2, no doubt. #editorchat

[21:23:43] spencerspellman: Gotta run now. Thanks. I enjoyed it all. #editorchat

[21:23:59] shortformernie: @timecommander To those moms I say, “You’re crazy.” You’re an innovator, not a bad kid. #editorchat

[21:24:04] timecommander: @wordful Ha, it took me a second to get it as well, Charles. But being thirteen gives me an excuse! #editorchat

[21:24:12] kristoforlawson: RT @merylkevans: Q2: SM is today what web pages was in 1995. Few do it at first #editorchat

[21:24:20] milehighfool: @kristoforlawson Yes, and that, increasingly, incliudes blogs and social media. #editorchat

[21:24:22] stephauteri: RT @milehighfool: Also, if all querying is selling, shouldn’t you have a verifiable brand to pitch? #editorchat

[21:24:42] merylkevans: @Willowbottom Exactly. What seems geeky to some now will work like using Word later. It gets easier for all to use. #editorchat

[21:24:47] shortformernie: @KarenLynch I’m so happy the name isn’t “Social and Media.” Then @timecommander would have to leave the room. #editorchat

[21:24:47] wordful: @timecommander actually less of an excuse since you are 13! #editorchat

[21:24:48] Single_Shot: @KarenLynch Smart cookie re SM in book proposal! #editorchat

[21:24:49] ErikSherman: @milehighfool Pitching is selling, but I don’t think that SM verifies your “brand”… #editorchat

[21:24:55] stephauteri: @milehighfool: I agree. And when your brand stretches across multiple platforms, it’s also a good indicator of your versatility. #editorchat

[21:24:58] justicefergie: @mammaloves what’s the #editorchat discussion about?

[21:25:05] jimmcbee: I hate selling. Even when I believe in the product. #editorchat

[21:25:07] obilon: Jumping in here for a bit. Anyone got a link to the “rules”? #editorchat

[21:25:09] milehighfool: @Single_Shot Same here. I was interviewed by the NYT last year for an iPhone story — great pub for the Fool. #editorchat

[21:25:15] timecommander: @wordful HAHA! True indeed! #editorchat

[21:25:28] ErikSherman: @milehighfool Brand is highly misunderstood – mistaken for advertising/notoriety… #editorchat

[21:25:52] ErikSherman: @milehighfool When it’s the encapsulation of doing business with a person/company. #editorchat

[21:25:53] LydiaBreakfast: @obilon all info on editorchat.wordpress.com #editorchat

[21:25:56] milehighfool: @ErikSherman You don’t think your network is part of your brand as a writer? Who you know? Who you’ve done biz with? #editorchat

[21:26:08] timecommander: @shortformernie They say it’s dangerous and I do agree with them to an extent, but they completely blow it out of proportion. #editorchat

[21:26:12] Single_Shot: @KarenLynch SM is social media. I thought we were talking about sadism & masochism? ; ) #editorchat

[21:26:14] kristoforlawson: shouldn’t your work ultimately brand you, and SM is just a tool for you to connect with your audience #editorchat

[21:26:14] wordful: RT @stephauteri when your brand stretches across multiple platforms, it’s also a good indicator of your versatility. [Awesome!] #editorchat

[21:26:22] DougLance: Where are the writers editing each others work? #editorchat

[21:26:25] stephauteri: @jimmcbee: Ha! I feel as if selling myself is the toughest thing of all. It denotes a high level of belief in your worth. #editorchat

[21:26:37] DougLance: Where are the writers editing each others work on twitter? #editorchat

[21:27:30] shortformernie: BTW, to everyone adding me at @shortformernie, be sure to add @shortformblog too. I use this mostly for Tweet chats. #editorchat

[21:27:47] LydiaBreakfast: @stephauteri It is a struggle for a lot of freelancers, I think. #editorchat

[21:27:54] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Important point. But I also think it depends on the editor. Writing online principally, SM is important to my eds. #editorchat

[21:27:58] Single_Shot: @milehighfool I bet they LOVED you after the NYT interview! #editorchat

[21:28:01] ErikSherman: @milehighfool Certainly who you’ve done business with counts, but that goes to experience. #editorchat

[21:28:07] hotspringer: RT @stephauteri when your brand stretches across multiple platforms, it’s also a good indicator of your versatility. [Awesome!] #editorchat

[21:28:34] merylkevans: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” SM makes it possible #editorchat

[21:28:38] ErikSherman: @milehighfool But it’s much more than a list. I know people with good-sounding credits that I’d never hire. #editorchat

[21:28:40] jimmcbee: @stephauteri C’mon, you write for nerve. If that don’t give you the aura of cool, I dunno how to help ya. #editorchat

[21:28:46] stephauteri: @LydiaBreakfast: True. It ties in with the difficulty of setting rates, as well. But that’s a whole other convo… #editorchat

[21:28:52] timecommander: @shortformernie …and following. #editorchat

[21:29:05] KarenLynch: @Single_Shot Oh, what a difference an ampersand makes #editorchat

[21:29:05] bacigalupe: an aside, coming late today, great link with 20 books for the freelancer http://tinyurl.com/cdv3v9 suggested by @LydiaBreakfast #editorchat

[21:29:11] SpecialDee: When you blog a combination of personal and business posts, who owns them, you or your boss? #editorchat

[21:29:16] BeckyDMBR: @Single_Shot No, that’s S-*AND*-M. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:29:19] anti9to5guide: Hey all, popping in late while on a deadline. Michelle Goodman, freelance writer/author who needs a vacation. #editorchat

[21:29:19] LydiaBreakfast: @ErikSherman which is why it is important to develop a voice and a following #editorchat

[21:29:20] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Yes. Who you know doesn’t count? Who has commented on your work via SM, for example? #editorchat

[21:29:21] stephauteri: @jimmcbee: aaahaha. Touche. #editorchat

[21:29:25] obilon: What question are we at or is it open to discuss all of them? #editorchat

[21:29:30] Sascha_Zuger: @LydiaBreakfast (sorry, bumped) Inspiring meeting – http://tinyurl.com/dj55dc #editorchat

[21:29:32] Single_Shot: @LydiaBreakfast I fought the blog and the blog won. #editorchat

[21:29:48] ErikSherman: @milehighfool Ultimately, the editor wants to know that you can communicate a story in the format in question. #editorchat

[21:29:56] milehighfool: @ErikSherman More precisely, I’ve never been published in BusinessWeek but editors there have tweeted my articles. #editorchat

[21:30:08] kristoforlawson: @SpecialDee – depends on your contract… but I would say you should own everything you write, but licence it to your work #editorchat

[21:30:18] anti9to5guide: @Single_Shot Ain’t that the truth (re your blog). It’s great though. #editorchat

[21:30:19] Single_Shot: @BeckyDMBR @KarenLynch Details, details! #editorchat

[21:30:19] milehighfool: @ErikSherman No doubt. That’s the bottom line. #editorchat

[21:30:20] ErikSherman: @milehighfool So, for example, a book editor won’t automatically go for a magazine writer who has never actually done a book. #editorchat

[21:30:23] jennipps: RT @ErikSherman @milehighfool Ultimately, the editor wants to know that you can communicate a story in the format in question. #editorchat

[21:30:27] BeckyDMBR: @KarenLynch The little symbol with the big name. #editorchat

[21:30:44] jimmcbee: @stephauteri will have to dig into yr blog to see how you reconcile writing for nerve w/ being self-described ‘recluse’ #editorchat

[21:30:49] LydiaBreakfast: @obilon Q2 again, writers, are your publishers asking you to brand yourself using SM, or do you already do that? #editorchat

[21:30:59] BeckyDMBR: @SpecialDee Depends on how the contract’s written. #editorchat

[21:31:03] Willowbottom: @milehighfool Isn’t that 2 degrees from being published in BusinessWeek though? So close, so close… #editorchat

[21:31:05] milehighfool: RT @LydiaBreakfast: @ErikSherman which is why it is important to develop a voice and a following #editorchat

[21:31:08] stephauteri: RT @ErikSherman @milehighfool Ultimately, the editor wants to know that you can communicate a story in the format in question. #editorchat

[21:31:17] gmarkham: @SpecialDee If you’re doing it as part of your job, the company owns them. #editorchat

[21:31:19] obilon: @LydiaBreakfast Thank you again. #editorchat

[21:31:25] anndouglas: @SpecialDee The contract should specify rights. http://www.asja.org and other writers’ orgs have good rights info. #editorchat

[21:31:40] stephauteri: @jimmcbee: ::sigh:: An incredibly conflicted life. #editorchat

[21:31:46] ErikSherman: @milehighfool For editors I know, “who you know” means sources, not necessarily others commenting on work … #editorchat

[21:31:47] JDEbberly: RT @ErikSherman @milehighfool Ultimately, the editor wants to know that you can communicate a story in the format in question. #Editorchat

[21:31:50] milehighfool: @Willowbottom I know. Such teases, they are πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:31:53] anti9to5guide: Q2: My book publisher asks me to SM like crazy. Not sure my other editors have time to ponder it. #editorchat

[21:32:13] ErikSherman: @milehighfool And for online work, one real interest is whether you can create traffice… #editorchat

[21:32:16] merylkevans: @LydiaBreakfast Q2: Doing it myself. I’m a lone freelancer and fully booked. I think SM makes a big difference in my biz. #editorchat

[21:32:20] stephauteri: Q2: My editors haven’t asked me to brand myself, but I have offered to help them move into SM. #editorchat

[21:32:25] ErikSherman: @milehighfool or traffic without a final e. <s> #editorchat

[21:32:33] anndouglas: @LydiaBreakfast Already do it. See my personal brand as being separate from my book brand. #editorchat

[21:32:34] rachelcw: oh bummer, I keep coming home too late for #editorchat

[21:32:35] anti9to5guide: Q2: I’ve also had people interview me re freelancing who ask me to SM the heck out of the Q&A. #editorchat

[21:32:44] jimmcbee: @stephauteri oh well, no conflict, no dramatic tension. No drama, no story. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:32:45] LydiaBreakfast: @ErikSherman I don’t think that is a hard and fast rule, look at @dooce, blogger got a book deal because of her style #editorchat

[21:32:59] bacigalupe: @LydiaBreakfast well, I should do less SM to get more written πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:33:04] ErikSherman: @milehighfool They may have, but then they’re reacting not to your presence on SM, but to your writing #editorchat

[21:33:13] hotspringer: Welcome, @rachelcw. #editorchat

[21:33:13] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Yep. I mean that, too. But a successful query of mine included that BW reference. #editorchat

[21:33:21] anti9to5guide: @anndouglas That’s interesting re your two brands. Can you elaborate on waht they are? #editorchat

[21:33:27] LydiaBreakfast: @bacigalupe that is the challenge my friend πŸ˜‰ #editorchat

[21:33:32] SpecialDee: @anndouglas Thanks. I ask because some blogs have advertising, so who makes the $, you or your boss? Will check http://www.asja.org #editorchat

[21:33:38] ErikSherman: @milehighfool Actually, not necessarily the bottom line, because it has to be the right kind of traffic. #editorchat

[21:33:43] Willowbottom: @rachelcw My strategy is to just not leave the office. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:33:43] anndouglas: @LydiaBreakfast And her audience. #editorchat

[21:33:44] Sascha_Zuger: @LydiaBreakfast Penguin had me set up a blog under my pen name & included pseudonym email address on jacket to connect w/readers #editorchat

[21:34:09] Dark_Faust: Q2: Still a lot of journos in the technology trade professions that see most SM as a waste of time. #editorchat

[21:34:33] anndouglas: @Sascha_Zuger There’s always that…. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:34:52] DougLance: What is SM? #editorchat

[21:35:02] bob_bobala: @Dark_Faust Oh yes, they rebel against it. Don’t see the big picture. #editorchat

[21:35:14] jimmcbee: @Dark_Faust Sure can be. I spose if you’re disciplined, you use it to cultivate sources, not goof off. #editorchat

[21:35:15] LydiaBreakfast: @DougLance SM = social media #editorchat

[21:35:24] obilon: @Dark_Faust Really? They see SM as a waste b/c it does nothing to promote them? Or a time suck with no ROI? #editorchat

[21:35:34] jimmcbee: @DougLance SM=social media #editorchat

[21:35:35] milehighfool: Framing the question somewhat differently? Is social media critical to you as a writer? Editor? #editorchat

[21:35:55] bacigalupe: heard this expression in yoga the other day: “gravity surfing”, well, this is how it feels to balance the SM and the writing #editorchat

[21:36:04] ErikSherman: @LydiaBreakfast It’s not hard and fast, but it’s a hurdle. However, having a “platform” and audience is a bigger hurdle. #editorchat

[21:36:18] hinder: Seriously, anyone who thinks SM is a waste of time doesn’t understand their audience. #editorchat

[21:36:25] anti9to5guide: @milehighfool Not critical. But can definitely help with book promo. I have yet to see direct payoff for freelance articles/work #editorchat

[21:36:29] anndouglas: Odd. “There’s always that” was meant for @bacigalupe Sorry to confuse u @Sascha_Zuger #editorchat

[21:36:29] jennipps: @milehighfool I’m finding it increasingly important to me as a writer. Eds are finding me via social media, surprisingly (to me) #editorchat

[21:36:37] Dark_Faust: wrt Q2: How about editors that are SM behind corp wall, i.e., still promoting their own brand. Many readers don’t know or care #editorchat

[21:36:41] stephauteri: @milehighfool: As a writer, its been critical to me in building my profile within certain niches. #editorchat

[21:36:54] milehighfool: @Dark_Faust I think it depends on who you’re referring to. I know a lot of tech trade writers who use SM often, and well. #editorchat

[21:37:03] Single_Shot: @jimmcbee I definitely use Twitter to find sources. #editorchat

[21:37:09] JDEbberly: RT @hinder: Seriously, anyone who thinks SM is a waste of time doesn’t understand their audience. #editorchat #Editorchat

[21:37:16] stephauteri: @milehighfool: On the less critical but still important level, it’s helped me to build a supportive community around myself. #editorchat

[21:37:17] jimmcbee: @milehighfool It’s becoming more and more helpful for source farming. Have yet to find many publishers or investors, tho. πŸ˜€ #editorchat

[21:37:43] ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust Probably because their rightly skeptical about much touted tech – they’ve seen it the morning after. #editorchat

[21:37:51] kristoforlawson: @Dark_Faust – I think most journos are catching on pretty well, but there are a few still confused about it all #editorchat

[21:37:56] Single_Shot: @jimmcbee And, um, there is a fair amount of goofing off, too. #editorchat

[21:38:00] anndouglas: @anti9to5guide Sure. There’s me (Ann Douglas) the writer. There’s THE MOTHER OF ALL the book brand. #editorchat

[21:38:05] rachelcw: @Willowbottom excellent and tragic option! and something I’m regularly guilty of #editorchat

[21:38:12] shortformernie: @milehighfool Social media is an amazing way to let people know that you’re for real and serious about your abilities and craft. #editorchat

[21:38:17] rachelcw: hello all and my apologies for dropping in so late #editorchat

[21:38:25] LydiaBreakfast: SM has completely changed the way I do business, and expanded my reach exponentially. Just look at my twosse. #editorchat

[21:38:27] milehighfool: @anti9to5guide So as a marketing and brand development tool rather than a biz dev tool? #editorchat

[21:38:28] bob_bobala: I actually see a huge payoff on TurboTax. Our content doesn’t answer everybody’s questions, so users can answer each other’s Qs. #editorchat

[21:38:30] Dark_Faust: Does SM really provide ROI? Not for flacks but for editors/writers? Any one have actual data? #editorchat

[21:38:43] DougLance: #editorchat — I think this is the beginning of SM. A group of people fighting for influence leaves everyone powerless. Common goals ispower

[21:38:46] stephauteri: And I second @Single_Shot. It’s a great way to find sources. #editorchat

[21:39:04] shortformernie: @milehighfool And it strokes my ego in a way that I can’t get in my offline life, because I’m otherwise cold and alone. πŸ˜€ #editorchat

[21:39:08] ErikSherman: @anti9to5guide I’ve actually gotten assignments by pointing an editor to a blog entry I did and treating it as a full query. #editorchat

[21:39:15] milehighfool: @jimmcbee “Source farming.” What a great phrase. #editorchat

[21:39:20] KarenLynch: @jennipps They’re finding me, too … but why … why are they following me? Editors? Why do you follow freelancers? #editorchat

[21:39:26] jimmcbee: @Single_Shot LinkedIn has been good for med. policy sources. Not much is good for medical coding sources, though. #editorchat

[21:39:28] anndouglas: Don’t want to be linked exclusively to the brand (do a lot of other things) so I have to brand myself separately. #editorchat

[21:40:01] anti9to5guide: @anndouglas Ah, smart. Your series has a great title! #editorchat

[21:40:07] GirlsSentAway: RT @LydiaBreakfast: @PR_Student describing yourself and your biz concisely as in, the time it takes to ride the elevator #editorchat

[21:40:17] BeckyDMBR: @anndouglas Exactly. @dooce got a book deal for more than *just* her voice. #editorchat

[21:40:19] jennipps: @Dark_Faust No actual data but personal experience, yes. #editorchat

[21:40:20] Dark_Faust: @obilon The later – they see SM as another time sink with limited ROI. They may be right. But to reach new readers, need SM. #editorchat

[21:40:26] anti9to5guide: @ErikSherman Wow, fantastic. A 140-word pitch. At first contact? Or once you’ve already been working w/them? #editorchat

[21:40:28] milehighfool: @Dark_Faust Sure. I got a gig by being on Twitter. I know I’m not the only one. #editorchat

[21:40:31] thebrandbuilder: RT @LydiaBreakfast: “SM has completely changed the way I do business, and expanded my reach exponentially.” #editorchat

[21:40:38] shortformernie: By the way, I’m in the midst of rethinking my SFB format to be even more Twitter-oriented. Because that’s how important SM is. #editorchat

[21:40:45] rachelcw: @ErikSherman but don’t you find some editors don’t want articles that were previously blogged about by you? #editorchat

[21:40:52] stephauteri: Rt @shortformernie: And it strokes my ego in a way that I can’t get in my offline life, b/c I’m otherwise cold & alone. [aahaha] #editorchat

[21:40:52] jennipps: @KarenLynch I’ve wondered that before, too. I know why one is following me, via a RL friend’s recommendation #editorchat

[21:41:09] ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust I think it’s still too soon for real ROI calc – you have to see how it works over time and then be able to measure. #editorchat

[21:41:10] anti9to5guide: @milehighfool Marketing/branding, source hunting, and community bldg. Though I would like to use for biz dev. Just haven’t yet. #editorchat

[21:41:23] Single_Shot: @milehighfool @jimmcbee Re source farming. There is a fair amount of “weeding out” that has 2 be done sometimes, 2! #editorchat

[21:41:26] anndouglas: That’s one of the reasons I set up a separate Twitter account for @themotherofall – to try to create that separation. #editorchat

[21:41:44] JudySL: I was one of AOL’s community leaders back when “chat” consisted of BBs…I think we’re at the cusp of new usage #editorchat

[21:41:44] rachelcw: I got the best job offer of my career via Twitter and small gigs as well. It was the accessibility factor that sold these people #editorchat

[21:41:47] jimmcbee: @KarenLynch I follow ’em cos maybe they’ll wanna join in with my project, http://smartnewsnc.com #editorchat

[21:41:51] hinder: When I started tweeting for the teen pub, our weekly views doubled immediately, monthly doubled too. So yes, SM works. #editorchat

[21:41:51] anti9to5guide: @milehighfool Actually, I lied I got a small speaking gig through Twitter earlier this year. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:41:52] milehighfool: RT @ErikSherman: @anti9to5guide I’ve gotten assignments by pointing an ed. to a blog I did and treating it as a full query. #editorchat

[21:41:53] JDEbberly: RT @LydiaBreakfast: “SM has completely changed the way I do business, and expanded my reach exponentially. #Editorchat

[21:41:54] JDEbberly: RT @LydiaBreakfast: “SM has completely changed the way I do business, and expanded my reach exponentially. #Editorchat

[21:42:04] Dark_Faust: @bob_bobala They are already established editors. SM seems like another time drag from the publisher. #editorchat

[21:42:18] kristoforlawson: how important will twitter be in the future… we have already seen how @aplusk can use it #editorchat

[21:42:23] Willowbottom: @Dark_Faust Regarding limited ROI, I suppose the question is: can they afford to be wrong? Worst that happens is you waste time. #editorchat

[21:42:30] milehighfool: @Single_Shot Yep. Wheat, meet chaff. #editorchat

[21:42:40] jennipps: @ErikSherman How do/can you measure ROI, though? THat’s eomthing I’ve never really understood. It’s not really quantifiable. #editorchat

[21:42:42] Single_Shot: @jimmcbee I use different places 4 different sources. Twitter is great 4 “real people” sources. HARO is good 4 pros & real peeps #editorchat

[21:42:49] Sascha_Zuger: @milehighfool Joining Twitter has been incredible boost, in my experience. #editorchat

[21:42:56] jimmcbee: Cold & alone? Now Ernie’s trespassin’ on MY brand. #editorchat

[21:42:57] anndouglas: @SpecialDee I’m paid to blog @torontostar + @yahoocanada (freelance; not an employee). Have my own blogs (profile link). #editorchat

[21:42:59] Dark_Faust: I think SM is key to engaging the future audience. It’s messy and loopsided, but is necessary. #editorchat

[21:42:59] UrbanMuseWriter: Yes, all of these are great uses RT @anti9to5guide: @milehighfool Marketing/branding, source hunting, and community bldg. #editorchat

[21:43:10] obilon: @Dark_Faust You engage readers better in SM than any other way. Q&A, updates, teasers, crowd sourcing, feedback – Immediately! #editorchat

[21:43:13] rachelcw: @Dark_Faust I think we’re all reestablishing ourselves via new mediums and expanded social networking opportunities #editorchat

[21:43:32] anti9to5guide: @Single_Shot I get sources through Facebook a lot. LinkedIn Questions too. #editorchat

[21:43:41] bob_bobala: @Dark_Faust Right, just more work! Well, I know tech editors that are completely afraid of SM. Think it undermines them. #editorchat

[21:43:48] dianavilibert: Hello #editorchat! @MarieClaire Mag associate web editor here (fashionably late?) coming out of hiding & stopping by for a bit! #editorchat

[21:43:49] JenniferPerillo: @rachelcw Agree about article prev blogged about. I used to hold onto ideas for that very reason. #editorchat

[21:43:50] jimmcbee: @Single_Shot not familiar with HARO. #editorchat

[21:43:56] JudySL: the only prob with twitter is that it’s hard to really pinpoint and target when you’re source hunting, don’tcha think? #editorchat

[21:44:00] obilon: @Single_Shot Agreed. Different SM venues for different types of sources and info gathering. Good way to think about it. #editorchat

[21:44:04] garylwest: On my work Twitter account we now have 600 followers in a few months. Took 2 years to get to 200 e-letter subscribers. #editorchat

[21:44:14] milehighfool: RT @anti9to5guide: @Single_Shot I get sources through Facebook a lot. LinkedIn Questions too. #editorchat

[21:44:15] BeckyDMBR: @Single_Shot Ever been in a newsroom? Goofing off is sometimes required. [grin] #editorchat

[21:44:27] Dark_Faust: @Willowbottom Risk analysis – good approach. I agree with you. But most editors w/ traditional pubs are just plain worn out. #editorchat

[21:44:31] LydiaBreakfast: @Willowbottom the rule of thumb for new ventures is fail fast. On Twitter, you’ll see in a skinny minute how fast it works #editorchat

[21:44:32] Sascha_Zuger: @dianavilibert Hi, Diana! #editorchat

[21:44:37] anndouglas: @ErikSherman What an efficient way to pitch an editor. Great tip! #editorchat

[21:44:52] rachelcw: @JenniferPerillo though I think that if presented more as a teaser with the opportunity for a full fledged feature it might work #editorchat

[21:44:55] jennipps: @jimmcbee I’ve found great sources through #HARO – http://www.helpareporter.com – run/founded by @skydiver #editorchat

[21:44:57] BeckyDMBR: @rachelcw Hey! No need to apologize. Pull up a chair. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:44:58] ErikSherman: @Willowbottom That’s one reason I’m trying out twitter – don’t expect a fast payback and the cost is low. It’s worth the try. #editorchat

[21:45:11] milehighfool: @JudySL Yes, but hashtags improve the process. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) by @skydiver is an excellent tool. #editorchat

[21:45:16] merylkevans: @jimmcbee HARO = helpareporter.com by @skydiver. I get a lot of help when I am short on sources from that awesome list. #editorchat

[21:45:24] standupkid: Twitter is a fast source and quote finding machine like nothing I’ve ever experienced. #editorchat

[21:45:28] Dark_Faust: @rachelcw Agree. I think we all have to try. We have to be engaged or we’ll miss the crucial wave. #editorchat

[21:45:28] Willowbottom: @Dark_Faust and that’s the rotten part-understand being worn out, chasing red herrings, but may be time to reevaluate self then. #editorchat

[21:45:31] rachelcw: thanks @beckydmbr & @hotspringer πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:45:39] ErikSherman: @jennipps Depends completely on your business model. No general answer. #editorchat

[21:45:52] Single_Shot: @milehighfool Some of the chaff’s been chafing as of late. ; ) #editorchat

[21:45:53] jimmcbee: @JudySL yeah, it’s a bit of a crapshoot. When you have enough followers interested in your topic area, it’s not so bad. #editorchat

[21:46:12] LydiaBreakfast: @dianavilibert Hi Diana, so glad you joined #editorchat

[21:46:30] wordful: Did we get to Q3 yet? #editorchat

[21:46:30] Zoeyjane: I’m totally eavesdropping on #editorchat. Is it considered that, in the twitterverse?

[21:46:55] obilon: @milehighfool HARO (Help a Reporter Out) by @skydiver is an excellent tool. (Agreed!) #editorchat

[21:47:05] milehighfool: @dianavilibert Glad you could make it, Diana. Are you asking writers to use social media? How do you use it as an editor? #editorchat

[21:47:09] Dark_Faust: @ErikSherman Regarding hard ROI. I know that SM works for me, but whether it’s cost effective use of my time…don’t know. #editorchat

[21:47:10] JudySL: RT merylkevans @jimmcbee HARO = helpareporter.com by @skydiver. That and Profnet -great for experts! judy #editorchat

[21:47:17] Willowbottom: One thing I would say about Twitter is that it’s helped to vastly increase my repertoire of acronyms. 140 chars’ll do that to ya #editorchat

[21:47:17] LydiaBreakfast: Q3 Editors are you taking steps to create communities that will appeal to different demographics beyond your current readership? #editorchat

[21:47:27] hotspringer: Ditto on HARO. Led to follow-ups on Twitter. Story picked up by USAToday.com and WSJ.com. #editorchat

[21:47:30] Single_Shot: @jimmcbee HARO = Help a Reporter Out. Huge listserv of PR folks etc. where you can post for sources. It’s at helpareporter.com #editorchat

[21:47:36] ErikSherman: @garylwest But you can’t just count numbers. For example, if you have 100 followers and tweet a link, maybe get 3 or 4 clicks. #editorchat

[21:48:01] ErikSherman: @garylwest People opting into an e-letter are investing more time and commitment. #editorchat

[21:48:08] JudySL: @milehighfool hashtags help but still it’s hard to LOCALIZE things…queries go out all over the world… #editorchat

[21:48:10] jennipps: I got a LOT more info/replies than I needed for my last query on HARO. Might be able to use some for future articles. #editorchat

[21:48:22] Dark_Faust: @kristoforlawson Confused or just tired of their publisher’s asking them to try every new things that comes along. #editorchat

[21:48:40] GirlsSentAway: RT @UrbanMuseWriter: 1st person is easy, but it’s harder to make the reader feel like they’re there (w/out using “you”) #editorchat

[21:48:41] stephauteri: @jimmcbee: I second (third? fifth?) the HARO recommendation. That list is a lifesaver. #editorchat

[21:48:45] jimmcbee: thanks to everyone re: HARO. Will take it for a spin soon. #editorchat

[21:49:00] BeckyDMBR: @jimmcbee Look it up (HARO). It’s a great resource. @skydiver #editorchat

[21:49:15] CathyWebSavvyPR: RT @merylkevans HARO = helpareporter.com by @skydiver. I get a lot of help when I am short on sources from that awesome list. #editorchat

[21:49:28] rondoylewrites: Did I miss the outro? #editorchat

[21:49:41] anti9to5guide: @JudySL Haven’t had trouble connecting w/ the right sources on twitter based on query. If anything, I get extras 4 later pieces #editorchat

[21:49:58] jennipps: I think Tweetchat just quit working. #editorchat

[21:50:08] Dark_Faust: @milehighfool Yes – I know twitter works. Has allowed me to scoop an important story. It’s just that everything takes time. #editorchat

[21:50:12] CathyWebSavvyPR: @kikarose Helo, have you checked out #editorchat? it is Wednesday night 9-11? I think – you might get ideas 4 your writing.

[21:50:13] PR_Student: @anndouglas Do you think that would work? Just a link to a blog or SMR? #editorchat

[21:50:16] Single_Shot: @BeckyDMBR Love being in newsroom & miss it dreadfully. May have to invite some reporters over to hang in my kitchen office. #editorchat

[21:50:32] wordful: testing…not seeing updates on tweetchat #editorchat

[21:50:43] mariaelenaduron: I agree. HARO is the best! + if U follow @skydiver U’ll get updates of the most urgent stories of the day/moment #editorchat

[21:50:52] Willowbottom: The little ones don’t #editorchat and they’re home now – catch you all later. Thanks for the convo! #editorchat

[21:50:56] SpecialDee: If you’re using TweetDeck, do a search for #editorchat which creates a column just for tweets on that topic.

[21:50:58] garylwest: So did TweetChat crash, ore everyone just get quiet? #editorchat

[21:51:05] jimmcbee: Twitter seems to be choking, again. #editorchat

[21:51:13] Dark_Faust: @bob_bobala That’s not good. Why would it undermine them? Lots of tech folks use twitter. That’s why I’ve found it useful. #editorchat

[21:51:14] JDEbberly: RT @Sascha_Zuger: @milehighfool Joining Twitter has been incredible boost, in my experience. #editorchat #Editorchat

[21:51:31] shortformernie: You guys still here? TweetChat got awful quiet. #editorchat

[21:51:33] dianavilibert: @milehighfool: Yes! We’re all about SM at @marieclaire mag, especially Twitter since we got on it in January. #editorchat #editorchat

[21:51:51] RBLevin: @garylwest Have you analyzed those followers? Many might be worthless. #editorchat

[21:52:44] Dark_Faust: But where does it end? In addition to Twitter, does everyone maintain sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Ning, blog, etc … #editorchat

[21:52:53] TKFwriter: @anndouglas Hi Ann I’m confused. where’s your chat? Nothing happening at #editorchat I can see

[21:52:56] jennipps: Switched to TweetGrid. We’ll see if that works. #editorchat

[21:53:15] jennipps: @Zoeyjane Eavesdrop away & join in if you want. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[21:54:40] Hergett: Feeling like I’m missing out on #editorchat, but the news can’t wait. 😦

[21:55:09] anndouglas: @Zoeyjane I think once you declare your presence, you’re no longer eavesdropping. (Thinking of kid crouched at top of stairs.) #editorchat

[21:55:31] shortformernie: Alright all, I’m leaving for now. Need to update the blog. Ernie @shortformblog (http://shortformblog.com/) Fun as always. #editorchat

[21:55:32] LydiaBreakfast: @rondoylewrites five more min #editorchat

[21:55:40] sooutdoors: I have to scoot. Good chat as always. Drop by for some great Outdoors info & blogs http://www.sooutdoors.ca #editorchat

[21:55:44] ErikSherman: @JudySL To localize, you need to move into web searches, or indicate location in HARO/Profnet. #editorchat

[21:55:57] rachelcw: With many things-even traditional advertising it’s not as quantifiable as one might imagine,but results build over time-here too #editorchat

[21:56:03] obilon: @jennipps Mine did to for a bit. #editorchat

[21:56:06] merylkevans: @jennipps It did. Just reload it. Worked for me. #editorchat

[21:56:14] milehighfool: @rondoylewrites Not yet, Ron. We’re going to 10:10 b/c Twitter crashed for a few mins. #editorchat

[21:56:19] Single_Shot: @jimmcbee HARO’s worked really well 4 me. BUT you’ll often get inundated (& some sources reply to EVERY call, I swear). #editorchat

[21:56:20] jennipps: @wordful Switch to TweetGrid. It’s working for me. Seems like Tweetchat quit. #editorchat

[21:56:31] milehighfool: @Willowbottom Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[21:56:39] garylwest: @ErikSherman I understand your point, but we also see Twitter as now on of the top 10-15 refering domains to our site. #editorchat

[21:56:44] wordful: @garylwest not sure I got that lapse too #editorchat

[21:56:53] mariaelenaduron: @jennipps I think UR right. I just switched to tweetgrid b/c tweetchat was standing STILL. #editorchat

[21:57:07] anndouglas: Twitter saved my life last week when I needed to interview some Dads in a hurry – and all my usual Dads went AWOL. #editorchat

[21:57:09] CouplaJerks: @Dark_Faust We say pick one or two to focus on. We like linkedIn for business development and twitter for meeting new people #editorchat

[21:57:25] milehighfool: @Dark_Faust No doubt. Twitter is a regular r part of my task list. #editorchat

[21:57:34] jimmcbee: former editor @garylwest meet former employee @shortformernie #editorchat

[21:57:35] bob_bobala: @Dark_Faust Personally, I think they fear for their jobs, especially if the content out there is better than theirs. #editorchat

[21:57:44] garylwest: @RBLevin We are an ag publication. A lot are connected to ag industry or ag media. #editorchat

[21:57:50] anndouglas: I asked for help and had more than enough people to interview in less than an hour. I was so grateful & relieved. #editorchat

[21:57:51] LydiaBreakfast: Time to get ready for the out-tro folks. Let’s start wrapping up. Any more pearls about online identities? #editorchat

[21:58:02] Single_Shot: @Willowbottom Nice chatting w/another anti-pigeonholer. ; ) #editorchat

[21:58:40] milehighfool: @shortformernie It crashed for a few, Ernie. We’re taking an extra 10 min. to compensate. Intros begin at 10:05 tweeps. #editorchat

[21:58:41] bob_bobala: @jimmcbee Yeah, big twitter gag reflex. I think we’re in trouble. #editorchat

[21:58:44] jennipps: Thanks for the recs to reload Tweetchat. I did & still didn’t work, so I switched to TweetGrid. #editorchat

[21:58:50] ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust You have to pick a few, I think – look for biggest ones in your areas of focus. #editorchat

[21:59:17] stephauteri: @Dark_Faust: I can’t keep up with those who are on every sm site out there. I can barely manage to maintain my blog & my Twitter #editorchat

[21:59:26] Single_Shot: I think Tweetchat just ran to the loo. #editorchat

[21:59:28] milehighfool: @TKFwriter Twitter was experiencing some problems but we’re back now, talkiing wriitng, brands and social media. #editorchat

[21:59:30] jennipps: @TKFwriter Try another client like Tweetgrid or Twitterfall or the like. #editorchat

[21:59:39] ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust One ROI calc: look at how much time you save using SM and multiple it by billable rate. #editorchat

[21:59:49] bacigalupe: Q3 it really depends on what is the audience/niche, for some is the world, for others is pieces of it, diff. strategies in twtr #editorchat

[21:59:50] Dark_Faust: @Willowbottom #editorchat I think so. For me, I try all the SMs. Can’t top real experience to figure out where things are going.

[22:00:08] rachelcw: @Dark_Faust like so many other things balance is crucial. Exploration, integration, business model, goals and new developments #editorchat

[22:00:15] milehighfool: @Hergett There’s always next week πŸ™‚ I’ll be following you to the news desk shortly. #editorchat

[22:00:21] ErikSherman: @GaryLWest It may work well for you – still, there are customers and there are customers. I’m taking a direct marketing view. #editorchat

[22:00:24] RBLevin: @GaryLWest I’m sure. But a lot might well be noise. The raw numbers don’t tell the story. #editorchat

[22:01:10] RBLevin: @GaryLWest If you’re policing your followers, then the 600 you have are golden. #editorchat

[22:01:10] GirlsSentAway: RT @ErikSherman: @anti9to5guide I’ve gotten assignments by pointing an ed. to a blog I did and treating it as a full query. #editorchat

[22:01:12] LydiaBreakfast: wrapping in ten tweeps. Any more pearls about online identities? #editorchat

[22:01:25] JDEbberly: TweetGrid works like a Champ during chats πŸ™‚ http://tweetgrid.com #Editorchat

[22:01:29] Sascha_Zuger: @Dark_Faust I’m only on Twitter, will start blog on publisher’s site soon. #editorchat

[22:01:35] hinder: Hmm… Never used HARO before, but now I’m interested… #editorchat

[22:01:42] bob_bobala: Gotta run. Thanks, gang. Bob Bobala, among many other things, a fiction writer. Can read stuff here: exitstrategypress.com #editorchat

[22:01:43] ErikSherman: @rachelcw True enough. But I find that often you can get some quantification. #editorchat

[22:01:53] GirlsSentAway: RT @stephauteri: @milehighfool: As a writer, its been critical to me in building my profile within certain niches. #editorchat

[22:01:54] jimmcbee: Time for tacos! Have enjoyed the chat, folks. Take care and check out Smartnews when ya get a chance. #editorchat

[22:01:54] merylkevans: #editorchat

[22:01:57] milehighfool: @anndouglas I think the trick is timing and type. Finding Mac users to comment via Twitter is easy. CIOs? Not so much. #editorchat

[22:01:57] jennipps: @CouplaJerks Agreed. I do have IDs on Facebook & MySpace, too, but those are largely for friends/family. #editorchat

[22:01:59] RBLevin: @GaryLWest But if you don’t check each and every one as they sign up, the numbers can mislead you. #editorchat

[22:02:40] obilon: I find Twitter to be good for broad, general appeal questions. Once I get specific I need HARO, profnet or possibly LinkedIn. #editorchat

[22:03:04] dianavilibert: @Dark_Faust: You can’t possibly use everything to its potential–at @marieclaire, we’re most present on Twitter, FB, and MySpace #editorchat

[22:03:31] AbsoluteWrite: Forgot hashtag. . Social networking, marketing, branding, social media, and reputation are all entwined, they’re not synonyms #editorchat

[22:03:38] DaydreamWriter: How do you manage all of your work? #editorchat

[22:03:44] SpecialDee: For an idea on all the SM sites out there and whether or not your username is already taken, visit http://bit.ly/12prW #editorchat

[22:03:45] Single_Shot: @LydiaBreakfast @mariaschneider has some great tips on tweeting authors/creating persona on her website Editorunleashed.com/ #editorchat

[22:04:09] milehighfool: Killjoy warning: seven minutes left. Re-introduce yourself and post a link if you’d like. #editorchat

[22:04:21] ErikSherman: @garylwest I could see SM being big in agriculture – lots of people working in isolated way. #editorchat

[22:04:25] KarenLynch: @LydiaBreakfast Thank you so much. What a great way to use Twitter. Have a good night. #editorchat

[22:04:26] PR_Student: Intros? #editorchat

[22:04:53] rachelcw: well, not sure if anyone is going to be at ASJA on Friday, but we’re going to be discussing this on my panel on Friday morning #editorchat

[22:04:56] milehighfool: RT @ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust One ROI calc: look at how much time you save using SM and multiply by billable rate. #editorchat

[22:05:05] JenniferPerillo: My tweetgrid seems to be grumpy tnight. Thanks for a great #editorchat again. Jennifer http://www.InJenniesKitchen.com

[22:05:14] mariaelenaduron: Yes, I agree it’s all about balance w/SM – it expands the field. #editorchat

[22:05:21] anndouglas: @PR_Student I didn’t quite understand your question — probably because I’m scrolling all over trying to keep up. DM me, ok? #editorchat

[22:06:29] anndouglas: @jimmcbee It is definitely having a v-e-r-y t-o-u-g-h t-i-m-e. #editorchat

[22:06:58] Dark_Faust: @Sascha_Zuger Blog on publishers site? Book or magazine pub? R U freelancer or staff? Curious who pays for blog #editorchat

[22:07:56] obilon: @milehighfool Agreed. Broad queries work well o Twitter. High level or specific ones, not so much. #editorchat

[22:08:13] jennipps: Jen, fl writer in south OK, contributor @ WritingforDollars.com & TutorialBlog.org. Now also @ 4HEALTH mag (as of today). #editorchat

[22:08:22] Sascha_Zuger: Night, all — nice chat, Lydia and Tim! #editorchat

[22:08:28] SpecialDee: LinkedIn has good discussions, not in real time. FriendFeed has good discussions, real time. #editorchat

[22:08:38] garylwest: @RBLevin I know more about the people following us on Twitter than our e-mail subscribers. And I’ve got follower from #agchat #editorchat

[22:08:39] Single_Shot: Thanx 4 another great chat folks! Diane Mapes, Seattle freelance journalist http://singleshotseattle.wordpress.com/ #editorchat

[22:08:47] Dark_Faust: @rachelcw Well, yes, I agree. But what are you on? I do FB, Twitter, linkedin, Ning, several blogs + write full time. #editorchat

[22:08:57] mariaelenaduron: RT @AbsoluteWrite Social networking, marketing, branding, social media, and reputation are all entwined, they’re not synonyms #editorchat

[22:09:15] anndouglas: @jennipps IFacebook for family/friends/close acquaintances. LinkedIn: Business. Twitter: Learning, connecting w/amazing ppl. #editorchat

[22:09:21] CassieTuttle: @milehighfool Darn! I missed the #editorchat again.

[22:09:25] LydiaBreakfast: Thanks to all for coming tonight, hiccups and all, we had a great time chatting with you! #editorchat

[22:09:43] PDXsays: took a phone call and completely missed #editorchat. will go thru the transcripts for the tasty info

[22:09:54] Dark_Faust: @ErikSherman How much time us save using SM? Save from what? Lost me #editorchat

[22:10:02] stephauteri: is ready to get into her pjs. Thanks for the chat! Writes about: Sex, relationships, & the freelance lifestyle. stephauteri.com #editorchat

[22:10:06] milehighfool: Time to close up shop. Continue as long as you’d like but, officially, we’re done for the week. Great chat, everyone. #editorchat

[22:10:17] anti9to5guide: Thx for great chat as usual. Michelle Goodman, writing about careers, freelancing, balance, pop culture: http://www.anti9to5guide.com #editorchat

[22:10:20] JDEbberly: For all the latest about PR/Blogging/Mktg/SEO/Writing/Tech/NewMedia —> @JDEbberly will keep you updated 7days/wk!! #Editorchat

[22:10:39] anndouglas: @JenniferPerillo I visited your blog quite a few times this week and was really inspired by the things you were cooking up. #editorchat

[22:10:40] SpecialDee: I blog at http://specialdee.wordpress.com about SM, newspapers, and subjects in that realm. #editorchat

[22:10:56] ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust To figure an ROI on SM, one way is to look at where it saves you time, then calculate the dollar savings. #editorchat

[22:11:11] mariaelenaduron: @milehighfool I like twitanalyzer 4 all diff. aspects it looks at, then Favotter + retweetrank 4 measuring quality on twitter #editorchat

[22:11:19] Dark_Faust: @stephauteri Yes, exactly, so that’s the issue. Or the opportunity. All these things will be consolidated. But for now.. #editorchat

[22:11:26] Sascha_Zuger: @Dark_Faust HarperStudio has set up a blog for each of its authors on the website. I freelance mags/papers and write books. #editorchat

[22:11:26] ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust When you know how much time you save, you know how much money you save at your billable rates. #editorchat

[22:11:32] obilon: Either Twitter or Tweetchat or both are SLOW… Good night. http://lonscohen.com #editorchat

[22:11:45] ErikSherman: @Dark_Faust This doesn’t work for all benefits of SM, but will for many. #editorchat

[22:11:59] rachelcw: @Dark_Faust I explore all options, introduce myself and then engage most on the few that I feel works for me at any given time #editorchat

[22:12:26] jennipps: It’s been a great chat, everyone. #editorchat

[22:12:34] AbsoluteWrite: Thanks, everyone. Was interesting! #editorchat

[22:12:55] JDEbberly: Thank you for an excellent Editorchat, @milehighfool and @LydiaBreakfast ! I LOVE Editorchat! πŸ™‚ #Editorchat

[22:13:02] anndouglas: See you next time, everyone. Thanks for everything, @LydiaBreakfast + @milehighfool #editorchat

[22:13:08] BeckyDMBR: These chats are great … thanks so much for another great one! #editorchat

[22:13:36] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Thanks! #editorchat

[22:13:46] BeckyDMBR: @LydiaBreakfast Thank you! #editorchat

[22:13:59] rachelcw: I freelance, am a marketer, do a lot of speaking lately, have written some books http://www.rachelweingartenbooks.com working on more #editorchat

[22:14:05] ErikSherman: Woops – make that freelance journalist, author, chief cook, bottlewasher – http://bit.ly/3CABa #editorchat

[22:14:13] jennipps: Might not be able to make it next week. Leaving for a conference next Thursday morning. #editorchat

[22:14:26] UrbanMuseWriter: Thanks @milehighfool & @LydiaBreakfast for #editorchat

[22:14:40] unearthingasia: #editorchat I blog at http://unearthingasia.com about Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Phillipines and… countries in the region of Asia πŸ˜‰

[22:14:46] anndouglas: @TKFwriter Sorry I didn’t see this until now. You follow #editorchat by searching for the term on TweetDeck or another piece of software.

[22:14:58] rachelcw: goodnight all. even though I was late to this party I’m always grateful for what I learn here! @Dark_Faust we can continue on DM #editorchat

[22:15:31] jennipps: Thanks @LydiaBreakfast & @milehighfool for great hosting, cat-herding, & trying to keep us on track. πŸ™‚ #editorchat

[22:15:48] Dark_Faust: #editorchat Crazy business, isn’t it? Snippets of conversations that tease without really satisfying. Well, until next week … ciao.

[22:16:28] JDEbberly: @jennipps Wish you the very best on that conference, Jen! Have a fabulous evening! πŸ™‚ #Editorchat

[22:17:07] JDEbberly: RT @Dark_Faust: #editorchat Crazy business, isn’t it? Snippets of conversations that tease without really satisfying. Well, until next …

[22:21:15] anti9to5guide: @ogiovetti Yes, that’s exactly what it means. πŸ˜‰ No, social media (SM). Sorry, was in #editorchat for a little while. Check it out next Wed.

[22:25:34] lorilowe: @hinder: HARO is very helpful. I’ve found multiple sources for my book. Great tool. http://www.haro.com. #editorchat

[22:26:47] JenniferPerillo: @anndouglas Thanks. It’s always good to hear people like what I’m doing. #editorchat

[22:27:03] JDEbberly: RT @jennipps: Thanks @LydiaBreakfast & @milehighfool for great hosting, cat-herding, & trying to keep us on track. πŸ™‚ #editorchat #Edito …

[22:27:42] shortformernie: Hey, too bad that Twitter ruined #editorchat for the evening. Still fun though as always. #editorchat

[22:27:51] papertyger: i missed #editorchat because i was busy screaming myself hoarse at a Rangers game. typical.

[22:27:56] rondoylewrites: Thanks to @milehighfool and @LydiaBreakfast. I left TweetDeck running during dinner and returned to great questions and answers! #editorchat


Written by LydiaBreakfast

April 28, 2009 at 2:17 pm

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