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What We Are Discussing on #editorchat on 5/13

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A new survey from temp worker agency Kelly Services says that 26 percent of the population is now self-employed, up from 19 percent in 2006. With news of layoffs in virtually every American industry, it’s a good bet that this additional 7 percent includes unwilling freelancers. It’s certainly true in publishing. Former New Yorker writer Daniel Baum has been tweeting the story behind his firing in detail.

And yet amid the cutbacks is a stated desire among some publishers to produce more content than ever. BusinessWeek‘s John Byrne was on editorchat not long ago talking about filling digital pages through community engagement. We wonder if that’s all there is.

Is community the only way to bridge this emerging content divide, where few writers are asked to do more than ever? Specifically, we’re wondering:

Editors: Are you to trying to find new ways to generate more content, even with mandates to cut staff ?

Writers: Are editors asking you to produce more? What’s changed in your output routine?

Editors: What have you tried that’s worked in bridging the content divide?

Writers: Do you see the content divide as a threat or an opportunity?

For additional reading, take a look at Publishing Executive‘s piece “User Generated Content is Nothing New” and the Editor and Publisher article on the new WSJ code of conduct with regards to staff using Twitter and Facebook for their work

Drop us a comment below and tell us your stories of success or failure in bridging the content divide.  And join us tomorrow night when we’ll chat about these questions and more.


Written by LydiaBreakfast

May 12, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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