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What We’re Planning to Discuss on 6/3

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Most often, we associate this word with emergency services, food and perhaps certain family and friends. But content? Not typically. Publishers have long capitalized on their content as a whole to drive readership and revenue. They’ve created “brands” with a stable of writers that not only produce specific kinds of stories, but infuse them with a flavor that only their publication can claim.  It’s kind of like a writer’s voice, although in this sense, it is more like a chorus.

And yet if writers and editors are to feed their families from here on, that needs to change. At the very least, argues journalist Robert Niles, writers and editors need to walk a mile in a publisher’s shoes, and that means thinking like an entrepreneur – who is by definition, an individualist.

We wonder who is already doing this. Who among you is creating content that readers consider to be indispensable? Further questions:

  • Writers: Tell us about your most successful story. What made it sing for readers?
  • Editors: What stories are readers connecting with most? What are their features?
  • All: As readers, what content do you find indispensable?

We’ll be discussing these questions and more tonight on #editorchat at 8:30pm EST.  Please drop us a comment in the box below if you have any further thoughts.


Written by LydiaBreakfast

June 3, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Transcript of #editorchat 5/27

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[20:31:32] milehighfool: And we’re live. Welcome to another edition of #editorchat. Please introduce yourselves as you join.

[20:31:43] shortformernie: Hey all. @milehighfool Got your message, will respond soon. #editorchat

[20:32:40] jennipps: Hi, all!! Jen, fl writer in south Oklahoma, specializing in creativity, writing, plus-size issues, and health at the moment. #editorchat

[20:32:47] shortformernie: Howdy hey! Ernie Smith, editor, ShortFormBlog — that’s http://shortformblog.com — and designer, Wash. Post Express. #editorchat

[20:33:12] milehighfool: @shortformernie Awesome. Thanks, Ernie. Glad you could make it tonight. #editorchat

[20:33:30] anndouglas: Please use http://www.twittersnooze.com if you want to filter my #editorchat tweets for the next couple of hours.

[20:33:31] milehighfool: @jennipps Welcome back, Jen. Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:33:37] hotspringer: Rebecca McCormick, freelance travel and feature writer from Hot Springs, Ark. #editorchat

[20:34:04] jennipps: @milehighfool And I’m not house- or dog-sitting tonight, so I should be able to be here for the whole thing. 🙂 #editorchat

[20:34:05] GLHancock: Georganna in San Diego, proud of the Padres, reading the Union-Tribune, writing, editing, and fooling around with websites #editorchat

[20:34:19] AuldHouse: #editorchat by night launching AuldHouse Publishing focusing on how-to content in ebook format

[20:34:19] jennipps: @hotspringer Hi, Rebecca! Good to see you. 🙂 #editorchat

[20:34:22] merylkevans: Texas gal who doesn’t have a tattoo and loves to play with words both for a living as writer / editor and for fun. #editorchat

[20:34:24] anndouglas: Hi all. I’m Ann Douglas – author, blogger, magazine columnist, copywriter, etc. #editorchat

[20:35:07] jennipps: @merylkevans That reminds me of a blog post I’ve had simmering for a couple days. Um…the playing with words part, not the tat. #editorchat

[20:35:09] milehighfool: @hotspringer @GLHancock Rebecca, Georganna — welcome. Glad you could makeit. #editorchat

[20:35:17] littlebrownpen: Hi everyone. Nichole Robertson. Freelance writer, blogger, Copy Director for a German organic skin care brand. #editorchat

[20:35:44] jennipps: @anndouglas Hi, Ann. Thanks for the RT earlier. #editorchat

[20:35:54] chriswebb: Hello all. I am an Associate Publisher, John WIley & Sons. #editorchat

[20:36:12] hinder: Howdy all. I’m Katie writer and editor for a handful of publications and websites. #editorchat

[20:36:12] jennipps: @littlebrownpen Did you get a new avatar picture? Looks good. #editorchat

[20:36:15] LydiaBreakfast: Good Evening all, a hearty welcome from your co-host Lydia Dishman, freelance features writer #editorchat

[20:36:29] milehighfool: @littlebrownpen @AuldHouse @merylkevans Hey there. Thanks for joining us tonight. #editorchat

[20:36:48] LydiaBreakfast: @chriswebb Hi Chris, nice to see you thanks for coming #editorchat

[20:36:50] milehighfool: @chriswebb Welcome. Great to have you here. #editorchat

[20:36:58] littlebrownpen: @jennipps I did. I had to get rid of the winter hat. #editorchat

[20:37:08] LydiaBreakfast: @hinder Hey Katie thanks for coming #editorchat

[20:37:29] fixin2: Good evening. I’m Paul, news editor for a small daily newspaper in Mississippi. #editorchat

[20:37:58] milehighfool: @hinder Hey Katie. Good post re: freelancing failure. Valuable lessions for us all, I think. #editorchat

[20:38:00] LydiaBreakfast: @hotspringer Hey Rebecca good to see you #editorchat

[20:38:02] newswise: Greetings everyone at #editorchat – if you need smart news, you should get @newswise http://tinyurl.com/cjl7vw

[20:38:12] LydiaBreakfast: @fixin2 Hi Paul thanks for joining us #editorchat

[20:38:15] ErikSherman: Evening I’m a freelancer, contributing editor at BNET, write for various magazines, and a book here and there #editorchat

[20:38:19] milehighfool: @fixin2 Hi Paul. Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:38:26] LydiaBreakfast: @littlebrownpen Nichole you look lovely, with or without your hat #editorchat

[20:38:37] LydiaBreakfast: @ErikSherman Good evening Erik, welcome #editorchat

[20:38:58] littlebrownpen: @LydiaBreakfast Thanks! I was teased quite a bit about it. But I have somewhere between two and three photos of myself. #editorchat

[20:38:59] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Good to see you again, Erik. See the news from Google I/O? I swear it’s the new Macworld. #editorchat

[20:39:04] LydiaBreakfast: @jennipps Jen, good to see you again 🙂 #editorchat

[20:39:24] chriswebb: So as this is my first #editorchat, is there a topic for discussion tonight?

[20:39:45] LydiaBreakfast: @merylkevans hey Meryl, are you attempting three chats tonight? #editorchat

[20:40:08] jennipps: @chriswebb Yep. Either @milehighfool or @LydiaBreakfast will get us started with the first question in a few minutes. #editorchat

[20:40:09] LydiaBreakfast: @chriswebb radical monetization and we’ll start the questions soon #editorchat

[20:40:25] fixin2: @milehighfool @LydiaBreakfast Thanks! Wasn’t sure I could make it; can hang for about 30-40 min. #editorchat

[20:40:33] milehighfool: @chriswebb There is. Radical monetization models in publishing. We’ll get to the Qs shortly. First, let me offer some rules. #editorchat

[20:40:37] SpecialDee: #editorchat Jumping in the convo, Special Sections Editor at Maine newspaper. Hello!

[20:40:51] merylkevans: @LydiaBreakfast Sure am! So far, so good… and trying to add one to my chat list at the moment. #editorchat

[20:40:55] LydiaBreakfast: @fixin2 excellent, tweeps are in and out all the time #editorchat

[20:41:05] milehighfool: Rule No. 1 Observers welcome but #editorchat is for those who are, or those who work with, editors.

[20:41:10] LydiaBreakfast: @SpecialDee Hiya Ms. Dee, thanks for stopping in #editorchat

[20:41:24] milehighfool: Rule No. 2 Stay on topic. #editorchat

[20:41:28] LydiaBreakfast: @merylkevans you are a wonder 🙂 #editorchat

[20:41:36] ErikSherman: @milehighfool Trade shows as news making spots seem to go through phases. #editorchat

[20:42:09] milehighfool: Rule No. 3. Courteous comments, please. (Thank you, sir. Ma’am.) #editorchat

[20:42:19] ErikSherman: @LydiaBreakfast With the way things are going, radical monetization will be anything that works. #editorchat

[20:42:24] milehighfool: Rule No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.) #editorchat

[20:42:57] milehighfool: Rule No. 5: Refer to the question number when commenting. Q1, Q2, etc. #editorchat

[20:43:03] GLHancock: @ErikSherman tee! hee! That’s what I thought, too! #editorchat

[20:43:11] LydiaBreakfast: @ErikSherman we’ll see what these fine tweeps come up with tonight. The new model may just be found in our chat. #editorchat

[20:43:27] studentoflife: RT @milehighfool Rule No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.)#editorchat

[20:44:10] milehighfool: @ErikSherman (Wince.) Too true, but we’ll give it a whirl anyhow. We’ve seen some interesting ideas lately. #editorchat

[20:44:27] bacigalupe: Redundant Rule: Keep the comments short #editorchat

[20:44:37] rachelcw: Take 2. Rachel Weingarten – author/marketer/freelance writer/prognosticator & commentator All around helpful person #editorchat

[20:45:15] JDEbberly: Apologies for arriving here late! Traffic is bad here in N VA 😦 #editorchat

[20:45:21] LydiaBreakfast: @bacigalupe excellent point, thanks for that 🙂 #editorchat

[20:45:51] ErikSherman: @milehighfool One just came into my email inbox – magazines considering iPhone apps. #editorchat

[20:45:52] JDEbberly: I apologize to my followers for excessive tweets as I enter Editorchat, which runs from 830pm to 10pm EST #editorchat

[20:45:59] LydiaBreakfast: @JDEbberly JD you just need to tweet on the side of the road 😉 #editorchat

[20:46:02] milehighfool: @bacigalupe More important yet not a rule: Keep comments relevant. #editorchat

[20:46:05] jennipps: @JDEbberly Good to see you! Glad you made it through the traffic. #editorchat

[20:46:41] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Not surprised, though I like the idea of Kindle DX subscriptions better. #editorchat

[20:46:56] milehighfool: @JDEbberly Glad you could make it, JD. #editorchat

[20:46:56] jennipps: @milehighfool Hm. It kind of is a rule. Goes along with the “Stay on topic” part. #editorchat

[20:47:13] rachelcw: oh yes, my apologies in advance if I seem to be tweeting on high speed, I’m about to enter #editorchat

[20:47:27] LydiaBreakfast: @rachelcw Rachel, welcome! #editorchat

[20:47:36] Dark_Faust: John Blyler, EiC for several technology trade pubs. This is the earliest that I’ve been here in a while. #editorchat

[20:47:41] bacigalupe: So the topic is the topic today? #editorchat

[20:47:42] ErikSherman: @milehighfool And just think – it could be worse. You could be in charge of Sirius XM. #editorchat

[20:47:52] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Oh, oh, hey, hey … Becky here from Iow-ay. 😉 #editorchat

[20:47:59] milehighfool: @rachelcw Welcome, Rachel. We can attest to how helpful you are. #editorchat

[20:48:05] LydiaBreakfast: So we are talking radical monetization tonight, in light of shrinking budgets in all media #editorchat

[20:48:19] rachelcw: waves hello to Lydia! thanks #editorchat

[20:48:27] LydiaBreakfast: @BeckyDMBR Wahoo! #editorchat

[20:48:30] shortformernie: @JDEbberly There’s a reason why I live in D.C. proper. 😀 #editorchat

[20:48:37] imagirlscout: @kgh23 just found this … You might be interested: Editorchat, which runs from 830pm to 10pm EST #editorchat

[20:48:43] JDEbberly: JD Ebberly here out of N VA – Writes articles on blogging and new media – Glad to be in Editorchat! 🙂 #editorchat

[20:48:48] bacigalupe: What’s radical monetization? (oops, I will be spammed) #editorchat

[20:48:50] GLHancock: A friend asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to give all school kids Kindles and make texts electronic. Cal is broke! #editorchat

[20:48:53] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie Hiya Ernie, thanks for dropping in #editorchat

[20:48:55] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Right. The good news: I can’t tan like Mel Karmazin. #editorchat

[20:49:33] marciamarcia: Freelance writer w/ FastCo+, educator, editor, learner, mom, SoMe enthusiast. Thrilled to have a short break to join in on #editorchat

[20:49:36] merylkevans: @JDEbberly Lived in DC for six years… don’t miss the traffic itty bit. #editorchat

[20:49:40] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR Hey Becky! Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:49:43] Dark_Faust: Did anyone see the WSJ article about the shortage of investment analysts? Companies aren’t getting coverage which means lost $$. #editorchat

[20:50:01] Dark_Faust: Similar to the plight of editors in general. #editorchat

[20:50:05] AuldHouse: @bacigalupe I was about to ask the same thing–would like definition. #editorchat

[20:50:22] jennipps: @imagirlscout You’re both welcome to join in #editorchat. (BTW, hi from a fellow Okie.)

[20:50:23] bacigalupe: The #editorchat at the start is like taking off the jackets, picking up a drink, finding a sofa…

[20:50:27] LydiaBreakfast: @Dark_Faust do you have a link? #editorchat

[20:50:30] ErikSherman: @milehighfool That tan is proof of the existence of cyborgs. #editorchat

[20:50:58] milehighfool: What we mean by radical monetization = new or unproven models for monetizing content, be it reporting, books, etc. #editorchat

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Written by LydiaBreakfast

June 3, 2009 at 11:56 am

Transcript of #editorchat 5/6

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[20:30:23] milehighfool: And we’re live. Please introduce yourself when you join, #editorchat
[20:30:47] LydiaBreakfast: Good evening tweeps, welcome to another edition of #editorchat
[20:31:31] LydiaBreakfast: Lydia Dishman here, co-hosting along with my pal Tim Beyers @milehighfool #editorchat
[20:31:42] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast Hi everyone. I’m Dan Miranda and I’m the thirteen year old blogger who’s the face behind http://bit.ly/cyt #editorchat
[20:32:29] milehighfool: @timecommander Hi Dan. Glad you could make it. #editorchat
[20:32:41] netta50: Yay, #editorchat! I’m working and tweeting, so pardon my lapses. I’m Netta and I’m a freelance writer/editor. Missed you guys the last 2 wks
[20:32:46] joecortez: Evening! Freelance Writer Joe Cortez on this end — will be lurking on Editor Chat tonight! Looking fwd to good conversation! #editorchat
[20:32:48] JDEbberly: J. D. Ebberly out of N Virginia, I write pieces about blogging & new media and I really enjoy Editorchat! 🙂 #editorchat
[20:33:08] LydiaBreakfast: @joecortez Hi Joe, don’t just lurk, join the discussion #editorchat
[20:33:11] KatPowers: Good evening, #editorchat #editorchat
[20:33:19] LydiaBreakfast: @JDEbberly Hola JD 🙂 #editorchat
[20:33:21] UrbanMuseWriter: I’m Susan, a Boston-based writer/blogger who covers business and lifestyle topics for consumer & trade pubs. #editorchat
[20:33:40] LydiaBreakfast: @KatPowers Glad you made it! #editorchat
[20:33:42] milehighfool: @netta50 Good to see you again, Netta. #editorchat
[20:33:53] LydiaBreakfast: @UrbanMuseWriter Hi Susan, welcome 🙂 #editorchat
[20:33:54] milehighfool: @JDEbberly Thanks for joining us again, JD. #editorchat
[20:33:54] joecortez: @LydiaBreakfast I’ll pipe in where I feel its appropriate – I’m working on client content 2nite so I’m going back & forth! 🙂 #editorchat
[20:34:07] SpecialDee: I’m a Maine-based newspaper special sections editor, glad to be here #editorchat
[20:34:08] timecommander: @joecortez Hey Joe, you just wrote an excellent post on what we say online and how it can be used against us. #editorchat
[20:34:22] milehighfool: @UrbanMuseWriter Hi Susan. Thanks for coming tonight. #editorchat
[20:34:22] netta50: @milehighfool Very glad to be here 🙂 #editorchat
[20:34:50] milehighfool: @SpecialDee Hey there. Our special sections ed. Glad you could make it. #editorchat
[20:35:00] wordful: Charles Bohannan in Hawaii. I blog about writing, blogging and finding a balance between being practical and creative. Aloha! #editorchat
[20:35:07] deegospel: Hi, Twuddies. For the next hour I will be on #editorchat. Put me on http://www.twitttersnooze.com to put my tweets to sleep.
[20:35:21] joecortez: @timecommander Thanks for the props — really appreciate the praise from an accomplished blogger! 😀 #editorchat
[20:35:22] Hergett: Rachel Hergett, reporter/editor at Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Will be in and out of #editorchat tonight.
[20:35:41] LydiaBreakfast: @wordful Hey Charles Welcome aboard #editorchat
[20:35:45] milehighfool: @wordful Hey Charles. Must be beautiful on the islands about now. #editorchat
[20:35:52] TamarahLand: good evening. newbie blogger, freelance writer. first time in #editorchat
[20:36:01] LydiaBreakfast: @Hergett Hi Rachel – nice to see your (real) face 🙂 #editorchat
[20:36:04] littlebrownpen: Hi all. Nichole Robertson. Freelance writer and copy director for an organic skin care brand. #editorchat
[20:36:10] judywriter: I’m Judy. I write about construction – comm’ll & residential – & about baby boomers for a trade pub & writing a book on same. #editorchat
[20:36:13] wordful: @milehighfool Yes it is, just about all the time I guess 😉 #editorchat
[20:36:16] LydiaBreakfast: @deegospel Welcome, so glad you came #editorchat
[20:36:21] timecommander: @joecortez “accomplished blogger.” Didn’t think you even knew who I was! #editorchat
[20:36:22] milehighfool: Keep introducing yourselves as you join. I’ll get us going with the rules. #editorchat
[20:36:31] LydiaBreakfast: @TamarahLand Great thanks for coming 🙂 #editorchat
[20:36:49] deegospel: @LydiaBreakfast I’ve been missing it. Glad I remembered. 🙂 #editorchat
[20:36:50] LydiaBreakfast: @littlebrownpen Hi Nichole #editorchat
[20:36:51] milehighfool: Rule No. 1 Observers welcome but #editorchat is for those who are, or those who work with, editors.
[20:37:01] joecortez: @timecommander We’ve talked before here and I lurk on your blog…you put out some good stuff! #editorchat
[20:37:07] LydiaBreakfast: @judywriter Hi Judy, thanks for joining #editorchat
[20:37:11] netta50: *waves* to all joining #editorchat
[20:37:12] shortformernie: Hey all, missed last week. Ernie Smith, designer, Wash. Post Express, editor ShortFormBlog (http://shortformblog.com) Woot! #editorchat
[20:37:19] milehighfool: Rule No. 2 Stay on topic. #editorchat
[20:37:26] B2BMKTGCHAT: how many marketers particpating in #editorchat? #b2bmktgchat
[20:37:45] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie Ernie so glad you could make it 🙂 #editorchat
[20:37:54] milehighfool: Rule No. 3. Courteous comments, please. (Thank you, sir. Ma’am.) #editorchat
[20:38:03] newswise: Greetings everyone at #editorchat – if you need smart news, you should get @newswise http://tinyurl.com/cjl7vw
[20:38:12] LydiaBreakfast: @B2BMKTGCHAT 0. This is for editors and those who work with them #editorchat
[20:38:14] milehighfool: Rule No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.) #editorchat
[20:38:21] timecommander: @joecortez Glad to hear. Always happy to hear about a new reader. 🙂 #editorchat
[20:38:33] Hergett: @LydiaBreakfast I guess I’m coming out of my shell sans avatar! #editorchat
[20:38:38] BaileyMcC: Hi all Bailey managing editor @Civsource & writer @ various other places #editorchat
[20:38:54] deegospel: Hi. I’m Dee Stewart, owner of PR firm in Atlanta specializing in entertainment and green businesses. #editorchat
[20:39:00] judywriter: @LydiaBreakfast Hi! I’ve missed it for a few times & it’ll be good to sink my teeth into again. #editorchat
[20:39:44] milehighfool: @deegospel Hi Dee. You’re welcome to lurk but editorchat is for editors and those who work with them. #editorchat
[20:40:01] WillRogersPaper: Joining in – Randy Cowling from Claremore Daily Progress #editorchat
[20:40:38] LydiaBreakfast: @WillRogersPaper Hello Randy thanks for coming #editorchat
[20:40:40] milehighfool: @judywriter Glad to have you back, Judy. Should be great to have a fresh voice in our continuing discussion re: innovation. #editorchat
[20:40:53] deegospel: @milehighfool I’m also an editor of a Christian Magazine. Thanks! #editorchat
[20:41:41] milehighfool: @deegospel Great. Would love to have your perspective as an editor. #editorchat
[20:42:02] shortformernie: @LydiaBreakfast Thanks! Glad to be back! 🙂 #editorchat
[20:42:04] BeckyDMBR: Hey, all! Becky here in Iow-ay! #editorchat
[20:42:22] LydiaBreakfast: So folks, this is a continuation of our discussion on innovations in our business #editorchat
[20:42:29] milehighfool: A warm up before we start: Anyone absolutely, positively going to buy the new Kindle? #editorchat
[20:42:33] judywriter: @milehighfool Thanks! Just got back from Construction Writers Assn. conference & am all inspired & fired up. #editorchat
[20:42:34] LydiaBreakfast: @BeckyDMBR Woot! #editorchat
[20:42:36] deegospel: @milehighfool NP. 🙂 #editorchat
[20:42:59] deegospel: @milehighfool I’m thinking about the Kindle DX. I like that the screen is larger. #editorchat
[20:43:04] LydiaBreakfast: as Amazon unveils its large format Kindle DX, billed as a potential savior of the newspaper industry. We’re not so sure. #editorchat
[20:43:09] JDEbberly: @milehighfool I want that new Kindle so badly I can taste it! 🙂 #editorchat
[20:44:10] WillRogersPaper: @milehighfool: No on Kindle #editorchat
[20:44:25] milehighfool: As I trample on Lydia’s opener. The point remains. In a discussion re: innovation the Kindle is big news. #editorchat
[20:44:30] shortformernie: @milehighfool Buy?! It should be subsidized 100% by the newspaper companies! 😀 #editorchat
[20:44:57] deegospel: @LydiaBreakfast I agree. If you can read most of the newspaper online for free. Why would the Kindle be it’s savior? #editorchat
[20:45:04] judywriter: @milehighfool I’m absolutely NOT going to buy it! I have a Gen 1 & don’t like it much. Gen 2 better but not gonna pay twice. #editorchat
[20:45:15] netta50: The price tag is pretty steep, but it’s on my wish list. #editorchat
[20:45:22] milehighfool: @shortformernie Fitting. So. Fitting. #editorchat
[20:45:44] deegospel: @milehighfool I think it’s great for magazines, because most magazines site don’t share as much content as newspapers #editorchat
[20:46:15] LydiaBreakfast: Kindle or no, what are you doing to move into this next era of publishing? We want to talk about what has worked and hasn’t. #editorchat
[20:46:43] judywriter: @shortformernie I agree w/ you too! #editorchat
[20:46:55] milehighfool: RT @LydiaBreakfast Kindle or no, what are you doing to move into this next era of publishing? #editorchat
[20:47:09] UrbanMuseWriter: @milehighfool I’m not convinced that I need a Kindle. I already do a lot of reading on my BlackBerry, plus I have an iPod. #editorchat
[20:47:14] milehighfool: Please remember to mark your answers with Q1, Q2, etc. #editorchat
[20:47:30] shortformernie: @lydiabreakfast You should see the rugburns on my face from being so close to the cutting edge. It stings. 😀 #editorchat
[20:47:32] wordful: #kindle really need to be in color — then I’ll consider buying it #editorchat
[20:47:51] melodyhritt: #editorchat not sure about buying the Kindle DX yet but this is the first time I’ve been tempted.
[20:47:53] deegospel: what question are we on? #editorchat
[20:48:09] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie that is why I have hardwood floors. Smoother 😉 #editorchat
[20:48:10] Hergett: I agree with @UrbanMuseWriter “I’m not convinced that I need a Kindle. I already do a lot of reading on my BlackBerry…” #editorchat
[20:48:59] LydiaBreakfast: @deegospel Q1 about moving into the next era – what has worked? #editorchat
[20:49:04] timecommander: @milehighfool $489 is a bit pricey. I’ll pass. #editorchat
[20:49:08] judywriter: Re next era of publishing: It’s all about new media, SM, online video, interactivity. Getting it funded is another subject, tho #editorchat
[20:49:16] KatPowers: Q1 Don’t we all have a stockpile of gadgets we thought were the greatest kicking around? Pairing down to a laptop and phone #editorchat
[20:50:01] shortformernie: Q1: Clearly, the Cuecat. That did wonders for the Dallas Morning News, didn’t it? #editorchat
[20:50:07] judywriter: @wordful I agree. The more it’s like Zinio, the better. #kindle #editorchat
[20:50:20] deegospel: q1: Creating Online Communities & providing content the community wants like Essence Magazine does is a step forward #editorchat
[20:50:45] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast Q1: social media is the future. but I agree with @KatPower. I can do just fine with a laptop and phone. #editorchat
[20:50:51] milehighfool: Q1 Devil’s Advocate: So if we don’t need the Kindle, why is it selling, and why are digital subs to the NYT selling for it? #editorchat
[20:50:51] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie can you explain to those who might not know what that is? #editorchat
[20:51:27] LydiaBreakfast: @timecommander are you homeschooled? #editorchat
[20:51:31] joecortez: Q1: Publishing needs to take new approaches that SM, Broadcast, Online, & Gadgets can not. Bring readers back w/deep content. #editorchat
[20:51:36] timecommander: @milehighfool Because the marketing behind it is genius. #editorchat
[20:51:40] shortformernie: @LydiaBreakfast Sure. Basically Belo spent a bunch of money around the time of the dot-com bubble on these barcode devices. #editorchat
[20:51:43] BeckyDMBR: Some papers are offering Kindles at lower cost w/subscriptions. Hmm. Wonder how much lower? #editorchat
[20:51:47] SuburbNews: The price of some terrific gadgets saddens me and makes me concerned about equal access for poor, even middle class. #editorchat
[20:51:54] UrbanMuseWriter: @milehighfool I will probably buy a Kindle someday but right now I just don’t feel the need to spend the $$ #editorchat
[20:51:55] JDEbberly: Q1 The Kindle is selling because there are always ppl who love gadgets. Like me! 🙂 #editorchat
[20:52:03] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast Ha, I’ve gotten that question a lot. No I’m not, I just manage my time effectively. #editorchat
[20:52:18] KatPowers: Why Kindle? RT@timecommander @milehighfool Because the marketing behind it is genius. #editorchat #editorchat
[20:52:27] milehighfool: @timecommander I’m not so sure. I think it’s because there’s an advantage to consolidating reading material. #editorchat
[20:52:31] shortformernie: @LydiaBreakfast And they cost them a TON of money because nobody wanted them and they were useless. #editorchat
[20:52:53] LydiaBreakfast: @timecommander laptops are usually the domain of homeschoolers #editorchat
[20:52:58] deegospel: q1: @milehighfool The Kindle is needed. Going Green isn’t just a celeb trend; it very well will be the future, but… #editorchat
[20:53:08] JDEbberly: RT @KatPowers: Why Kindle? RT@timecommander @milehighfool Because the marketing behind it is genius. #editorchat #editorchat
[20:53:15] judywriter: Q1: At conf I just went to, we talked about how hard it is to know/predict who’ll respond to what. Surprises, not all good. #editorchat
[20:53:23] shortformernie: That’s what we have to be afraid of when we look at things like the Kindle. The Kindle could be just like the Cuecat. #editorchat
[20:53:25] milehighfool: @shortformernie Thus the danger with innovation. But back to the question: What’s working? #editorchat
[20:53:37] deegospel: q1: the beauty of newsprint–I hope–doesn’t entirely go away. #editorchat
[20:53:38] timecommander: @LydiaBreakfast laptops are the domain of thirteen year old children in general. #editorchat
[20:53:46] milehighfool: @judywriter What was the worst or most surprising? #editorchat
[20:54:05] LydiaBreakfast: @judywriter that is why it is good to fail quickly, get out and do the next thing #editorchat
[20:54:05] superjaberwocky: @Hergett I don’t need a Kindle, but I would be on top of a large-format iPod Touch in an instant. #editorchat
[20:54:43] judywriter: Q1: What’s working is to engage ppl in stories (hard to predict which ones’ll draw), and keep pumping out content. #editorchat
[20:54:44] BeckyDMBR: @timecommander Genius marketing? Howso? #editorchat
[20:54:59] milehighfool: Twitter is working well for me as a trendspotter. The tweestream has become my breaking news feed. #editorchat
[20:55:08] deegospel: q1: What’s working? For the mags I contribute to as an editor, using SMS helps mag connect faster with their subscribers #editorchat
[20:55:17] shortformernie: I think what’s worked best so far has been the combining of Web technologies. Which newspapers are always afraid to do. #editorchat
[20:55:39] deegospel: q1: building membership sites is a way that magazines can still add revenue #editorchat
[20:55:43] milehighfool: @judywriter So we know Twitter is an engagment tool for us writers. What about Facebook and other SM. Are you using it? #editorchat
[20:55:48] KatPowers: Q1 what works is getting folks to respond immediately to stories. They get addicted. Comments, sending emails, it’s all good #editorchat
[20:55:51] judywriter: @milehighfool Worst was when we invested a lot in a major story & got more comments on a throwaway story. $$$$ #editorchat
[20:55:55] netta50: I think the appeal of Kindle is green, portability, and attractive to techies. #editorchat
[20:56:23] milehighfool: @shortformernie Yes! Mashuos — combining Web content from two or more sources into one — are easier to do now. #editorchat
[20:56:23] JDEbberly: RT @deegospel: q1: building membership sites is a way that magazines can still add revenue (I agree.) #editorchat
[20:56:35] judywriter: @LydiaBreakfast Absolutely, have to fail quickly. HARD to do in a big co. That’s why publishing co’s are struggling. #editorchat
[20:56:36] anti9to5guide: Dang, I just realized I’m missing #editorchat!
[20:56:49] shortformernie: Q1: Someone’s already built what you need – the secret is trying not to own the market but to build on top of it. #editorchat
[20:56:55] LydiaBreakfast: Facebook is too slow after using twitter. Fan and group pages are static and don’t invite discussion #editorchat
[20:56:58] JDEbberly: @anti9to5guide Welcome Back! 🙂 #editorchat
[20:57:07] LydiaBreakfast: @anti9to5guide No you’re not, here you are 🙂 #editorchat
[20:57:10] judywriter: @milehighfool I use FB, LinkedIn, & (obviously)twitter. Am speaking about it tomorrow, in fact. Ppl don’t get it at all! #editorchat
[20:57:17] milehighfool: Whoa. Did I say Mashuos? Sounds like potatoes gone wrong. I meant mashups. #editorchat
[20:57:22] netta50: @milehighfool FB, not so much. It’s bloated and a time suck, if not managed properly. #editorchat
[20:57:38] shortformernie: Q1: My last paper, Link, was a really great idea journalistically, and from a content and design perspective it killed. #editorchat
[20:57:40] joecortez: Q1: I agreee with @shortformernie — all the tools are there; its time to find the best application for the job at hand. #editorchat
[20:57:45] deegospel: q1: @mario1123 membership sites is a tough one? #editorchat
[20:57:47] deegospel: #editorchat
[20:58:00] milehighfool: @anti9to5guide Jump in Michelle 🙂 #editorchat
[20:58:02] judywriter: @milehighfool I went thru the same thing with the Web. “WHY use it?” “No good” “Too time consuming” “No value” “Play, not work” #editorchat
[20:58:17] shortformernie: Q1: But it got the Web wrong. It was late and it tried to build its own site around old technology instead of mashups. #editorchat
[20:58:30] milehighfool: @judywriter Right. So very mid-90s. #editorchat
[20:58:39] UrbanMuseWriter: RT @netta50: @milehighfool FB, not so much. It’s bloated and a time suck, if not managed properly. (I’m so over FB!) #editorchat
[20:58:42] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool I was trying to figure out what language mashuos was. 😉 #editorchat
[20:58:58] shortformernie: Q1: And that was a corporate failing, BTW – they didn’t prioritize the Web the way they could have. #editorchat
[20:59:12] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR Potato Latin. #editorchat
[20:59:20] jennipps: Forgot what time #editorchat started. Trying to log in from home.
[20:59:25] shortformernie: Why build your own garden when you can buy from the farmer’s market? #editorchat
[20:59:33] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie aren’t we looking at the same problem now? #editorchat
[20:59:35] anti9to5guide: @LydiaBreakfast @milehighfool Thx. Can’t stay long, but did wanna drop in. Freelance writer focused on career stories right now. #editorchat
[20:59:37] deegospel: q1: I also think that building exclusive events sponsored by the mag like Pink & Skirt Mag does is working for certain mags #editorchat
[20:59:50] milehighfool: RT @shortformernie: Why build your own garden when you can buy from the farmer’s market? #editorchat
[20:59:52] LydiaBreakfast: @jennipps Hi Jen #editorchat
[21:00:05] judywriter: Q1: What works is to keep technology open, don’t make it hard for ppl to participate, i.e., go thru a lot of hoops to join in. #editorchat
[21:00:24] netta50: @UrbanMuseWriter I know, right? It’s starting to be annoying, like Myspace. #editorchat
[21:00:40] judywriter: @shortformernie They’re doing the same thing w/ social media. Not getting it, not prioritizing it, not funding resources for it. #editorchat
[21:00:55] milehighfool: @deegospel Yes. Exclusivity is a time-tested strategy. #editorchat
[21:00:58] LydiaBreakfast: @judywriter agreed – am less likely to leave a comment if I have to create a profile first #editorchat
[21:00:58] KatPowers: RT@judywriter Q1: What works is to keep technology open, don’t make it hard for ppl to participate, i.e., go thru a lot of hoop #editorchat
[21:01:09] UrbanMuseWriter: @deegospel yes, but neither mag is doing well. Pink went quarterly & I believe Skirt has stopped publishing, at least in Boston #editorchat
[21:01:14] BeckyDMBR: @shortformernie Build your own garden if you like the act of gardening. 😉 #editorchat
[21:01:32] WillRogersPaper: Still alot of graybeards not wanting to throw in the towel and mesh print and online. Can it be all or nothing? #editorchat
[21:01:40] milehighfool: So where’s the win when it comes to innovation? How have you benefited readers by embracing innovation? #editorchat
[21:01:49] LydiaBreakfast: @UrbanMuseWriter Skirt used to be independent, now like a franchise #editorchat
[21:01:59] deegospel: q1: @UrbanMuseWriter Skirt’s publishing in Atlanta. I’m in Atlanta. #editorchat
[21:02:09] shortformernie: @judywriter EXACTLY. A hamfisted approach to the Web is not what we need right now. #editorchat
[21:02:17] dodgemedlin: Hey all. Mark Dodge Medlin of The San Diego Union-Tribune here, keeping half an eye on #editorchat, the other 1.5 eyes on work. #editorchat
[21:02:30] LydiaBreakfast: @WillRogersPaper I don’t think all or nothing is a viable part of the new vocabulary #editorchat
[21:02:30] UrbanMuseWriter: @netta50 Too busy, too many vampire bites & pokes & prods & stuff I don’t understand #editorchat
[21:02:52] milehighfool: A Foolish example: I often tweet follow-ups to my Fool.com stories. Twiter exclusives, per se. #editorchat
[21:02:53] LydiaBreakfast: @dodgemedlin Hey Mark – thanks so much for coming #editorchat
[21:02:59] UrbanMuseWriter: @LydiaBreakfast The Boston editor announced at a panel last week that she got laid off bc they’re not publishing #editorchat
[21:03:32] judywriter: @LydiaBreakfast Co’s want to keep track of participants but ppl don’t want a hassle or to give out their info. #editorchat
[21:03:37] milehighfool: @dodgemedlin Thanks for droppng by, Mark. We’ll try not to make you cross-eyed. #editorchat
[21:03:40] LydiaBreakfast: @UrbanMuseWriter the one we have in Gville is so skinny it may as well not exist #editorchat
[21:03:57] JMegonigal: Q1:We decided NOT to put our mag digital (we want ppl to PAY for it) but we built website to complement. Has worked well so far. #editorchat
[21:03:58] anti9to5guide: @JDEbberly Thanks. Nice to be here. #editorchat
[21:04:00] judywriter: @shortformernie Hamfisted. Great word. And so dead on!! #editorchat
[21:04:22] judywriter: @shortformernie You must be a writer. LOL #editorchat
[21:04:28] shortformernie: @milehighfool Big and small. Every time we put a TinyURL in print telling readers to get even more information. #editorchat
[21:04:36] milehighfool: @UrbanMuseWriter Colorado’s books seem to be doing better. 5280 has been a Nat. Mag. Award winner. #editorchat
[21:04:36] KatPowers: @JMegonigal What do you put in one that does not go in the other? #editorchat
[21:04:44] netta50: @UrbanMuseWriter Exactly. Simple interface is so much better. You lose people with complicated and inane. #editorchat
[21:04:53] LydiaBreakfast: @JMegonigal yes it has! Have you all seen Business Black Box? Great pub 🙂 #editorchat
[21:05:29] lauriemeisel: Hi I was lurking. I’m the Web Producer for Architectural Record w/exp in newsletter/site editing #editorchat
[21:05:30] milehighfool: @JMegonigal Why couldn’t they also pay for digital? isn’t a mind-shift needed? #editorchat
[21:05:52] milehighfool: @lauriemeisel Glad you could make it. #editorchat
[21:06:06] LydiaBreakfast: @lauriemeisel Hi Laurie, jump on in 🙂 #editorchat
[21:06:10] judywriter: A pub shut down 15 regional mags & laid off everybody. I thought why not redirect to the Web? Dumb, IMHO. #editorchat
[21:06:14] shortformernie: Q2: Where I’m at with Express is encouraging a continuing of the interest in the story, whether or not we have the full thing. #editorchat
[21:06:21] milehighfool: @netta50 The irony: It’s often far more complex to create something simple and elegant. #editorchat
[21:06:26] bobbyrettew: @JMegonigal Just got my @InsideBlackBox copy at the HOUSE! GREAT JOB! Very clean and INNOVATIVE! #editorchat
[21:06:39] JMegonigal: @KatPowers Expert blogs on one, full features; different articles in print. They tease back and forth, but dont cross. #editorchat
[21:06:57] ohmgee: hiya. popping tweetchat cherry. art director of oregon business magazine, former newspaper designer and tweets as @nwspprscppln #editorchat
[21:07:00] JMegonigal: @LydiaBreakfast You’re sweet. #editorchat
[21:07:04] shortformernie: Q2: So, our long-term goal for building fact boxes – since we’re short – is to let readers know where else to go online. #editorchat
[21:07:42] JMegonigal: @milehighfool could, but our market hasn’t “gotten” there yet. They still dont see a lot of value in web/digital (at least paid) #editorchat
[21:07:45] LydiaBreakfast: @ohmgee we’ll be gentle, promise 😉 #editorchat
[21:07:57] milehighfool: @shortformernie You’re the gateway to helping them get smarter. Isn’t that the currency of the Web? #editorchat
[21:08:31] WillRogersPaper: @LydiaBreakfast I agree wholeheartedly…problem is that’s a large obstacle. What I heari is simple interface, mashup of content #editorchat
[21:09:23] digitalsista: seems to be a bunch of chats going on tonight #editorchat #smallbizchat
[21:09:26] shortformernie: @milehighfool You got it. You can’t get the Web on the Metro. But you can get Express. We do our job if you go back to the Web. #editorchat
[21:09:34] netta50: @milehighfool Agreed, but worth it.U should’nt have to give a pint of blood for access, or B threatened with brain draining apps.#editorchat
[21:10:08] deegospel: i’ve lost track of the last question. #editorchat
[21:10:16] LydiaBreakfast: OK Q3, Has anyone found a good way to do long form writing? #editorchat
[21:10:19] milehighfool: @netta50 No more Zombie software. or zombie content, for that matter. #editorchat
[21:10:51] milehighfool: @LydiaBreakfast Either on the Web or in print, yes? Speaks to how the Web seems to be killing the long form. #editorchat
[21:10:54] shortformernie: @LydiaBreakfast Considering my Twitter name, I’m leaving this one alone 😀 #editorchat
[21:11:36] ohmgee: @LydiaBreakfast whew. thank you! =) #editorchat
[21:11:37] stephauteri: @LydiaBreakfast: What do you mean re: Q3? (I’m late.) In terms of finding a market for it? #editorchat
[21:11:41] PDXsays: @LydiaBreakfast hi Lydia.. at @AboutUs for a presentation on editing and use if wikipedia and journalism #wikiwed #editorchat
[21:11:48] judywriter: Do readers benefit from innovation? We’ll, “innovation” is often barely “catching up.” Readers benefit from more & better. #editorchat
[21:11:51] milehighfool: @shortformernie Oh come on, Ernie. Take a sta. Make it bleed. Is the long form really dead? #editorchat
[21:11:55] anti9to5guide: Do you mean no. 2 pencil vs. laptop? 😉 Kidding. I still like essays for anthologies & the few media outlets that buy ’em. #editorchat
[21:12:06] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie C’mon Ernie, if you were going to do it, how would you? Sequential narrative? #editorchat
[21:12:11] netta50: @LydiaBreakfast I’m not sure long form is viable anymore. #editorchat
[21:12:17] wordful: Long form writing works when the narrative creates a highly engaging, sacred space. Stevepavlina.com is a good example of this. #editorchat
[21:12:18] KatPowers: Whoops! Mother in law called. What is Q3? #editorchat
[21:12:22] LydiaBreakfast: @PDXsays Hi, ooh that sounds good! #editorchat
[21:12:35] milehighfool: Because I don’t buy it. I’m of the mind that the Web and social media offer limitless opporunities for low-cost experimentation. #editorchat
[21:12:36] joecortez: Q3: Long form is never dead — that’s effectively what books are. Very, VERY long form. #editorchat
[21:12:45] LydiaBreakfast: @stephauteri how to do it, how to find a market, etc. #editorchat
[21:13:11] judywriter: @LydiaBreakfast Q3, leaving that one alone too. #editorchat
[21:13:19] LydiaBreakfast: @joecortez LOL #editorchat
[21:13:45] LydiaBreakfast: @KatPowers Has anyone found a good way to do long form writing? #editorchat
[21:13:48] stephauteri: Q3: Finding a market for it is so tough. Everything now is listicles and bullet points and charts and graphs. #editorchat
[21:13:48] shortformernie: @milehighfool @lydiabreakfast I’ve banked my entire career on anything but the long form. I’d say it’s not my forte. 🙂 #editorchat
[21:13:51] milehighfool: @anti9to5guide Essay is a perfect form for the Web. Look at Salon and Slate. #editorchat
[21:13:52] deegospel: q3: White Paper. I love a Moleskine Notebook. Makes me feel intelligent #editorchat
[21:14:03] UrbanMuseWriter: Q3 outside of books, the outlets for long-form NF is shrinking, which is as shame. #editorchat
[21:14:29] WillRogersPaper: Long form can survived if enhanced with images, video and audio #editorchat
[21:14:31] shortformernie: Q3: But that said, I do think the long form never really died on the Web. Have you seen how long some blog posts are? Really? #editorchat
[21:14:33] anti9to5guide: Yes, Salon/Slate are the bomb. #editorchat
[21:14:37] deegospel: @mario1123 lol #editorchat
[21:14:39] stephauteri: Q3: But I love those sites that still traffic in long-form stuff. As @milehighfool says, sites like Salon are a godsend. #editorchat
[21:14:41] JMegonigal: Q3: IWill we see a new trend emerge? mags; long-form mags; books. Trend for mags points to bit info. But long form not dead yet! #editorchat
[21:14:45] DavisFreeberg: I think that longform content is more attractive to niche audiences than the masses. If your pub is focused it has more value #editorchat
[21:15:19] milehighfool: So who’s had success writing the long form recently? Anyone? Longer than, say, 1,200 words. (Which used to be short.) #editorchat
[21:15:20] judywriter: @milehighfool I agree re limitless opportuniies for low-cost experimentation. Gotta love change in this business! #editorchat
[21:15:25] anti9to5guide: Just printed out a couple mediabistro articles on outlets that buy essays. It’s from 2008. Half of them are probably gone now. #editorchat
[21:15:36] LydiaBreakfast: RT @WillRogersPaper Long form can survived if enhanced with images, video and audio #editorchat
[21:15:41] deegospel: q3: @milehighfool Oh I agree. #editorchat
[21:15:45] shortformernie: Q3: Ultimately, if you have a good article and it’s compelling, people will read it. Really, short-form is for sorting the junk. #editorchat
[21:16:02] stephauteri: @anti9to5guide: I believe the MB guides are being updated right now. Thank god. #editorchat
[21:16:14] milehighfool: @JMegonigal I badly want to see a new magazine dedicated to nothing but the very best essays. Or is it already out there? #editorchat
[21:16:18] judywriter: @deegospel LOL #editorchat
[21:16:38] anti9to5guide: Yeah, sure, something for a book anthology that I wrote last month. #editorchat
[21:16:42] JMegonigal: @jamieprince That’s true. There’s a psych response to mags and books that papers dont have. Does that = Survival? Maybe. #editorchat
[21:16:44] UrbanMuseWriter: @anti9to5guide They’re working on updating & adding a part 3. Stay tuned! #editorchat
[21:16:49] stephauteri: @milehighfool: I just did a 2,000-word piece for Nerve. They kept cutting and cutting, though. #editorchat
[21:16:52] milehighfool: @shortformernie Disagree. When done well, the short form is pure art. #editorchat
[21:17:00] judywriter: Long form isn’t my fave. I could never get through a New Yorker. #editorchat
[21:17:02] SpecialDee: Q1 Great content is fine but the user experience must be enjoyable or the visitor will go to a site that is enjoyable/easy2use #editorchat
[21:17:15] joecortez: Q3: If you are passionate about the topic, and give a reason to find out how the story ends, they’ll follow the long form thru. #editorchat
[21:17:22] netta50: The definition of flash fiction is under 1500 words. What definition is “long form”? #editorchat
[21:17:33] WillRogersPaper: If sites are Hyperlocal, or Hyperfocus on niche – long form connects with a community or specific market – content still drives #editorchat
[21:17:44] stephauteri: Long-form has always been my fave, but being a paid blogger has made my ability to write long-form suffer. #editorchat
[21:17:47] mobienthusiast: Who is tweeting #editorchat questions please?
[21:17:48] UrbanMuseWriter: RT @milehighfool: @shortformernie Disagree. When done well, the short form is pure art. (here, here! almost like a haiku) #editorchat
[21:17:53] fixin2: Sorry I’m late to the dance. News editor for small daily in Mississippi. #editorchat
[21:17:57] JMegonigal: @milehighfool Not that I’m aware, but there r essay mags that r still VERY strong, right? think Harpers and New Yorker as stds. #editorchat
[21:18:08] anti9to5guide: @stephauteri @UrbanMuseWriter Yeah, saw that post on upod, which is why I went to check the earlier one(s). 🙂 #editorchat
[21:18:11] shortformernie: @milehighfool There’s an art to sorting the junk. 🙂 #editorchat
[21:18:12] milehighfool: @stephauteri Outstanding. What details can you share about the assignment itself? Was the length intimidating for the ed.? #editorchat
[21:18:14] SpecialDee: Q1 difference between reading from computer screen and reading from paper; screens use diff neuro paths. #editorchat
[21:18:41] deegospel: RT @LydiaBreakfast: OK Q3, Has anyone found a good way to do long form writing? #editorchat
[21:19:02] LydiaBreakfast: @mobienthusiast I do the Qs #editorchat
[21:19:10] wordful: @shortformernie I don’t know…you seem to have a really artful touch with the short form on your blog. #editorchat
[21:19:19] stephauteri: @milehighfool: It was actually the length they originally asked for, but they’ve suddenly decided to go shorter across the board #editorchat
[21:19:28] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Q3 Still good mags out there. Most, if not all, are online as well, though. #editorchat
[21:19:33] stephauteri: @milehighfool: Bad timing for me, I suppose! #editorchat
[21:19:40] lauriemeisel: Q3 I don’t see long form on the web sustaining itself nowadays w/o the extra images or multimedia. Web audiences bore faster #editorchat
[21:19:43] milehighfool: @SpecialDee Wow. That sounds so William Gibson. What’s the net neuro result? #editorchat
[21:19:54] anti9to5guide: Since you bring up short online attention spans, curious, what is everyone’s max word length they’ll read in a reported column? #editorchat
[21:20:15] SpecialDee: Q1 adding diff types of media 2 site such as videos 2 accompany stories, podcasts, live chats 2 engage readers 3 times/week. #editorchat
[21:20:22] deegospel: q3: I love long form writing. I get very little requests outside of Lit & Industry Trade Journals to write. #editorchat
[21:20:38] stephauteri: @anti9to5guide: I think it depends on how compelling a piece is, especially in the first few graphs. #editorchat
[21:20:42] SuburbNews: Agree RT @WillRogersPaper If sites are Hyperlocal- long form connects with a community or specific market – content still drives #editorchat
[21:20:50] deegospel: @anti9to5guide 250 words #editorchat
[21:20:51] LydiaBreakfast: @anti9to5guide printed I can read thousands of words. Online, two page clicks, maybe three #editorchat
[21:21:00] stephauteri: @anti9to5guide: I’ll follow a piece for pages if the first few graphs pull me in. #editorchat
[21:21:09] milehighfool: @anti9to5guide Most of the time, I write to 600 words. #editorchat
[21:21:12] shortformernie: @wordful To clarify: By sorting the junk, I mean organization and clarity. A good editor can clear the hay and find the needle. #editorchat
[21:21:28] DavisFreeberg: @anti9to5guide it depends on the content. I’ll spend all night reading a boring 200 page legal doc if it’s the right topic. #editorchat
[21:21:55] fixin2: Q3: I think long form on the Internet will have to be interspersed and supplemented with other media, broken into series. #editorchat
[21:21:59] milehighfool: @anti9to5guide Which I know is crazy short. Wrote a 900-word query last night. #editorchat
[21:22:00] netta50: Online web copy assignment for me rarely exceed 500 words. #editorchat
[21:22:05] deegospel: @LydiaBreakfast I rarely scroll past the screen. My book blog was created with short form in mind, but my readers want more… #editorchat
[21:22:28] anti9to5guide: Interesting. I have an online column that’s supposed to be at least 2 screens 750 words. I often wind up at 1K words, 3 screens. #editorchat
[21:22:32] PDXsays: @LydiaBreakfast I am not sure about others’tweets in room.. hope they are contributing to body of knowledge #wikiwed #editorchat
[21:22:38] milehighfool: @DavisFreeberg Right. All depends on the content, and the reader’s needs. #editorchat
[21:22:50] anti9to5guide: @milehighfool Wowza, that must’ve been some article you’re pitching! #editorchat
[21:22:50] DavisFreeberg: pagination has more to do with whether or not I keep reading an article, then the actual length #editorchat
[21:22:59] wordful: @shortformernie thanks for clarifying. Good editorial skills are must-have on the web. So much–I mean SO much–junk out there. #editorchat
[21:23:07] pomahony2: I am reading #editorchat. I wish that every 5 min, they would stop and they would tell us newbies what they are talking about @pomahony2
[21:23:15] TheaPatrick: Just checkin in,following the chat but no comment yet;great advice @shortformernie ! http://www.happilymarriedafter.wordpress.com #editorchat
[21:23:45] JMegonigal: Bouncing in, bouncing out. Goodnight, all. #editorchat
[21:23:47] shortformernie: @anti9to5guide My blog: 100 words is a stretching-it maximum. Some posts are as short as six words. #editorchat
[21:23:48] milehighfool: @netta50 Same. But I badly want to push the limits. I want to prove that there’s life after trying an anecdotal lede. #editorchat
[21:23:50] anti9to5guide: @deegospel I initially gasped when you said “250 words,” but yeah, color me long-winded. 😉 #editorchat
[21:24:10] LydiaBreakfast: @pomahony2 we are on long form writing – how to do it and where to sell it #editorchat
[21:24:16] WillRogersPaper: Content that connects is key, multimedia essential, frequency of postings &updates – how important? I agree Org key 4 long form #editorchat
[21:24:16] anti9to5guide: @shortformernie Fun. Going to check it out this evening. #editorchat
[21:24:17] milehighfool: @anti9to5guide Personal essay, it turns out. Wish me luck 🙂 #editorchat
[21:24:30] UrbanMuseWriter: @DavisFreeberg it’s like Disneyland, where you’re tricked into waiting 45 min for a ride, bc ou don’t see how long the line is #editorchat
[21:24:54] netta50: @milehighfool My roots are in flash, so I’ve had to adapt to fit a lot of info in much less space. #editorchat
[21:24:57] wordful: RT @shortformernie @wordful By sorting junk, I mean organization and clarity. A good editor can clear the hay & find the needle #editorchat
[21:25:02] SuburbNews: @shortformernie Six words? Wow. And people thought 140 characters wasn’t enough! 😉 #editorchat
[21:25:08] AbsoluteWrite: So no – the longform isn’t dead. In some ways, in terms of fiction, might see a renaissance – and NF should get a lift from that #editorchat
[21:25:12] lauriemeisel: Q3 Even w/an engaging piece, if it is split w/too many pages online, readers drop off. And page splits are due to ad $$ #editorchat
[21:25:13] milehighfool: @WillRogersPaper Frequency also seems to be part of the new currency. On the Web, readers are like a hungry child. #editorchat
[21:26:10] netta50: @milehighfool That’s the CLIENT’S specs. They’re ordering shorter articles for their web copy. #editorchat
[21:26:08] KatPowers: RT @milehighfool @WillRogers Paper Frequency also seems to be part of the new currency. On the Web, readers are like a hungry ch #editorchat
[21:26:13] stephauteri: RT @wordful: By sorting junk, I mean organization and clarity. A good editor can clear the hay & find the needle. #editorchat
[21:26:32] milehighfool: @AbsoluteWrite That’s encouraging. But I wonder if the expectations are different for fiction? #editorchat
[21:26:32] anti9to5guide: @milehighfool Good luck! Everyone’s fave thing to write, those PEs. #editorchat
[21:26:55] judywriter: @milehighfool Yeah, but the hungry children seem to prefer sugar to vegetables. Makes it a challenge for “real” stories. #editorchat
[21:27:03] stephauteri: @wordful: You’re so right. As traumatized as I was by my truncated essay, it was also nicely tightened in the editing process. #editorchat
[21:27:32] milehighfool: RT @judywriter Yeah, but the hungry children seem to prefer sugar to vegetables. Makes it a challenge for “real” stories. #editorchat
[21:27:43] fixin2: RT @judywriter: Yeah, but the hungry children seem to prefer sugar to vegetables. Makes it a challenge for “real” stories. #editorchat
[21:27:48] AbsoluteWrite: @milehighfool #editorchat Sure, until we see NF e-books take off the way, say, paranormal romance.
[21:27:49] deegospel: q3: @fixin2 usually if i have a more than 250 words on any of my columns I use utterli or btr to create a podcast they can hear #editorchat
[21:28:10] deegospel: @anti9to5guide lol i’m usually reading online content on my blackberry #editorchat
[21:28:11] WillRogersPaper: @milehighfool updating content online = TV channel surfers – view & move on. Give them something new each time they will return #editorchat
[21:28:18] LydiaBreakfast: Q4 – With sugar vs. veggies in mind, Editors, what are you doing to engage and work more effectively with writers? #editorchat
[21:28:26] wordful: @stephauteri Maybe I RTed that Editor statement wrong. @shortformernie said it, give him credit. #editorchat
[21:28:40] anti9to5guide: @stephauteri So great how much you can learn from a thoughtful editor who has the time to prune your piece. #editorchat
[21:29:06] SuburbNews: @judywriter Funny. Coworker calls them “broccoli stories.” Long stories eg lawsuit re: pension debacle. Dry, boring but imp. #editorchat
[21:29:11] stephauteri: RT @shortformernie: By sorting junk, I mean organization and clarity. A good editor can clear the hay & find the needle. #editorchat
[21:29:28] stephauteri: @wordful: Thanks dude! My bad. #editorchat
[21:29:31] milehighfool: RT @LydiaBreakfast: Q4 – Editors, what are you doing to engage and work more effectively with writers? #editorchat
[21:29:49] KatPowers: Sooo many writers don’t understand what the new expectations are online. Communicating that is key (Is that Q4? Q5?) #editorchat
[21:30:01] deegospel: RT @lauriemeisel: Q3 Even w/an engaging piece, if it’s split w/many pages online, readers drop off. & page splits R due 2 ad $$ #editorchat
[21:30:05] anti9to5guide: @deegospel Ah, that explains it. I need to remember that some people are reading our work on a two-inch screen. 😉 #editorchat
[21:30:15] WillRogersPaper: A4 – talk, talk, talk with writers. explore angles, glean nuggets, help them connect with reader #editorchat
[21:30:21] LydiaBreakfast: @KatPowers Q4 #editorchat
[21:30:23] milehighfool: @SuburbNews A perfect opportunity for innovation, no? Why do long stories have to be boring? Can’t they be dramatic and newsy? #editorchat
[21:30:37] judywriter: Q4. It’s good to have a mix of both types. Easier to get the variety w/ a lot of freelancers, especially now w/ high unemploy. #editorchat
[21:30:44] JMegonigal: Q4: try to build and maintain a SMALL pool/writers who know us + who we can spoil w/ conferences or food every once and a while. #editorchat
[21:30:54] KatPowers: @LydiaBreakfast d’oh! #editorchat
[21:30:56] jennipps: Hi, everyone! Bad connection at home finally let me in. Jen, freelance writer in south Oklahoma. #editorchat
[21:31:14] UrbanMuseWriter: @KatPowers tell us more! what do you wish writers did differently? #editorchat
[21:31:34] judywriter: @SuburbNews Certain ppl need those dry-but-important stories, & it establishes the pub as the authority. #editorchat
[21:31:34] LydiaBreakfast: @JMegonigal hmmm food? drinks too? 😉 #editorchat
[21:31:39] milehighfool: @JMegonigal Excellent. And your branch office in Colorado opens when? #editorchat
[21:31:49] JMegonigal: Q4 I’ll pay for conferences for whole pool when I can – it builds them up and pays off for ME in the long run! #editorchat
[21:32:13] Hergett: @SuburbNews: @judywriter “Broccoli stories” possibly a reference to Lamott’s “Bird by Bird” #editorchat
[21:32:16] milehighfool: @jennipps Glad you made it, Jen. Talking about innovation success stories. #editorchat
[21:32:17] AbsoluteWrite: @milehighfool #editorchat in terms of longer form NF (10-20K words) It’s an area to examine, and e-book for handheld is the clear platform
[21:32:37] KatPowers: @UrbanMuseWriter You can’t wait for a print deadline, file now; Write with SEO in mind (Use name of town, not just “police said” #editorchat
[21:33:04] milehighfool: @AbsoluteWrite Agreed. This is one of those area where the Kindle could be a killer app. An iTablet from Apple, too. #editorchat
[21:33:18] DavisFreeberg: I bet brief but frequent articles is better 4 pubs that use ad revenue, while long is better for those who charge subscriptions #editorchat
[21:33:25] deegospel: @AbsoluteWrite Ebook. Yes, I agree. #editorchat
[21:33:45] milehighfool: RT @KatPowers: You can’t wait for a print deadline, file now; Write with SEO in mind (Use name of town, not just “police said” #editorchat
[21:33:49] SuburbNews: @Hergett I’ll ask him 🙂 Yes, agree @milehighfool. Challenge is to make them more readable, compelling. Good writing, multimedia #editorchat
[21:33:50] judywriter: @Hergett That’s way too high-brow for me. I’m a NASCAR fan. LOL #editorchat
[21:33:55] jennipps: @KatPowers But at the same time, don’t write SEO for the sake of SEO or it doesn’t sound right. #editorchat
[21:34:09] JMegonigal: @milehighfool As soon as I can get there. 🙂 #editorchat
[21:34:19] milehighfool: @KatPowers So should today’s writers also be bloggers to learn these sorts of innovations? #editorchat
[21:34:28] deegospel: @Hergett I love “Bird by Bird” 🙂 #editorchat
[21:34:34] KatPowers: @jennipps But there’s an art to it. #editorchat
[21:34:50] judywriter: @KatPowers The problem is that so few writers understand SEO. And they keep changing what the search engines pick up. #editorchat
[21:34:50] UrbanMuseWriter: @jennipps I think it becomes more natural with practice, but I’ve had to tell clients their SEO goals will destroy good content #editorchat
[21:35:13] KatPowers: @milehighfool I think blogging helps, but a good editor explaining the rules of the road will help most #editorchat
[21:35:16] jennipps: @KatPowers There definitely is that. #editorchat
[21:35:31] KatPowers: @judywriter And that’s why I’m learning from all you folks on twitter. #editorchat
[21:35:34] jennipps: @UrbanMuseWriter Agreed on all counts. You can spot the first SEO articles I did a mile away. lol #editorchat
[21:35:49] deegospel: @milehighfool Maybe not Blog owners, but it wouldn’t hurt for them to guestblog #editorchat
[21:35:50] judywriter: @milehighfool All pub writers should also be bloggers, IMHO. Adds dimension & personality. #editorchat
[21:35:51] milehighfool: @UrbanMuseWriter That officially qualifies you for writing sainthood in my book. #editorchat
[21:36:10] KatPowers: @UrbanMuseWriter I think you’re right that it can stink, but a little SEO goes a long way #editorchat
[21:36:25] UrbanMuseWriter: I won’t put a certain word in every post title just bc you want to rank higher for that word. It has to make sense! #editorchat
[21:36:30] LydiaBreakfast: so should editors start teaching SEO to their writers, or is it up to the writers to get schooled? #editorchat
[21:36:43] milehighfool: @KatPowers Yes. There’s really few things better than having a good editor to guide you. #editorchat
[21:36:46] KatPowers: RT @judywriter @milehighfool All pub writers should also be bloggers, IMHO. Adds dimension & personality. #editorchat
[21:36:56] jennipps: @KatPowers That’s a lesson I had to learn quickly. I’m not saying I’ve completely mastered it, but I feel like I’m getting there #editorchat
[21:37:00] JDEbberly: RT @milehighfool: @KatPowers Yes. There’s really few things better than having a good editor to guide you. #editorchat
[21:37:18] KatPowers: @milehighfool A good editor who makes cookies is best #editorchat
[21:37:20] deegospel: @JMegonigal Yey for Anne Lamotte @Hergrett #editorchat
[21:37:29] SpecialDee: @KatPowers Blogs r community builders. What are blogs? Portals 2 topic-based world of information, comments, links, multimedia? #editorchat
[21:37:36] milehighfool: @KatPowers I agree. All freelancers, especially. Shows off your talent and topical interests to editors. #editorchat
[21:37:41] deegospel: RT @KatPowers: @milehighfool A good editor who makes cookies is best #editorchat
[21:37:41] jennipps: @LydiaBreakfast I’d say it’s up to the individual writers to learn SEO. That’s not to say eds can’t point out good resources tho #editorchat
[21:37:50] SpecialDee: @milehighfool It’s the screen flicker that affects the way online content is read AND understood #editorchat http://bit.ly/pTeGm
[21:38:50] JDEbberly: I definitely agree with you Jen that writers need to learn SEO. Lots of great blogs about it. #editorchat
[21:39:05] KatPowers: @SpecialDee Maybe I like them on blogs as that’s how I learned this web stuff #editorchat
[21:39:17] JMegonigal: @jennipps Agreed. SOME editor are leaders and will take it on themselves to teach, train, stretch. Many just have a title. #editorchat
[21:39:31] lauriemeisel: @milehighfool Interesting point re: writers being bloggers. Good bloggers have learned what is needed to keep readers returning #editorchat
[21:39:40] deegospel: Editors should know SEO. I edit for SEM, and let the writer just Write. #editorchat
[21:39:44] joecortez: SEO is proof that you know your audience — and how to interact with them. If you don’t know, better ask somebody! #editorchat
[21:39:45] milehighfool: What about communication tools? Anyone tried creating editorial social networks using tools like Yammer? #editorchat
[21:39:55] KatPowers: @JDEbberly what’s the best blog to send a reporter to to learn SEO? #editorchat
[21:40:17] UrbanMuseWriter: Q4 Lately, I’ve found that the eds I work w/ don’t have a formal style guide. I can read the pub, but clear expectations help #editorchat
[21:40:31] jennipps: @JMegonigal I think relying on eds to teach writers is a mistake. Our initiative is part of what puts us above others query-wise #editorchat
[21:40:32] SpecialDee: Q3 I think long form on the web is fine but it is tied to design: typography, graphics. #editorchat
[21:40:42] JDEbberly: @KatPowers I’ll have to get back to you on that. #editorchat
[21:40:56] deegospel: @KatPowers @skydiver @problogger @chrisbrogran are great starts #editorchat
[21:41:06] milehighfool: Yammer is like a private version of Twitter, BTW. #editorchat
[21:41:30] wordful: If you focus on writing clear, concise and compelling copy, you will naturally write keyword-dense copy. [I stole this statement #editorchat
[21:41:32] AbsoluteWrite: #editorchat We’ve used LJ groups, conference AIM chats, private messageboard rooms, Google docs, and wikis, to good effect
[21:41:38] jennipps: @milehighfool Thanks for that. I’d heard of Yammer but never what it was like/about. #editorchat
[21:41:41] stephauteri: RT @jennipps: I think relying on eds to teach writers is a mistake. Our initiative is part of what puts us above others. #editorchat
[21:41:43] AngEngland: RT @judywriter: @milehighfool All pub writers should also be bloggers, IMHO. Adds dimension & personality. #editorchat
[21:42:10] JDEbberly: @deegospel Yep, @ChrisBrogan and @Problogger are really great at SEO #editorchat
[21:42:16] milehighfool: @joecortez Your audience, or your search engine? Do SEO and audience really correlate that closely? #editorchat
[21:42:16] SpecialDee: Q3 There are different “rules” for what is pleasing to the eye in print and what is pleasing on the web. #editorchat
[21:42:24] shortformernie: @wordful Nice steal! I agree with that completely. #editorchat
[21:42:33] KatPowers: Google groups has worked for a number of us, @milehighfool #editorchat
[21:42:37] anti9to5guide: Have to duck out. My date/dinner is here and I’m still in my robe. Thx for the great chat, folks. #editorchat
[21:43:02] deegospel: @anti9to5guide have a great night. 🙂 #editorchat
[21:43:04] LydiaBreakfast: @anti9to5guide enjoy the date 🙂 #editorchat
[21:43:05] RTseo: RT @milehighfool @joecortez your audience, or your search engine? do seo and audience really correlate that closely? #editorchat
[21:43:07] KatPowers: I mean Google Docs. Google Groups? #editorchat
[21:43:23] Hergett: SEO is crucial for eds today, but how to convince privately-held (aka stodgy ) papers it’s necessary is still a challenge for me #editorchat
[21:43:29] JDEbberly: http://chrisbrogan.com and http://problogger.net are great blogs to learn SEO #editorchat
[21:43:35] SpecialDee: Q3 special sections may have 8 pages 2 provide quality articles. Both online and in print = 500 word articles, 750 maximum. #editorchat
[21:43:35] milehighfool: @anti9to5guide Have fun. #editorchat
[21:43:36] lauriemeisel: @LydiaBreakfast Both. editors need to know SEO as do effective web writers #editorchat
[21:43:56] KatPowers: @Hergett When your page views are bigger than theirs, they’ll get it #editorchat
[21:44:05] JMegonigal: @jennipps True. Can’t rely. But editors who CAN lead, should. #editorchat
[21:44:08] joecortez: @milehighfool If your audience can’t find you, what good is the content? That being said, writers can also overdose on SEO… #editorchat
[21:44:11] KatPowers: @JDEbberly woot! #editorchat
[21:44:20] AbsoluteWrite: @LydiaBreakfast The problem is excessive SEO SEV keyword-loading can actually count as spam and too often writers Don’t Get It #editorchat
[21:44:24] shortformernie: @anti9to5guide Have a good one! #editorchat
[21:44:28] jennipps: @JMegonigal I have no argument with that. 🙂 #editorchat
[21:44:34] netta50: RT @lauriemeisel: @LydiaBreakfast Both. editors need to know SEO as do effective web writers #editorchat
[21:44:37] joecortez: @milehighfool Your point is understood though — balancing quality content with SEO is truly a science. #editorchat
[21:44:50] JMegonigal: @milehighfool We are now building an intranet for our writers where they can pick up assignments, get resources, billing, etc. #editorchat
[21:44:59] JaySlacks: I wish writers could spend more time writing and less time on the business end of things. But those days are over. #editorchat
[21:45:01] LydiaBreakfast: Has anyone found new and better ways to source (besides HARO) and fact-check? #editorchat
[21:45:11] GetResults: Like RT @JDEbberly I definitely agree w U Jen that writers need 2 learn SEO. Lots of great blogs about it. #editorchat – pitch 2 strength
[21:45:18] LydiaBreakfast: That was Q 5 folks – Has anyone found new and better ways to source (besides HARO) and fact-check? #editorchat
[21:45:39] UrbanMuseWriter: @JMegonigal your intranet sounds fantastic – a great central resource for writers! #editorchat
[21:45:41] KatPowers: @JaySlacks I don’t remember a time there wasn’t a biz end to writing #editorchat
[21:45:45] milehighfool: @joecortez I’m sure that’s true. Wish I had a better understanding of it. Seems to be an area where writers can help. #editorchat
[21:46:00] deegospel: @AbsoluteWrite exactly that’s why i edit for SEO and SEM. don’t want writers losing their voice #editorchat
[21:46:27] milehighfool: RT @LydiaBreakfast: That was Q 5 folks – Has anyone found new and better ways to source (besides HARO) and fact-check? #editorchat
[21:46:38] CathyWebSavvyPR: RT @joecortez: @milehighfool Your point is understood though — balancing quality content with SEO is truly a science. #editorchat
[21:47:09] LydiaBreakfast: Switching gears from SEO to sourcing : Q5 Has anyone found new and better ways to source (besides HARO) and fact-check? #editorchat
[21:47:15] KatPowers: Q5 @milehighfool the humble link? Keeps a lot of folks honest #editorchat
[21:47:16] milehighfool: Also, an early killjoy warning as Q5 goes out: 10 minutes till we’re back to intros and a link, if you want to post one. #editorchat
[21:47:23] netta50: @JaySlacks Me too. I spend more times sometimes on the biz end than actual writing.#editorchat
[21:47:24] deegospel: RT @LydiaBreakfast: q5: Has anyone found new and better ways to source (besides HARO) and fact-check? #editorchat
[21:47:39] JDEbberly: RT @joecortez: @milehighfool Your point is understood though — balancing quality content with SEO is truly a science. #editorchat
[21:47:52] merylkevans: I think many writers who claim to have SEO and SEM expertise really do not. Many don’t even know the difference between them. #editorchat
[21:48:26] jennipps: Q5 – I’m on the lookout for additional sourcing sites other than HARO. I use Twitter some for this… #editorchat
[21:48:38] milehighfool: @KatPowers A link rather than a pitch. So if you have a site or a blog, tell us. #editorchat
[21:49:03] jennipps: @merylkevans I admit I need to learn about SEM. #editorchat
[21:49:24] merylkevans: Q5: Social networks. Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter. #editorchat
[21:49:43] milehighfool: @merylkevans (Raises hand.) I don’t know the difference. #editorchat
[21:50:10] merylkevans: @jennipps The problem is that SEM is about buying ads & keywords, not writing. I wrote about the difference – tough article. #editorchat
[21:50:25] LydiaBreakfast: @milehighfool difference between “optimization” and “marketing” #editorchat
[21:50:41] UrbanMuseWriter: Q5 Anyone used PitchRate.com? Sounds similar to HARO but I haven’t tried it #editorchat
[21:50:45] LydiaBreakfast: paid vs. free #editorchat
[21:50:52] JaySlacks: @netta50 I think part of that is our impatience as writers. We want recognition badly. Good writing takes decades, not years. #editorchat
[21:51:24] netta50: @jennipps Twitter is a great gateway. #editorchat
[21:51:44] BeckyDMBR: @LydiaBreakfast Which is which? Paid / free? #editorchat
[21:51:55] milehighfool: @JaySlacks True. And that’s discouraging for a lot of would-be writers who don’t want to enjoy the journey. #editorchat
[21:52:02] LydiaBreakfast: @JaySlacks Agreed – did you read Gladwell’s Outliers? He argues it takes 10K hours to become really good at anything #editorchat
[21:52:04] merylkevans: @UrbanMuseWriter Q5: PitchRate is nice. It’s a web site and you can receive emails. Also media kitty, but not completely free. #editorchat
[21:52:04] netta50: @JaySlacks Agreed. That’s part of it. The other part is earning a living as you go. Balance is hard to find. #editorchat
[21:52:18] LydiaBreakfast: @BeckyDMBR SEO free, SEM pay #editorchat
[21:52:41] CathyWebSavvyPR: RT @merylkevans: Q5: Social networks. Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter. #editorchat
[21:52:51] milehighfool: On Q5: Has anyone successfully used FB for sourcing? LinkedIn? #editorchat
[21:52:55] LydiaBreakfast: RT @netta50 Agreed. That’s part of it. The other part is earning a living as you go. Balance is hard to find. AMEN! #editorchat
[21:53:02] JDEbberly: RT @LydiaBreakfast: @BeckyDMBR SEO free, SEM pay #editorchat
[21:53:11] BeckyDMBR: @LydiaBreakfast K. Thanks. #editorchat
[21:53:22] bacigalupe: Following the #editorchat discussion, hard to respond quickly with my itouch, thank you all for the great ideas on lenght and scope
[21:53:33] JaySlacks: @KatPowers But there was a time where the writing was more important than the business. That’s gone, sadly. #editorchat
[21:53:33] jennipps: @milehighfool Facebook, never. LinkedIn, I’ve gotten close but it didn’t work out. #editorchat
[21:53:44] JMegonigal: @milehighfool We used LinkedIN recently. VERY efficient. Cut the column time by 75% easy. #editorchat
[21:53:50] UrbanMuseWriter: @milehighfool HARO grew out of a FB group & I used it when it was on FB #editorchat
[21:54:01] merylkevans: SEO – organic… drives your site’s pages to higher results on search engines. SEP – paid placement and lots of testing. #editorchat
[21:54:10] bacigalupe: RT @LydiaBreakfast: Facebook is too slow after using twitter. Fan and group pages are static and don’t invite discussion #editorchat
[21:54:20] merylkevans: @merylkevans That’s SEM not SEP! #editorchat
[21:54:28] netta50: It’s the rare non-fiction writer that doesn’t indulge in their fiction habit. Fiction takes longer; NF pays the bills. #editorchat
[21:54:47] DavisFreeberg: @milehighfool I’ve used LinkedIn b4. Glassdoor is also good resource. My fav though is reverse server searches via yougotsignal #editorchat
[21:54:52] milehighfool: Where else? Name one great must-use source before we close. #editorchat
[21:55:07] JBMovies: @merylkevans I don’t pay for ppl to visit my site. Everything based on ppl conversing with me, or PR #editorchat
[21:55:09] judywriter: @milehighfool Q5. I’ve found twitter to be exceptional for sources, FB not much, LinkedIn for prof colleagues. #editorchat
[21:55:12] UrbanMuseWriter: @UrbanMuseWriter Sometimes I’ll post a FB status update about the sources I need. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. #editorchat
[21:55:23] milehighfool: My favorite is the news sites of the popular analyst firms. NPD, comScore, etc. #editorchat
[21:55:28] jennipps: @netta50 Hee. I can vouch for that. I’m dusting off my short fiction & sending it out. Got a rejection today. Onward & upward. #editorchat
[21:55:40] deegospel: q5: @milehighfool i used LinkedIn when I’m building content for Trade Journal. for entertainment mags photobloggers are a help #editorchat
[21:55:40] merylkevans: @milehighfool Good old fashioned Internet research. #editorchat
[21:55:50] JaySlacks: @LydiaBreakfast Most of the best writers weren’t writers when they were writing. The writing came later, raw and brilliant. #editorchat
[21:55:55] Colgo: @milehighfool I used LinkedIn for info – asked same q on FB, Twitter; best response on LinkedIn despite being smallest network #editorchat
[21:56:02] KatPowers: I write about a city, so this is over my head. I use a phone book. Q5 #editorchat
[21:56:03] lauriemeisel: @milehighfool Q5 Haven’t personally but work with an editor who successfully used LinkedIn for sourcing. #editorchat
[21:56:06] judywriter: @JMegonigal What’s your secret to using LinkedIn? I have 200+ contacts & still find Twitter much better. #editorchat
[21:56:11] milehighfool: For people, I like specialist sites: GameSpy or the discussion boards at Fool.com. #editorchat
[21:56:38] JDEbberly: RT @milehighfool: For people, I like specialist sites: GameSpy or the discussion boards at Fool.com. #editorchat
[21:56:44] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Q5 Sourcing on FB? Not yet but lots of chatter w/colleagues. #editorchat
[21:57:01] milehighfool: We’re at the time, folks. Four minutes to go so, if you want, re-intro yourself and post a link. #editorchat
[21:57:09] netta50: Twitter trends, Google trends, morning news #editorchat
[21:57:11] CathyWebSavvyPR: @judywriter On linked in – one key to reaching people is to ask and answer questions both on mian site and w/in groups #editorchat
[21:57:26] deegospel: @AbsoluteWrite True. Readers will disconnect easy and You don’t want to lose their loyalty. #editorchat
[21:57:43] milehighfool: And while you’re doing that I have a public service announcement. We’re thinking of upgrading editorchat.wordpress.com #editorchat
[21:57:59] JaySlacks: @milehighfool Our society has supported the Arts since when? 60s? 70s? Writers can’t write if they are networking constantly #editorchat
[21:58:00] JMegonigal: @judywriter I find L.I. to have a higher “credibility” bc of the amount of info. For my purposes, much better. #editorchat
[21:58:02] LydiaBreakfast: Almost ready to wrap so, if you want, re-intro yourself and post a link. #editorchat
[21:58:12] jennipps: Jen Nipps, fl writer in s Oklahoma. New article up on TutorialBlog – http://www.tutorialblog.org/author/jen-nipps. Also new @OWFI PR #editorchat
[21:58:17] CathyWebSavvyPR: RT @JMegonigal: @judywriter I find L.I. to have a higher “credibility” bc of the amount of info. For my purposes, much better. #editorchat
[21:58:18] JDEbberly: JD Ebberly hailing from N VA, writes about blogging & new media. The only link U need is https://editorchat.wordpress.com/ #editorchat
[21:58:22] JMegonigal: @judywriter I created a group for the mag; then set Discussions on that group to get sources/info. #editorchat
[21:58:29] judywriter: @CathyWebSavvyPR OK, I’ll give it another chance. thanks! #editorchat
[21:58:35] deegospel: @milehighfool q5: I do use Facebook. I have a box on there. I tell them what articles I’m working on & they connect #editorchat
[21:58:40] shortformernie: @milehighfool Howso? #editorchat
[21:58:47] stephauteri: Oy. I had nothin’ those last 2 qs. C’est la vie. Thanks for the chat everyone! I’m a writer for Nerve and other fine pubs. #editorchat
[21:58:49] jennipps: RT @JaySlacks @milehighfool Our society has supported the Arts since when? 60s? 70s? Writers can’t write if they are networking #editorchat
[21:58:52] Hergett: @milehighfool I have effectively used FB for sourcing a couple times, especially locally where I have mutual contacts. #editorchat
[21:58:52] merylkevans: ID is my name and the article I mentioned on SEO/SEM is here: http://bit.ly/WIlIV #editorchat
[21:58:56] judywriter: @JMegonigal I can understand that. #editorchat
[21:59:02] UrbanMuseWriter: Thx, all! I’m Susan, a Boston-based business/lifestyle writer who blogs at http://www.UrbanMuseWriter.com #editorchat
[21:59:03] KatPowers: editing a weekly paper and an online daily at http://www.wickedlocal.com/somerville outside Boston #editorchat
[21:59:07] SuburbNews: @LydiaBreakfast @milehighfool Thanks for another lovely chat. Now time to get my kids in bed (way past bed time, ugh) #editorchat
[21:59:10] milehighfool: If you’d be at all open to donating a few bucks to help with the cost, DM or @reply to me or Lydia. #editorchat
[21:59:19] netta50: RT @JaySlacks: @milehighfool Our society has supported the Arts since 60’sWriters can’t write if they are networking constantly #editorchat
[21:59:21] shortformernie: Ernie Smith, Designer Wash. Post Express, editor ShortFormBlog (http://shortformblog.com) AND NO I DON’T HATE LONG FORM! 😀 #editorchat
[21:59:33] jennipps: @merylkevans Thanks for the link, Meryl. #editorchat
[21:59:42] CathyWebSavvyPR: @milehighfool are you bringing it over to wordpress.org on it’s own URL? #editorchat
[21:59:47] JMegonigal: Jordana Megonigal, editor-in-chief of a business pub in Greenville, S.C. http://www.InsideBlackBox.com #editorchat
[21:59:57] milehighfool: @shortformernie Clean up the stly, load pages faster, etc. #editorchat
[21:59:58] JDEbberly: Thanks for another FABULOUS chat, @milehighfool & @LydiaBreakfast and everyone at Editorchat, week after riveting week ! #editorchat
[22:00:03] judywriter: @milehighfool @LydiaBreakfast This really isn’t fair. I didn’t intend to stay for the whole chat. Thx for great session! #editorchat
[22:00:24] jennipps: @milehighfool If you can take PayPal, I can/will. #editorchat
[22:00:33] deegospel: Dee Stewart blogger, pr pro, mag editor, former journalist. Atlanta. read my profile. this was my first time here. had fun. #editorchat
[22:00:35] shortformernie: I faded out a little at the end there but tonight was a really good chat, guys. Feel free to follow me @shortformblog or here. #editorchat
[22:00:38] joecortez: Thanks for a great chat! Joe Cortez, Freelance Writer/Multimedia Producer for Hire! Latest Project: http://tinyurl.com/cn88vd #editorchat
[22:00:57] JaySlacks: @netta50 That’s interesting. I think fiction requires a strong and powerful distraction sometimes. #editorchat
[22:00:59] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool @LydiaBreakfast Thanks for another great chat! Back to the pollen in Iow-ay for me. #editorchat
[22:00:59] milehighfool: @judywriter Glad you could make it. Thanks to all. Keep going if you’d like but we’re about out of here. #editorchat
[22:01:06] LydiaBreakfast: @joecortez Thanks Joe #editorchat
[22:01:15] SpecialDee: Q5: LinkedIn discussion and QandA areas are great resources. #editorchat
[22:01:21] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie Thanks Ernie 🙂 #editorchat
[22:01:30] ohmgee: re-intro: martin gee: lurker, art director of oregon business magazine, former newspaper designer (merc). tweets @nwspprscppln #editorchat
[22:01:32] joecortez: Much thanks and appreciation to @milehighfool and @LydiaBreakfast for hosting another wonderful session! #editorchat
[22:01:44] Hergett: Rachel Hergett, reporter/editor Bozeman Daily Chronicle. http://www.dailychronicle.com/ & http://www.linkedin.com/pub/12/b9b/26 #editorchat
[22:01:51] jennipps: Great chat. Sorry I missed most of it. Actually almost completely forgot about it. Too wild a weekend at the conference I guess. #editorchat
[22:01:52] LydiaBreakfast: @ohmgee Thanks Martin, please join us again #editorchat
[22:01:57] CathyWebSavvyPR: Travel writer from se PA & location/attraction photographer (PR pro & blogger 2 but the walls between the 2 are inviolate) #editorchat
[22:01:58] judywriter: @JMegonigal Congrats on being so forward-looking & innovative. Clearly it’s working! #editorchat
[22:02:00] KatPowers: Indeed. You folks rock #editorchat
[22:02:01] JDEbberly: Transcripts of tonight’s chat can be found at https://editorchat.wordpress.com/ & http://twemes.com/editorchat #editorchat
[22:02:03] merylkevans: This is one of my two fave chats. Thanks, @lydiabreakfast and @milehighfool for another winner. #editorchat
[22:02:07] LydiaBreakfast: @Hergett Glad you came Rachel #editorchat
[22:02:18] netta50: Freelance writer/editor, and you can find me on http://www.wordwebbing.com. Great chat, as usual, thanks Tim and Lydia! #editorchat
[22:02:24] LydiaBreakfast: @merylkevans Thanks for coming #editorchat
[22:02:38] lauriemeisel: @LydiaBreakfast @milehighfool Thanks for having this newbie. Learned a lot! #editorchat
[22:02:39] LydiaBreakfast: @KatPowers As do you, our chatters 🙂 #editorchat
[22:02:58] milehighfool: @merylkevans Thanks much. These are always fun and informative for us. #editorchat
[22:03:01] wendyperrin: Another late night at the office. Finally on the train headed home . . . & find out I’ve missed #editorchat yet again. Drat.
[22:03:40] JDEbberly: @jennipps That must have been one memorable conference, Jen! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 🙂 #editorchat
[22:03:47] milehighfool: @wendyperrin You’ll make it one of these days. Thanks for the sentiment. We appreciate it. #editorchat
[22:03:53] LydiaBreakfast: @wendyperrin sorry you missed it, we would like to hear from you sometime #editorchat
[22:04:00] CathyWebSavvyPR: Thanks @milehighfool and @LydiaBreakfast for running a great chat – I mostly listened in – #editorchat
[22:04:15] LydiaBreakfast: @lauriemeisel Glad you came 🙂 #editorchat
[22:04:19] deegospel: @LydiaBreakfast thanks for inviting me. i had fun #editorchat
[22:04:21] SpecialDee: Thanks @LydiaBreakfast and @milehighfool for hosting #editorchat Always learn much!
[22:04:31] KatPowers: @wendyperrin RT @JDEbberly Transcripts of tonight’s chat can be found at https://editorchat.wordpress.com/ & http://twemes.com/ed #editorchat
[22:04:41] LydiaBreakfast: @deegospel you are most welcome 🙂 #editorchat
[22:04:56] LydiaBreakfast: @SpecialDee Ms Dee, thank you! #editorchat
[22:05:24] JMegonigal: @judywriter Thank you. That’s sweet. #editorchat
[22:05:46] netta50: @milehighfool @LydiaBreakfast Always interesting and fabulous. Thanks. #editorchat
[22:05:59] AbsoluteWrite: #editorchat thanks, all. As always, was interesting and excellent food for thought
[22:06:12] JMegonigal: Good night. Thanks again to @lydiabreakfast and @milehighfool for a great #editorchat
[22:06:39] LydiaBreakfast: Thanks all for coming, your co-host Lydia Dishman, freelance features writer for business, travel, food and style (and more!) #editorchat
[22:07:02] judywriter: @milehighfool Will you take a contribution via PayPal? #editorchat
[22:07:07] milehighfool: Great work, all. Tim Beyers, Motley Fool tech contributor, freelance writer of big ideas: http://timbeyers.com #editorchat
[22:07:37] shortformernie: @lydiabreakfast @milehighfool Thanks for the great work as always guys! #editorchat
[22:08:04] LydiaBreakfast: public service announcement: We’re thinking of upgrading editorchat.wordpress.com, DM us if you’d like to donate and help out 🙂 #editorchat

Written by LydiaBreakfast

May 12, 2009 at 11:02 am

In which we discuss bridging another divide – that of the $$ variety

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Tim (@milehighfool) and I were talking after a tweet I sent out this morning, musing on what makes a professional writer work for little or no pay.

NOTE: Professional = a writer with a solid portfolio of clips, not just starting out.

Plenty of tweeps were quick to respond to this issue that we’ve touched on in previous chats, and one that I discussed in depth in my blog post, “What Price Freedom? Another ~F~ Word: Fees.”

Here’s a sampling of what they said:

@TankaBar_Linda: Hubris and overwhelming desire for an audience. Sort of like comedians. Many of my writer friends are taking work overseas. Voracious market for U.S. writers and rates are outstanding.
(Really? Like Reverse outsourcing? Where can we find said work?)

@stephauteri: Desperation? I’d do it to break into a publication I really loved. One with perpetually low rates, like Bitch or Bust.
(Hear that editrixes of Bitch and Bust? Ms. Auteri wants to work for you!)

@Alexandrialeigh: Um…desperation? Working at a discount for a charitable organization?
(Great minds…err…pens tweet alike).

@stephauteri: Then there are those writers who don’t know their own worth, and/or don’t believe they can command higher rates.
(Yet another example of how insecurity never gets us anywhere.)

@OurManinSH: My feeling is that they love the writing and justify the fact that at least they got something for the article. Not all writers are savvy when it comes to marketing themselves…
(No kidding – it is almost another whole job in and of itself)

@anniegirl1138 define “pittance.” No one’s paying in the ‘sphere, so I write for the “glory” of it all.

(Stumbled across submission requirements for an online magazine. $50 for 1000 word feature with research and multiple sources. When does glory give way to reality of bill paying?)

@anniegirl1138: Glory sucks. 1000 words for $50? Plus research? I’ll pass. I just blog. It’s fun. My “real” stuff? Not quite done. Soon.

@bob_bobala: That’s really swimming up stream. I think you have to be creative about it. Have enough work that pays for the good stuff. It is a tragedy that the best writing often pays the least money, no? Today, I am writing tax content. God help me.

In the spirit of keeping the discussion going, as well as perhaps creating a vehicle to help writers and editors get a feel for what different markets are like in terms of fees, we’d like to follow our chat about the digital divide with a discussion of the pay divide.

How do you go from making peanuts to a living wage?

Who’s done it and how?

Should there be set pay guidelines for certain types of projects?

Do new sites and content freeloaders make the chasm wider than ever?

Talk to us…

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March 20, 2009 at 7:42 pm

What We’ll Discuss on March 18 – the Digital Divide

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The digital divide. Does it exist? And more importantly, can it be bridged?  

With Hearst moving to make the Seattle Post-Intelligencer all digital, the U.K. Guardian newspaper’s “open platform” allowing digital content to be shared anywhere in exchange for hosting ad space on partner sites, and Amazon’s Kindle available on the iPhone, there is more digital content available in more places than ever before.

We’re wondering if the once-distinct worlds of Web and print are merging and changing what we do as writers and editors. Specifically:

Are there different style guides for Web and print? If so, how different are they?

Has the Web hurt publishing because errors are easier to correct?

Do editors expect less from Web articles?

In terms of payment, should those who write strictly for the Web be paid less than their print counterparts, or more, given the size of the potential audience?

Does the Web spell the end of good narrative because of the very short attention spans of online readers?

Editors: Are you tolerating  fewer words than before?

What qualities do editors look for when hiring a writer for online content?  Are editors looking at writers blogs? (via Vanessa Ahearn @girlgumption)

If you have any other questions you’d like to put up to discussion, please drop us a comment in the box below.  We look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday night 8-9:30pm EST.