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Transcript of #editorchat 5/27

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[20:31:32] milehighfool: And we’re live. Welcome to another edition of #editorchat. Please introduce yourselves as you join.

[20:31:43] shortformernie: Hey all. @milehighfool Got your message, will respond soon. #editorchat

[20:32:40] jennipps: Hi, all!! Jen, fl writer in south Oklahoma, specializing in creativity, writing, plus-size issues, and health at the moment. #editorchat

[20:32:47] shortformernie: Howdy hey! Ernie Smith, editor, ShortFormBlog — that’s http://shortformblog.com — and designer, Wash. Post Express. #editorchat

[20:33:12] milehighfool: @shortformernie Awesome. Thanks, Ernie. Glad you could make it tonight. #editorchat

[20:33:30] anndouglas: Please use http://www.twittersnooze.com if you want to filter my #editorchat tweets for the next couple of hours.

[20:33:31] milehighfool: @jennipps Welcome back, Jen. Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:33:37] hotspringer: Rebecca McCormick, freelance travel and feature writer from Hot Springs, Ark. #editorchat

[20:34:04] jennipps: @milehighfool And I’m not house- or dog-sitting tonight, so I should be able to be here for the whole thing. 🙂 #editorchat

[20:34:05] GLHancock: Georganna in San Diego, proud of the Padres, reading the Union-Tribune, writing, editing, and fooling around with websites #editorchat

[20:34:19] AuldHouse: #editorchat by night launching AuldHouse Publishing focusing on how-to content in ebook format

[20:34:19] jennipps: @hotspringer Hi, Rebecca! Good to see you. 🙂 #editorchat

[20:34:22] merylkevans: Texas gal who doesn’t have a tattoo and loves to play with words both for a living as writer / editor and for fun. #editorchat

[20:34:24] anndouglas: Hi all. I’m Ann Douglas – author, blogger, magazine columnist, copywriter, etc. #editorchat

[20:35:07] jennipps: @merylkevans That reminds me of a blog post I’ve had simmering for a couple days. Um…the playing with words part, not the tat. #editorchat

[20:35:09] milehighfool: @hotspringer @GLHancock Rebecca, Georganna — welcome. Glad you could makeit. #editorchat

[20:35:17] littlebrownpen: Hi everyone. Nichole Robertson. Freelance writer, blogger, Copy Director for a German organic skin care brand. #editorchat

[20:35:44] jennipps: @anndouglas Hi, Ann. Thanks for the RT earlier. #editorchat

[20:35:54] chriswebb: Hello all. I am an Associate Publisher, John WIley & Sons. #editorchat

[20:36:12] hinder: Howdy all. I’m Katie writer and editor for a handful of publications and websites. #editorchat

[20:36:12] jennipps: @littlebrownpen Did you get a new avatar picture? Looks good. #editorchat

[20:36:15] LydiaBreakfast: Good Evening all, a hearty welcome from your co-host Lydia Dishman, freelance features writer #editorchat

[20:36:29] milehighfool: @littlebrownpen @AuldHouse @merylkevans Hey there. Thanks for joining us tonight. #editorchat

[20:36:48] LydiaBreakfast: @chriswebb Hi Chris, nice to see you thanks for coming #editorchat

[20:36:50] milehighfool: @chriswebb Welcome. Great to have you here. #editorchat

[20:36:58] littlebrownpen: @jennipps I did. I had to get rid of the winter hat. #editorchat

[20:37:08] LydiaBreakfast: @hinder Hey Katie thanks for coming #editorchat

[20:37:29] fixin2: Good evening. I’m Paul, news editor for a small daily newspaper in Mississippi. #editorchat

[20:37:58] milehighfool: @hinder Hey Katie. Good post re: freelancing failure. Valuable lessions for us all, I think. #editorchat

[20:38:00] LydiaBreakfast: @hotspringer Hey Rebecca good to see you #editorchat

[20:38:02] newswise: Greetings everyone at #editorchat – if you need smart news, you should get @newswise http://tinyurl.com/cjl7vw

[20:38:12] LydiaBreakfast: @fixin2 Hi Paul thanks for joining us #editorchat

[20:38:15] ErikSherman: Evening I’m a freelancer, contributing editor at BNET, write for various magazines, and a book here and there #editorchat

[20:38:19] milehighfool: @fixin2 Hi Paul. Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:38:26] LydiaBreakfast: @littlebrownpen Nichole you look lovely, with or without your hat #editorchat

[20:38:37] LydiaBreakfast: @ErikSherman Good evening Erik, welcome #editorchat

[20:38:58] littlebrownpen: @LydiaBreakfast Thanks! I was teased quite a bit about it. But I have somewhere between two and three photos of myself. #editorchat

[20:38:59] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Good to see you again, Erik. See the news from Google I/O? I swear it’s the new Macworld. #editorchat

[20:39:04] LydiaBreakfast: @jennipps Jen, good to see you again 🙂 #editorchat

[20:39:24] chriswebb: So as this is my first #editorchat, is there a topic for discussion tonight?

[20:39:45] LydiaBreakfast: @merylkevans hey Meryl, are you attempting three chats tonight? #editorchat

[20:40:08] jennipps: @chriswebb Yep. Either @milehighfool or @LydiaBreakfast will get us started with the first question in a few minutes. #editorchat

[20:40:09] LydiaBreakfast: @chriswebb radical monetization and we’ll start the questions soon #editorchat

[20:40:25] fixin2: @milehighfool @LydiaBreakfast Thanks! Wasn’t sure I could make it; can hang for about 30-40 min. #editorchat

[20:40:33] milehighfool: @chriswebb There is. Radical monetization models in publishing. We’ll get to the Qs shortly. First, let me offer some rules. #editorchat

[20:40:37] SpecialDee: #editorchat Jumping in the convo, Special Sections Editor at Maine newspaper. Hello!

[20:40:51] merylkevans: @LydiaBreakfast Sure am! So far, so good… and trying to add one to my chat list at the moment. #editorchat

[20:40:55] LydiaBreakfast: @fixin2 excellent, tweeps are in and out all the time #editorchat

[20:41:05] milehighfool: Rule No. 1 Observers welcome but #editorchat is for those who are, or those who work with, editors.

[20:41:10] LydiaBreakfast: @SpecialDee Hiya Ms. Dee, thanks for stopping in #editorchat

[20:41:24] milehighfool: Rule No. 2 Stay on topic. #editorchat

[20:41:28] LydiaBreakfast: @merylkevans you are a wonder 🙂 #editorchat

[20:41:36] ErikSherman: @milehighfool Trade shows as news making spots seem to go through phases. #editorchat

[20:42:09] milehighfool: Rule No. 3. Courteous comments, please. (Thank you, sir. Ma’am.) #editorchat

[20:42:19] ErikSherman: @LydiaBreakfast With the way things are going, radical monetization will be anything that works. #editorchat

[20:42:24] milehighfool: Rule No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.) #editorchat

[20:42:57] milehighfool: Rule No. 5: Refer to the question number when commenting. Q1, Q2, etc. #editorchat

[20:43:03] GLHancock: @ErikSherman tee! hee! That’s what I thought, too! #editorchat

[20:43:11] LydiaBreakfast: @ErikSherman we’ll see what these fine tweeps come up with tonight. The new model may just be found in our chat. #editorchat

[20:43:27] studentoflife: RT @milehighfool Rule No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.)#editorchat

[20:44:10] milehighfool: @ErikSherman (Wince.) Too true, but we’ll give it a whirl anyhow. We’ve seen some interesting ideas lately. #editorchat

[20:44:27] bacigalupe: Redundant Rule: Keep the comments short #editorchat

[20:44:37] rachelcw: Take 2. Rachel Weingarten – author/marketer/freelance writer/prognosticator & commentator All around helpful person #editorchat

[20:45:15] JDEbberly: Apologies for arriving here late! Traffic is bad here in N VA 😦 #editorchat

[20:45:21] LydiaBreakfast: @bacigalupe excellent point, thanks for that 🙂 #editorchat

[20:45:51] ErikSherman: @milehighfool One just came into my email inbox – magazines considering iPhone apps. #editorchat

[20:45:52] JDEbberly: I apologize to my followers for excessive tweets as I enter Editorchat, which runs from 830pm to 10pm EST #editorchat

[20:45:59] LydiaBreakfast: @JDEbberly JD you just need to tweet on the side of the road 😉 #editorchat

[20:46:02] milehighfool: @bacigalupe More important yet not a rule: Keep comments relevant. #editorchat

[20:46:05] jennipps: @JDEbberly Good to see you! Glad you made it through the traffic. #editorchat

[20:46:41] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Not surprised, though I like the idea of Kindle DX subscriptions better. #editorchat

[20:46:56] milehighfool: @JDEbberly Glad you could make it, JD. #editorchat

[20:46:56] jennipps: @milehighfool Hm. It kind of is a rule. Goes along with the “Stay on topic” part. #editorchat

[20:47:13] rachelcw: oh yes, my apologies in advance if I seem to be tweeting on high speed, I’m about to enter #editorchat

[20:47:27] LydiaBreakfast: @rachelcw Rachel, welcome! #editorchat

[20:47:36] Dark_Faust: John Blyler, EiC for several technology trade pubs. This is the earliest that I’ve been here in a while. #editorchat

[20:47:41] bacigalupe: So the topic is the topic today? #editorchat

[20:47:42] ErikSherman: @milehighfool And just think – it could be worse. You could be in charge of Sirius XM. #editorchat

[20:47:52] BeckyDMBR: @milehighfool Oh, oh, hey, hey … Becky here from Iow-ay. 😉 #editorchat

[20:47:59] milehighfool: @rachelcw Welcome, Rachel. We can attest to how helpful you are. #editorchat

[20:48:05] LydiaBreakfast: So we are talking radical monetization tonight, in light of shrinking budgets in all media #editorchat

[20:48:19] rachelcw: waves hello to Lydia! thanks #editorchat

[20:48:27] LydiaBreakfast: @BeckyDMBR Wahoo! #editorchat

[20:48:30] shortformernie: @JDEbberly There’s a reason why I live in D.C. proper. 😀 #editorchat

[20:48:37] imagirlscout: @kgh23 just found this … You might be interested: Editorchat, which runs from 830pm to 10pm EST #editorchat

[20:48:43] JDEbberly: JD Ebberly here out of N VA – Writes articles on blogging and new media – Glad to be in Editorchat! 🙂 #editorchat

[20:48:48] bacigalupe: What’s radical monetization? (oops, I will be spammed) #editorchat

[20:48:50] GLHancock: A friend asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to give all school kids Kindles and make texts electronic. Cal is broke! #editorchat

[20:48:53] LydiaBreakfast: @shortformernie Hiya Ernie, thanks for dropping in #editorchat

[20:48:55] milehighfool: @ErikSherman Right. The good news: I can’t tan like Mel Karmazin. #editorchat

[20:49:33] marciamarcia: Freelance writer w/ FastCo+, educator, editor, learner, mom, SoMe enthusiast. Thrilled to have a short break to join in on #editorchat

[20:49:36] merylkevans: @JDEbberly Lived in DC for six years… don’t miss the traffic itty bit. #editorchat

[20:49:40] milehighfool: @BeckyDMBR Hey Becky! Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:49:43] Dark_Faust: Did anyone see the WSJ article about the shortage of investment analysts? Companies aren’t getting coverage which means lost $$. #editorchat

[20:50:01] Dark_Faust: Similar to the plight of editors in general. #editorchat

[20:50:05] AuldHouse: @bacigalupe I was about to ask the same thing–would like definition. #editorchat

[20:50:22] jennipps: @imagirlscout You’re both welcome to join in #editorchat. (BTW, hi from a fellow Okie.)

[20:50:23] bacigalupe: The #editorchat at the start is like taking off the jackets, picking up a drink, finding a sofa…

[20:50:27] LydiaBreakfast: @Dark_Faust do you have a link? #editorchat

[20:50:30] ErikSherman: @milehighfool That tan is proof of the existence of cyborgs. #editorchat

[20:50:58] milehighfool: What we mean by radical monetization = new or unproven models for monetizing content, be it reporting, books, etc. #editorchat

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