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Transcript of #editorchat 5/20

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[20:31:05] LydiaBreakfast: Good Evening tweeps and welcome to the 5/20 edition of our chat. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do. #editorchat

[20:31:05] milehighfool: And we’re live. Please introduce yourself when you join. #editorchat

[20:31:09] GLHancock: @milehighfool Thanks. How are you tonight? This week? #editorchat

[20:31:49] jennipps: @milehighfool Hey, Tim! Good to see you. BTW…to you & @LydiaBreakfast…just turned in an article to a newsletter featuring #editorchat

[20:31:56] JaneFriedman: Hi everyone – Jane Friedman, Publisher/Editorial Director of Writer’s Digest (F+W Media) #editorchat

[20:32:12] milehighfool: @GLHancock Super busy. Not regretting the blogathon but, wow, it’s tough to add that to my regular writing schedule. You? #editorchat

[20:32:41] jennipps: Hi, all! Jen, fl writer in south Oklahoma writing about health, writing, creativity, plus-size issues, & everything in between. #editorchat

[20:32:42] JMegonigal: Jordana Megonigal, editor in chief for Upstate S.C. business publication (and soon others?) And I’m a GEN-X #editorchat

[20:32:56] ptsaldari: Hello from p.tsaldari #editorchat

[20:33:00] milehighfool: @jennipps Wow. I’m truly flattered, Jen. Thanks for thinking of us. #editorchat

[20:33:06] shortformernie: Howdy! Ernie Smith, Editor of super-awesome tightly edited news site ShortFormBlog: http://shortformblog.com/ #editorchat

[20:33:09] GLHancock: @milehighfool What blogathon or do you mean here and now? #editorchat

[20:33:11] booksandcorsets: Hi all, I’m an editor w/Sterling Publishing, working on branded books and the Hearst magazine lines #editorchat

[20:33:15] LydiaBreakfast: I am your co-host Lydia Dishman, freelance features writer covering business, food, travel and style for a pile o’ mags #editorchat

[20:33:16] BeckyDMBR: @LydiaBreakfast Hey! Checking in from Iow-ay, Land of Windy. #editorchat

[20:33:27] milehighfool: @JaneFriedman Glad you could make it, Jane. #editorchat

[20:33:44] jennipps: @milehighfool But of course! 🙂 After it’s in print, I have OK from the editor to post it online. I’ll let you know when it’s up #editorchat

[20:33:44] shortformernie: But when I’m at work, I totally work at The Washington Post’s Express as a designer and visual editor duder. 😀 #editorchat

[20:33:47] LydiaBreakfast: @BeckyDMBR Hey Yay! #editorchat

[20:34:06] LydiaBreakfast: @booksandcorsets Fabulous thanks for coming! #editorchat

[20:34:07] dan_miranda: Hello everyone tweeting from a new account to make sure I don’t disturb anyone. You may know me as @timecommander #editorchat

[20:34:38] milehighfool: Your other co-host here. Tim Beyers, Motley Fool tech contributor, blogging at Quicken.com, writing daily. #editorchat

[20:34:40] GLHancock: Georganna, writer/editor/websites for writers; published since 1964; Luddite in electronic clothing. (not really the last one) #editorchat

[20:34:48] hinder: Hi. All. Katie HInderer – editor for teen mag, hip hop mag, and commercial real estate publication. Freelance writer too. #editorchat

[20:35:18] JenniferPerillo: Hi All. Jennifer Perillo, consulting food editor at Working Mother & freelance food writer/recipe developer. #editorchat

[20:35:23] PDXsays: lurking:at .@AboutUs hosting NTEN PDXTech Club: Online Story Telling by Roger Burks, Sr Writer, Mercy Corps. #Editorchat

[20:35:34] marciamarcia: Freelance writer w/ FastCo+, educator, editor, learner, mom, SoMe enthusiast. Thrilled to have a short break to join in on #editorchat

[20:35:35] merylkevans: Content Maven from Plano, TX who writes, edits and plays with words plus a little gamin’ and PR’in. #editorchat

[20:35:37] shortformernie: @dan_miranda Howdy, dude. 😀 #editorchat

[20:35:57] LydiaBreakfast: @JenniferPerillo Yippee you made it! Now pass out those yummie bytes 😉 #editorchat

[20:36:03] JenniferPerillo: I’m doing #editorchat tonight, so pls filter if you like for the next hour.

[20:36:09] LydiaBreakfast: @marciamarcia Hello Marcia thanks for coming 🙂 #editorchat

[20:36:14] sooutdoors: #editorchat Lloyd here from Southern Ontario Outdoors. Writer, author, journalist.

[20:36:28] LydiaBreakfast: @merylkevans Hello Miss Meryl 🙂 #editorchat

[20:36:44] LydiaBreakfast: @sooutdoors Lloyd, so glad you made it – I know the time is a crunch for you #editorchat

[20:37:00] milehighfool: @marciamarcia @merylkevans @JenniferPerillo Welcome, all. #editorchat

[20:37:15] milehighfool: @sooutdoors Hey, you made it. Sorry about the time crunch. #editorchat

[20:37:41] SpecialDee: #editorchat Special Sections editor @sunjournal, Maine, also Arts & Humanities student @usmlac

[20:37:52] milehighfool: @JaySlacks Glad you could make it, Jarvis. #editorchat

[20:38:02] newswise: Greetings everyone at #editorchat – if you need smart news, you should get @newswise http://tinyurl.com/cjl7vw

[20:38:11] JaySlacks: @LydiaBreakfast Jarvis Slacks, writing and adjunct english teacher and I forgot this part: #editorchat

[20:38:13] LydiaBreakfast: @SpecialDee Hello Special Dee 🙂 #editorchat

[20:38:16] ellmcgirt: Heyo! Ellen McGirt, senior writer, Fast Company magazine, coming to hang awhile! I write feature stories, mostly. #editorchat

[20:38:18] JMegonigal: Hey all friends – for 1.5 hrs, filter me, filter me, filter me! (Unless you want to talk journalism!) #editorchat

[20:38:51] JenniferPerillo: @LydiaBreakfast Well thanks for the warm welcome. Doing the dinner dishes during #editorchat.

[20:38:57] LydiaBreakfast: @JaySlacks Brilliant, thanks for joining and lending us your perspective 🙂 #editorchat

[20:39:03] milehighfool: @ellmcgirt Hi Ellen. Wow. Your first editorchat, I think. Glad you could make it. #editorchat

[20:39:14] JMegonigal: @ellmcgirt YAY Ellen! Welcome! #editorchat

[20:39:17] LydiaBreakfast: @ellmcgirt Hooray 🙂 No #utb jokes I’ll be good #editorchat

[20:39:18] SpecialDee: @merylkevans #editorchat I love the “play with words” it’s so functional.

[20:39:34] milehighfool: @JMegonigal Glad you could make it, Jordana. #editorchat

[20:40:04] LydiaBreakfast: So let me just remind everyone that editorchat is for writers and editors, anyone else is welcome to lurk #editorchat

[20:40:10] merylkevans: Another warning… entering a second tweetchat… so you may want to slam http://www.twittersnooze.com on me. #editorchat

[20:40:13] milehighfool: @sooutdoors Don’t we all? 🙂 #editorchat

[20:40:33] milehighfool: Rules coming next. #editorchat

[20:40:37] ellmcgirt: This is my maiden voyage yes! I’m back and forth with my actual editor, so I’ll be off and on a bit. But am so happy to make it. #editorchat

[20:40:47] SpecialDee: @GLHancock #editorchat I am just learning about Luddites and Neo-Luddites in my Science, Technology & Society class.

[20:40:47] JMegonigal: @milehighfool Wouldn’t miss this one for the world!! #editorchat

[20:41:16] GLHancock: 😎 #editorchat

[20:41:21] milehighfool: Rule No. 1 Observers welcome but #editorchat is for those who are, or those who work with, editors.

[20:41:42] milehighfool: Rule No. 2 Stay on topic. #editorchat

[20:41:59] milehighfool: Rule No. 3. Courteous comments, please. (Thank you, sir. Ma’am.) #editorchat

[20:42:00] PDXsays: conceptor | writer | editoir in PDX. work with Brick | mortar biz to come to SoME. and strat up book authors | blog “journalists #Editorchat

[20:42:17] milehighfool: Rule No. 4. Spammers will be electrocuted. (Your computer *is* wired, pal.) #editorchat

[20:42:19] SpecialDee: Little tip for newbies: If you’re using TweetDeck you can follow this conversation in a separate column by doing a search for #editorchat

[20:42:37] milehighfool: Rule no. 5: Refer to the question number when commenting. Q1, Q2, etc. #editorchat

[20:43:07] dawndsokol: I’m a book designer and author…I’m just going to lurk. Hope that’s OK. #editorchat

[20:43:52] milehighfool: @dawndsokol Of course it is. Whatever suits you. Chime in anytime. We try to post transcirpts within a day or two. #editorchat

[20:44:01] LydiaBreakfast: For those of you who didn’t read the post on the topic, we will be discussing the generation gap and its effect on publishing. #editorchat

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Written by LydiaBreakfast

May 26, 2009 at 11:42 pm